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Official UFPDOCA Colony Entry: Ganymede

  • Colony Name: Ganymede
  • Creator: Andy Catterick


  • System/Location: Sol, In orbit of Jupiter
  • Distance to Nearest Starbase: Part of Utopia Planetia Fleetyards/SB ZETA
  • Planet Classification: I
  • Satellites/Space Stations: Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards/Fabrication Installations
  • Land/Water Ratio: Ice Covered
  • Climate Controlled: No
  • Native Sentient Life: No


A Jovian Moon, Ganymede was home to several scientific installations throughout the late 21st and early 22nd centuries with the longest period of continuous habitation being 13 years. Barren and lifeless it was not until the establishment of the Utopia Planetia Fleet yards that Ganymede was colonized. The large moon and its mineral resources provided an invaluable resource in the early days of the Yard construction and it was only natural that habitat domes were constructed to provide for the construction crews, administrative personnel and their families. When SB ZETA was later constructed the majority of colonists elected to remain on Ganymede and the colony was officially incorporated. Since then it has continued to be an important part of Utopia Planetia and has grown to include over a dozen biodomes and several dozen kilometers of subterranean labs, processing planets and living areas

  • Colony Age (approximate): 140 years