Echen F'don Sla'astec-class Command Cruiser

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Fardon logo

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: A (multiple direct contacts by multiple Star Fleet assets)


  • Class Name  : Sla'astec
  • Classification  : Command Cruiser
  • Typical Roles  : Heavy Explorer, Command Cruiser, Warship
  • SFE Designation  : CC (Command Cruiser)
  • Model Number  : Unknown
  • Number in Service: Unknown


  • Length  : 570 m (650 m)
  • Beam  : 390 m (450 m)
  • Draft  : 58 m (118 m)
  • Displacement  : ~5,500,000 mt (Parantheticals include spines).


  • Total Standard  : 1100
  • Officers  : 90
  • Crew  : 1010
  • Passengers  : 0
  • Marines  : N/A


Warp Propulsion System

  • Drive Type  : Sla'astec-Class, Grade 7
    • Number  : 2 (positioned about gravity plane, see notes)
    • Main Reactor  : 2x Sla'astec-Class, Quantum Singularity, Grade 9

Sublight System

  • Drive Type  : Gravity Planing/Inertial Reduction Drive
    • Number of Nodes  : 8 (*see notes, centrally regulated)
    • Secondary Reactor : Sla'astec-Class Fusion Reactor, Grade 10


  • Standard Cruise Speed  : 7.0
  • Maximum Cruise Speed  : (8.6) - projected
  • Sustainable for 12 hours: (9.62) - projected
  • Maximum Emergency Speed : (9.81) - projected
  • Core Failure Immenent  : (9.89) - projected


X-ray Laser Disruptors (Continuous Beam), FxrC-I

  • Number: 10 banks.
  • Range: < 300,000 km
  • Arcs: 2 arrays dorsal nose mounted, 2 arrays ventral nose mounted, 3 arrays dorsal aft mounted, 3 arrays ventral aft mounted.

X-ray Laser Disruptor (Pulse Beam), Type FXrP-I

  • Number : 4 turrets of 2 banks each
  • Range  : < 300,000 km
  • Arc  : 2 port, 2 starboard

Energy (Magnetic Bottle) Torpedoes

  • Number : 10 tubes (Number of torpedoes, unknown)
  • Range  : < 2,000,000 km
  • Arcs  : 2 forward mounted, 3 port/3 starboard mounted, 2 aft mounted.

Gravitic Disruptor, Cone (Lance)=

  • Number : 1
  • Range  : < 150,000 km
  • Arcs  : N/A Spines positioned about elliptoid ship, if undamaged, permit omnidirectional firing insofar as any three spines can form the cone.

Deflector System

  • FAR-11 Enhanced cocoon multiphasic deflector system

Cloaking Device

  • FAR-CC Type Plasma Coil (Unconfirmed)


  • Transporters (Fardon Folded Space)===
    • Standard, 10-person  : 6
    • Emergency, 20-person : 2
    • Cargo  : 4
  • Shuttle Bays  : 2 (aft)
  • Embarked Craft (Standard, specific ships may vary)
    • J'Sla-class LAC's  : 4 (see below) [Cleave]
    • LVA  : 6


The Sla'astec-class command cruiser is the largest and most powerful of Fardon vessels encountered thus far. Though lighter than Federation battlecruisers, the use of quantum singularities for the power source (similar to Romulan designs) relieves the Fardon cruiser of the need for large matter/anti-matter storage facilities. Elliptoid in architecture, Fardon vessels are vaguely reminiscent of the 'saucer' section of a Galaxy-class ship.

As with other Fardon vessels, the Sla'astec-class has a gravity plane through its center of mass, and is thus symmetric about the XY-plane. Thus the eight nodes for sublight propulsion are equally spaced about the gravity plane, and the two warp drives and central regulator for the gravity planing/inertial reduction drive are embedded within it. Because of the gravity shearing caused by both the gravity planing drive and the gravitic weapon mentioned above (but as of early 2411 unknown to the Federation except by rumor), Fardon vessels employ a highly dense material in their hulls (dubbed kirellium) which both protects the vessel and frustrates scans.

Fardon technology differs from Federation and allied powers in several areas. The Fardons are acknowledged masters of gravitic manipulation. In addition to the standard gravitic long range sensors, gravitic shields, and gravitic warp, they also employ a very efficient gravitic stealth technology which is more efficient than the Romulan and Klingon versions. Moreover, their sublight system entails a pairing of an inertial reduction drive with a gravity planing drive affording them considerable manueverability.

As with the newly designed Romulan vessels, Fardon vessels enjoy an energy surplus which explains their reliance upon relatively inefficient energy torpedos and heavy dependence upon x-ray lasers.

The weakness of Fardon weapons technology lies in the fact that despite their excellent manueverability and effective counter-measures, their maximum known weapons range does not exceed 2,000,000 km.

They are deadly at short range, however, as they also have a gravitic weapon (the details of which are noted above, but which the Federation has yet to encounter directly), the source of the spines seen on the outside of capital vessels. This weapon create a cones (or gravity lance) which may be directed as a beam weapon, ripping through their enemies' hull. Due to the relative close range ( <175,000 km), this is in fact a weapon of last resort.

They employ folded space transporters, and their ships are modular. Up to 4 corvettes may be piggybacked upon Fardon Sla'astec class vessels. These corvettes are not warp capable (and thus they are difficult to classify as corvettes, see the J'Sla class write-up) nor do they have gravitic weapons; however, they do carry stealth systems and have the full battery of Fardon energy weapons. While the details of this docking system are unknown to Star Fleet, it is assumed to use both gravitic/tractoring coupling and a mechanical docking harness.

As noted, Fardon lasers are a highly effective cutting weapon, much like their Romulan and Dalriada counterparts. They are not to be underestimated by any means. The batteries which power the energy torpedoes must charge after each firing. Length of re-charging determines range and power of each volley (see tech memo for the four power levels which can be achieved, and their range vs. power trade-offs). Re-charging rates approximately equal re-arming rates of Star Fleet vessels. The Sla'astec CC is an equal match for a Circe-class battlecruiser and her escorts at relatively close range, and for a heavy cruiser at medium or longer ranges.