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190626 281124

created by Scott Lusby (

Class Name       : EUROPA
Classification   : Milti-mission/exploration
Type             : CL (Light Cruiser)
Model Number     : I

Length           :  650 m
Beam             :  375 m
Draft            :  130 m
Displacement     :  3,818,986 mt

Total Standard   :  925
Officers         :   57
Crew             :  508
Passengers       :  200 (Standard)
Marines          :  160

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type        : ILN-517 Mk X
     Number       : 2
Main Reactor      : FRAM-1205

Impulse System
Drive Type        : GDP-1 (Gravitic Dynamic Planing Drive, Model 1)
     Number       : 2
Secondary Reactor : FGRIF-800 network

D-Warp Drive      : Dim-IV Eu1i

Standard Cruise Speed   : 7.0
Maximum Cruise Speed    : 9.75
Sustainable for 12 hours: 9.9
Maximum Emergency Speed : 9.95
Core Failure Immenent   : 9.98

     Phaser, Type XI (Extended range parallel phaser strip)
          Number : 8 banks
          Range  : 345,000 km
          Arcs   : saucer module forward dorsal arrays (f/p, f, f/s)
                   saucer module forward ventral array (f/p, f/s)
                   aft hull ventral array (single emitter)
                   aft hull dorsal arrays (a/p, a/s)

     Flux Torpedo, Mk III Seeking/Direct
          Number : 2 launchers
          Range  : 3,500,000 km
          Arcs   : 1 forward, 1 aft

     Point Defense Lasers, type III
          Number : 12 (4 turrets of 3 lasers each)
          Range  : 300,000 km
          Arcs   : saucer dorsal turrets (p/s)
                 : aft hull mid turrets (p/s)

     Point Defense Drones, type III
          Number : 2 launchers
          Arcs   : saucer dorsal launcher (aft p/s)
      Complement : 40 drones (20 per side)

Deflector System : FD-10e Enhanced cocoon multiphasic deflector system

     Standard, 6-person  : 8
     Emergency, 22-person: 6
     Cargo               : 8

Shuttle Bays     : 2 (Aft hull p/s)
Embarked Craft (Standard, specific ships may vary)
     Shuttlepod              : 14
     Personnel Shuttle, Small:  6
     Personnel Shuttle, Large:  2
     Shuttle, D-Warp         :  1
     Cargo Shuttle           :  6
     Runabout                :  1


The EUROPA-class light cruiser was designed with an eye towards 
exploration while providing multi-mission capabilities without the
need for a modular pod design. Essentially, it will replace the older
HIRYU-class cruisers in Star Fleet's inventory.

EUROPA incorporates Star Fleet's latest gravity planing sublight drive
systems, making her extremely manueverable in comparison to her light
cruiser brethren. Additionally, EUROPA is heavily armed for a ship of
her class; her upgraded Type XI phaser emitters give her a punch that
not many ships of her size can match.

For defensive purposes, she has the latest point defense systems,
something the HIRYU did not incorporate. Despire be a light cruiser,
EURPOA makes limited use of ablative armor around the bridge, engineering,
and auxiliary control. The coverage is much more limited in this light
cruiser than in a compatable-generation heavy cruiser like FEARLESS.