Dominion Jem'Hadar Wraith-class Heavy Cruiser

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  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: B (multiple direct interactions by limited and various friendly and hostile assets)


  • Class Name  : Wraith
  • Classification  : Warship
  • Type  : CA (Heavy Cruiser)
  • Model Number  : I
  • Number in Service: 1,000 (estimated)
  • Designations  :


  • Length  : 475 m
  • Beam  : 300 m
  • Draft  : 105 m
  • Displacement  : 4,300,000 mt


  • Total Standard  : 650
  • Vorta  : 10
  • Jem 'Hadar  : 640
    • Officers  : 30
    • Dedicated Crew : 210
    • Shock Troops  : 400


Supraluminal Propulsion System

  • Drive Type  : DOM-Dr-CA
    • Number  : 2
    • Main Reactor  : DOM-Reac-CA

Sublight System

  • Drive Type  : DOM-Thr-CA
    • Number  : 4
    • Secondary Reactor: DOM-Reac2-CA

Velocity (scaled to Federation warp factors - estimated)

  • Standard Cruise Speed  : 6.0
  • Maximum Cruise Speed  : 9.0
  • Sustainable for 12 hours: 9.2
  • Maximum Emergency Speed : 9.4
  • Core Failure Immenent  : 9.7


Polaron Beam Emitter

  • Number : 8
  • Range  : 275,000 km
  • Arcs  : 6 forward/port/starboard firing, 2 aft firing

Heavy Polaron Emitter

  • Number : 4
  • Range  : 250,000 km
  • Arcs  : 2 forward/port/starboard firing, 2 aft firing

Compressed Plasma Missiles

  • Number : 6 launchers
  • Range  : 4,000,000
  • Arcs  : 4 forward firing, 2 aft firing

Deflector System : DOM-Def-CA


Transporters (folded space)

  • Standard, 10-man  : 10
  • Combat, 20-man  : 8
  • Cargo  : 4

Shuttle Bays

  • 2

Embarked Craft (Standard, estimated, specific ships may vary)

  • Boarding craft  : 15
  • Heavy dropships  : 3
  • Shuttlepods  : 10
  • Heavy Tank  : 1
  • Medium Tank  : 1


The WRAITH is the workhorse heavy cruiser of the Dominion Navy. Armed with 12 beam weapons (8 standard, 4 heavy), and 6 compressed plasma missile launchers, the WRAITH is truly a nasty ship, given its relatively low displacement when compared to Starfleet Heavy Cruisers. The maneuverability of the WRAITH is excellent, as is the sublight acceleration.

The WRAITH sometimes operates alone, but also serves as screens for LICH or SPECTRE class ships (with accompanying PHANTOMs and ZOMBIEs). In other cases, the WRAITH serves as the command ship of a small squadron; these squadrons typically exist of a WRAITH, 2-4 PHANTOMS, and about 5-8 ZOMBIES (it is estimated that 65% of the units consist of a WRAITH, 2 PHANTOMS and 5 ZOMBIES, with 30% consisting of a WRAITH, 3 PHANTOMS, and 6 ZOMBIES).

Several of these squadrons are currently working in the areas of the Gamma Quadrant near to the Herod II wormhole. Starfleet has identified twenty-one such squadrons, and has determined routine patrol routes from monitoring their activities. While most of these units do indeed participate in patrol, it is not entirely uncommon to find these groups of ships participating in subjugation exercises. Somewhat more common is the use of these craft to safely escort imperial cargo ships transporting raw materials, finished products, foodstuffs, partially constructed technological devices, etc, from planets under Dominion control.

Intelligence agents estimate that the use of these craft in the escort of cargo ships is to ensure that a coordinated assault by the Federation or any other hostile Alpha/Beta Quadrant power would not result in the cutting off of vital supply lines and the possible blockading of these economically useful planets.

Like all Dominion ships, a supply of biological weapons are carried on board. The presence of these devices points to several other possibilities and theories which will be described in a future paper available to those with SECLAR 5 (highly classified) clearance or higher.

The WRAITHs have been encountered by the USS NEBULA and the USS QUASAR on independent missions. Further, these cruisers formed a significant part of the Dominion fleet at SBOG.

The WRAITH has proven itself to be a competent opponent in combat. What is quite disturbing is the estimate that over 1000 of these vessels exist in the Dominion Navy. This may be a reasonably reliable estimate, however, it is also possible that the Federation has come across phony data, provided to us in a Dominion disinformation campaign. Further updates to this file will be made as more verified information becomes available.