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Official Name in Standard:  Gnala
National Name:  Gnala
Title of the Head of State:  High Councilman (Council of Nobles)
Title of the Head of Government:  Prime Minister (loose translation)


Quadrant/Sector/System:  Xora IV
Suns/Planets/Planetoids/Moons:  None
Population:  800 000
Capital City:  Gnala City

Other possible items:
Race(s) of Native Sentients: 99.9% Gnalish, .01% Assorted Transients
Land/Water Ratio(s) of Planets:  78/22
Largest Cities:  Gnala City


Gnala's economic system remains somewhat regressive by Federation
standards as a whole.  While the tech level is modern, and with
it the general population enjoys minimal guaranteed standards of
living, real economic power and privilege is vested in the hands
of a few.  Largely self-sustaining, no major exports save exotic
luxury goods.  Limited tourism, requires local guide.  While
atmosphere is Class M, environment inhospitable to humanoids.


Member of Federation? Yes

The Gnalish have a fully enfranchised adult population, with a
graduated generationally endowed multiple vote (additional votes
obtain via various rites of passage) and compulsory participation
in the political process.  Representatives are elected to a lower
house in which is vested legislative authority.  An upper house,
which appears to be loosely based on a system of peerage
(involving the heads of families) appoints the head of state, in
whom is vested the executive authority.  The upper house also has
some powers of judicial review.  Gnala was admitted to the
Federation via results of single ballot (multiple votes disallowed)
referendum and the passage of measures in both houses in the
early 24th century.


The Gnalish homeworld (Xora IV) is a small but highly dense planet (U-238
core with lead mantle) with higher than earth gravity.  It supports a
plethora of lethal flora and numerous species of reptilian fauna.  The
Gnalish, giant 'lizard men,' are the only known sentient variety, feeding
largely on the insect population.

Recent missions to Xora IV confirm that it was terraformed by an ancient
civilization, possibly the Iconians, who created the four planets as
playgrounds for scientific study.  As such, the species was genetically

With a five-chambered heart, gold-based blood, and live birth, they
depart significantly from the terran conception of 'reptiles,' though the
description is visibly accurate.  Gnalish males average well over two
meters, 150 kilograms, females twenty percent smaller.  Greenish-brown
skin and coal black eyes are the norm with some variation expected.
The species is long-lived, often  approaching 325 Gnalish years.  A period
of revolution for Xora IV is approximately 2/3rds that of Sol III.

It is worthwhile to note that this a highly xenophobic hierarchial
society.  It is neither strictly matriarchal nor patriarchal, though males
hold most political roles.  Mates give birth to two fraternal twins early
in their adult years.  Afterwards, their reproductive organs are
sterilized, by Ancient Planetary Law.  Though unconfirmed, this procedure
also elements the glands fueling what in mammals is called the 'sex drive.'
Culturally, males and females tend to eschew socialization with the other

Males are named after their fathers, while females for their mothers.  All
Gnalish wear orange ceremonial robes, with embroidered references to
their deeds.  Often, family members are distinguished by their
positions.  Among nobles, the oldest surviving of each are 'Lord' and
'Lady,' (language translation imprecise).  An insult to any 'forebearer'
for both genders is an insult to all of them.  As a long-lived race, this
can bring to bear the wrath of up to seven generations.

Recently, an outbreak of anemia (handled by the USS QUASAR) had decimated
the older population.  By the time the UFP had dispatched a vessel to
assist, most of the elders had passed away.

CDR Ira Kane, M.D., Ph.D.
Xeno-Cultural Studies Division, SF Counseling Corps.

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Friedman, Michael J.  _Star Trek, The Next Generation:  Reunion_.
New York:  Pocket Books, 1991.

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for player character CDR Talligorn, M.D., Ph.D.
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