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Dynasty Fact Sheets
Updated SD 220113

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: F (rumor or conjecture by OSFI assets based on partial information acquired from neutral/hostile sources)


The Dynasty (also known as the Vah'Dahar Dynasty) is based from the blended culture of the Vah symbiot with that of their Dahar hosts.

For centuries, the Vah ruled their space (The Vah Dynasty) from the bodies of various hosts, however, during the joining process, their will more often then not replaced that of the host. There society as described in the first centuries reminds scholars somewhat of the Samuri and Shogan cultures of Earth's orient. This was before the prophecized first coming of the Dahara... or Klingons in 2311.

The first Klingons came into their space when a Task Force of the Klingon Empire ventured into a rogue wormhole and became stranded.

In the Klingons, the Vah found a worthy partnership and union of a race that valued the warrior essence of honorable combat and life that rivaled their own on a spiritual level. Although it took time to convence the first Klingons, the two races agreed to terms of a partnership that led to their joining creating the Vah'Dahar.

With new strength, a new dynasty was created on the ashes of the old.

Now, the Vah'Dahar await the second coming of the Dahara as is foretold in prophecy.

An Imperial Government, the Dynasty is highly interested in combat and power. Arrogant and ruthless, their warships are unlikely to respect borders and bounderies.


  • This information was created by Mike Tripp. It has been updated by Scott Lusby.