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CAPT Jerid Dorvan               CO, USS SERAPIS-A

Full Name: Jerid Dorvan (“Jer”)
Rank: Captain (O-6)
Billet: Commanding Officer (CO), USS SERAPIS NCC-59025-A
Serial No: 0413-5045-3263 

Species: Betazed
Gender/Sex: M 
Age: 51
DOB: 23680606
POB: Meyar, Betazed
Citizenship: Betazed

Garen Dorvan, Diplomat/Envoy, Deceased: 23920925
Mella Dorvan (nee Halen), Defense Attorney, Deceased: 23920925

Ichiroo Kimura (55), Admiral, Deputy Chief of Starfleet 

Alima Dorvan (nee Rochad), Astrophysicist, 
     Deceased: 24130112 (Half Betazoid/Half Human)

Kira (Kiki) Dorvan, DOB: 24080808

Height: 188 cm (6’2”) 
Weight: 90 kg. (200 lbs.) 
Eyes: Black 
Hair: Brunette, collar-length, slightly curly
Skin Colour: Medium complexion
Description: 15%, Athletic 

2386: Enters Starfleet Academy 
2389: Graduates Starfleet 
2389: Enters Starfleet Medical Academy jointly with Starfleet 
           Postgraduate School 
2393: Graduates Starfleet Medical Academy and Starfleet 
           Postgraduate School, enters residency program as 
           aCNS (LTjg) on the USS Lao Tze 
2396: Assigned CNS/Diplomatic Liaison to USS Lao Tze, passes 
           JrBROTs and receives pilot's training 
2399: Assigned OPS/Diplomatic Liaison to the USS Tigris, passes 
           SrBrots and promotion to LT 
2402: Recruited to OSFI 
2403: Pilot's training continues to include warp-drive vessels 
           additional training classified. 
2409: Transferred out of OSFI, assigned as XO to USS Tigris 
           promoted to LCDR 
2410: Re-assigned to OSFI 
2412: Promoted to CDR 
2413: “Conditional” retirement from OSFI, assigned as CO to 
           USS Serapis 
2417: Promoted to CAPT 
2417: Reassigned as CO, DEEP SPACE 13
2418: Reassigned as CO, USS SERAPIS-A


A. Primary Schooling
Private schooling, San Francisco, Terra

B. Tertiary Institutions
2386 - 2390 Star Fleet Academy

C. Star Fleet Academy Record
Academic Major: Pre-Med/Psychology
Graduating Thesis: “The Life Stress Scale Modified: Adjusting 
     Stressors for Race and Species.”
Class Ranking: Upper 10%

D. Star Fleet Medical Academy (jointly with Postgraduate School)
Degree: MD (Psychiatry)
Psychiatric Residency as aCNS on the USS Lao Tze 

E. Starfleet Postgraduate School 
Degree: PhD (Interstellar Diplomacy)
Graduating Thesis: “Diplomatic Protocols in an Ever-Evolving Universe."

-- Junior Bridge Officer Tests (JrBROTs)
-- Senior Bridge Office Tests (SrBROTs)
-- Pilot's Certification 
0 - 18: Attended private school for children of Diplomatic Liaisons. 
     (Attended a Betazoid Training School during summers to train and 
     develop his telempathic abilities.)
18 - 21: Attended Star Fleet Academy
21 - 25: Attended Star Flet Medical Academy/Starfleet Postgraduate 
24: Parents die in shuttle crash
25: Graduates with dual degrees, begins psychiatric residency as aCNS 
     on the USS Lao Tze
28 - 31: Assigned CNS/Diplomatic Liaison on the USS Lao Tze 
31 - 33: Promoted to OPS/Diplomatic Liaison aboard the USS Tigris
34: Recruited to OSFI, began OSFI training (skills classified 0-3)
35 - 40: Worked as OSFI operative (details classified 0-5)
39: Married Alima Rochad
40: Daughter Kira born
40 - 42: Initial attempt to retire from OSFI, assigned as XO to USS 
42: Recalled by OSFI (details classified 0-4)
42 - 45: Continued work with OSFI (details classified O-5)
45: Spouse Alima Dorvan dies under “suspicious” circumstances, second 
     retirement requested from OSFI, allowed “conditional” retirement 
     (details classified 0-2)
45: Assigned as CO to USS Serapis
49: Assigned as CO to Deep Space 13
50: Re-assigned as CO to USS  Serapis-A

((Items in double parentheses are for informational purposes only and 
     do not appear in “official” Starfleet documents.))

The only son of a Betazoid diplomat and lawyer, Jerid grew up in a 
privileged environment. He attended a private school for children of 
diplomats and other high-ranking political officials. He excelled in 
his studies, however his classmates were a little leery of his 
telempathic abilities. Jerid possesses a blend of abilities, both 
telepathic and empathic. Both abilities are fully developed, however 
he has learned to “turn off” his telepathic abilities and mute his 
empathic one. He prefers to wear colored contact lenses to hide his 
distinctive Betazoid eyes. ((Think a combination of Professor Xavier 
from X-Men and Counsellor Troi.))

Jerid was fortunate in that his pre-arranged marriage was to his 
Imzadi, or destined lover. In Betazoid beliefs, an Imzadi is your 
soul-mate, the one who literally touches one’s soul. Jerid and Alima 
were married in a traditional Betazoid ceremony on Betazed, both of 
them taking a short leave from Starfleet to do so. Alima was posted 
to Starfleet Academy as a teacher in astrophysics. It wasn’t until 
after they were married that Jerid confided in Alima what his real 
position was at Starfleet. She had believed he was a diplomatic 
liaison until he told her about his position with OSFI. This nearly 
ended the brand-new marriage. The impending pregnancy caused Jerid to 
re-evaluate his career choice and after Kira was born, he requested a 
transfer out of OSFI. This was granted with the understanding that he 
could be recalled at any time. Alima went with Jerid aboard the Tigris, 
caring for their daughter, when Jerid was assigned as the ship’s 
Executive Officer (XO). They were only on the Tigris a short time 
before Jerid was recalled to OSFI. Alima stayed on the ship with their 
new daughter while Jerid returned to OSFI. During this time Alima was 
killed in a transporter “accident”. The transporter technician 
responsible for the transfer mysteriously vanished, and Alima’s death 
was ruled as “suspicious”. 

At this point Jerid asked for, and received, retirement from OSFI so 
that he could care for his daughter. His retirement is permanent, but 
it is also conditional if OSFI is ever in need of his specialized 
skills. (Skills classified to 0-2). ((His current fleet commander would 
be able to have this information.)) Kira’s telepathic abilities have 
not manifested yet, except with close family, and likely will not until 
she reaches puberty, although she does have some empathic abilities 
with strangers. It is expected that she will not have the full range of 
Betazoid skills that her father has, since she is only 3/4 Betazoid. 

Apparent skills include: diplomat, interpreter, counsellor, TAC and 
pilot. Languages include: Betazed, Terran Standard, Klingon, Romulan,
Vulcan, Cardassian, Bajoran and Gorn. 

Religion: Agnostic

Comments: “Still somewhat off-balance by his wife’s death, to say 
that Jerid was not eager to return to OSFI after his bereavement leave 
is an understatement. Jerid threatened to take his daughter and 
disappear from the Federation if his request for retirement was not 
met. Finally Jerid and OSFI reached an agreement, and he was allowed a 
conditional retirement. Jerid has still not completely come to terms 
with his wife’s death, he has immersed himself in counselling others, 
diplomacy and command and raising his daughter.”

LCDR Raina Devore, CNS
Starfleet Medical

Jerid enjoys athletic sports such as basketball and squash, as well as 
more intellectual pursuits such as chess. His is rather urbane, and 
enjoys a good cigar and glass of cognac after dinner on occasion.

---------------------End Bio chip-------------------------------------

**NOTE- This character was created and played by Kimberly Huff.**