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Official Name in Standard : Ezoria
National Name : Ezoria
Title of the Head of State : First Ambassador
Title of the Head of Government : Master Chairman (Circle of Houses)


Quadrant/Sector/System : Beta Quadrant, Sector V12, Delarius System
Suns/Planets/Planetoids/Moons : K2 type star, one moon (quarantined)
Land/Water Ratio(s) of Planets : 42/58
Capital City : Ezore
Largest Cities : Ezore, Akenir, Sendra Town, Blueback Ridge, Jef'kart
                  City (under water)
Provinces : Ezore, Sendra, Jef'kart Valley, Kalis Island, Baer'emtok,
            Tumis, Milvern
Continants : the main land & Kalis Island
Population : 1.4 billion
Race(s) of Native Sentients : 74.2% Ezorians (28% native Kal'e'kae,
46.2% of Tamarian descent), 25.8% Assorted Transients


Monetary Unit : Lys
Percentage of Arable Land : 28%
Principal Products : jewelry, luxury boats, designer beverages
Natural Resources : seafood, water, gems
Exports/Imports : boats and submarines, jewelry, designer beverages,
                  natural clothing / limited imports of luxury items
Major Trading Partners : Tamar, Vulcan, Ferenginar


Member of Federation? Yes, for 41 years (Ezoria echoed Tamar's
entrance into the UFP by a few months)

Form of Government :

Each Guild's Chairman is elected by the Guild's members for five
years. There are 25 Guilds in all, each representing a vocational (or
range of) activity, at the exception of the House Maha'sae which looks
specifically after the best interests of the children.  Every circle
(6 months), a different House (House Maha'sae excluded) gets its turn
to preside the Circle of Houses. The Master Chairman is thus the
Chairman of the Guild which is currently presiding. S/he will take
into account the various opinions and decide according to her/his best

The Head of State, while not having any legal influence, is far from
being powerless. S/He is the representative of the Ezorian people,
acting as an ombudsman, and attending diplomatic events. This First
Ambassador is chosen by popular consensus.


The Ezorians that UFP citizens are most accustomed to see among them
are Ezoria'Maa'kae, an offshoot of the race known as the Tamarians, or
the "Children of Tamar".

Scientists have concluded that the most likely explanation for a race
to appear at the other end of a quadrant two millennia before they
could acquire warp technology, is to be found in the Preserver's

It has been clearly proven that a relatively large tribe of Tamarians
vanished from their home planet during the third ice-age of Tamar. A
preserved scroll uncovered near a rival tribe's dwelling,
tells us about a great war fought over a water source. As the rival
tribe was about to wipe out their enemies, the warriors found only
deserted caves.

The deported tribe, which was used to living near the water, thrived
on the new planet. They even evolved to become partially amphibian.

They hopefully found out in time that they weren't the only sentient
inhabitants on the planet. The Kal'e'kae, dolphin like in appearance
and prime source of food for the tribe, managed to make telepathic
contact as both theirs and the former Tamarians' mental capacities
evolved. (Note: The Ezoria'Maa'kae are _not_ telepathic, safe for a
very few exceptions. They are only "atuned" to the Kal'e'kae's

Learning from their past mistakes, the former Tamarians decided to
make peace with the natives and formed what is now known as the
Ezorian Civilization.


General Physical Appearance :
- Ezoria'Maa'kae : bald, leathery skin, greenish-brown complexion,
green or dark eyes, palmed hands and feet, two slits instead of nose.
- Kal'e'kae : dolphin-like

Languages : Tamarian, Kal'e'kaei, Federation Standard

Religions : Mae'lu Aleem (striving for harmonious personal growth)

Culture/Traditions : Ezorians record worthy experiences and acts of
courage in the Ezorian Cantos, a repository of teachings that is the
"bible" of the Mae'lu Aleem.

(Note : The Cantos are also the source that offworld linguists use to
study the Ezorian-Tamarian language, which differs significantly from
the original Tamarian.)

Educational System :
- Age 6-14 : Children attend a local Guilds Orientation Center
- Age 14-21 : They attend school at a specific Guild.
Usually followed by various internships or offworld studies.

Creator/Adaptor  Nathalie Parker  MissParker@earthling.net

Created for/First Use (if known): inspired by TNG, Darmok
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