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Official Name in Standard:  Furjen
National Name:  Furjen
Title of the Head of State:  Governor General
Title of the Head of Government:  Prime Minister


Quadrant/Sector/System:        Hirt System
Suns/Planets/Planetoids/Moons: 3 Customs/Immigration Welcome
Population:                    2,030,636,000 (SD:30101)
Capital City:                  Furjenka City

Race(s) of Native Sentients:   99.9% Gnalish, .01% Assorted
Land/Water Ratio(s) of Planets:  62/38
Largest Cities: Fujenka City has a pop of 20,717,992, Kaung
(10,396,425), the second largest city, is a leading port and
industrial center on the southwestern Continent; Taung is an
industrial and cultural center in the western continent; and Tinn
is an important commercial and cultural center in the North.

The government of Furjen has pursued an aggressive program of
industrialization in the last two decades manufacturing has been
the leading sector of the new economy. Economic reforms have been
implemented through a series of multiyear plans initially started
25 years ago, designed to increase production and develop export
industries. In recent years the central government has launched a
six-year, $300-billion* public works construction program.

In the late 2390's the annual gross national product reached an
estimated $91.7 billion* ($4325 per capita) and the economy was
growing at a rate of 7% a year. The new budget called for $79.9
billion* in expenditure.


As a generalization Furjen is on par with most Federation worlds
in their immediate post-warp discovery stage.  With the discovery
and increasingly common use of the warp drive as well as the
increased interstellar contacts it has made possible, Furjen's
technical level has increased markedly as even a casual glance at
the planet's economic indicators show.  For the first time in its
history its industry sector will surpass its agricultural sector
as the major base of economy.

*Figures are in local currency.


Member of Federation? Yes (SD: 80404)

Furjenka City is the seat of the Federal Government. The planet
is based on a version of a Constitutional Democracy.

Political Divisions:

Furjen is divided into 6 regions, each of which is subdivided
into 10 counties and 5 municipalities. There is one governmental
municipality in the center of each of the continents and a small
island in the Axajn Ocean is the seat of the planetary

Major Cities/Settlements:

Fujenka City has a pop of 20,717,992, Kaung (10,396,425), the
second largest city, is a leading port and industrial center on
the southwestern Continent; Taung is an industrial and cultural
center in the western continent; and Tinn is an important
commercial and cultural center in the North.

While Furjen is the only inhabited planet in its solar system it
resides in a sector of space which is home to several inhabited
planets of the same technological rating. In terms of biology,
each of these planet's indigenous races appear to be from the
same genetic makeup. It has generally been concluded that this
region has been seeded by an unknown race at least 200,000 years

Furjen's recent history has been overcast by a series of wars
between its closest neighbor Manark V. The last war continued for
22 year and ended with a stalemate as neither side had the
resources to continue. After a series of failed negotiations a
peace treaty was eventually signed.  This treaty has remained in
effect for the last 43 years.

During this time both world's prospered markedly, in a large part
due first to trade with each other which spread to their other
neighbors and then to some of the closer Federation worlds.
However, the expanded trade has led to a cooling of relations
between the two.

While there are no longer any overt hostilities between the two
nations there is an intense rivalry especially in the economic
arena. Industrial and technological spies are frequently found by
each and several incidents have lead to third party arbitration.

Twelve years ago Manark V successfully petitioned the Federation
for membership.  At the time Furjen would most likely have also
been granted membership but did not petition.

When Furjen did petition Manark V was the only Council member to
oppose acceptance.


The family remains the important social unit, and filial piety is
the custom. A number of celebrations that are widely enjoyed
today include the Furjen boat Festival, the Autumn Festival and
the Feast of Fertility.

Generally the population of Furjen is an open liberal society
welcoming to all and having secrets from none.  Outsiders are
accepted almost on sight and the planet has enjoyed increased
tourism since its contact with the Federation.

Since the war with Manark V a small but powerful hard-line
minority has pointed out that these ways must change as they will
eventually lead to the subjugation of their world.  Adherents of
this ideology point to the wars and rivalries of the past
century.  Unsurprisingly many of the leaders of this movement are
also leaders of business and economy and their critics ask
whether they are concerned for Furjen or for their bottom line.


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