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CAPT Archer, Christine Xiao-Ping, Commanding Officer
I. Personal Data

Full Name:             Christine Xiao-Ping ARCHER
Family Name:           Archer
Maiden Name:           Willliams
Rank:                  Captain (O-6)
Billet:                CO, USS HERAKLES NCC-25001
Serial No:             3246-247-8245
Species:               Human
Gender/Sex:            Female/XX
Age:                   65 years 
DOB:                   24 January 2354
POB:                   Bozeman, Montana, USA, Terra
Spouse:                RADM Stuart Duane ARCHER (Divorced 2411)
                       Reece David ELLISON (Divorced 2392)
Citizenship:           Federation
Children:              LT Bradley Phillip Ellison (DOB: 2386)
                             Chief Engineer, USS SCHOFIELD
                       Trent James Ellison (DOB: 2389)

II. Physical Description

Height:                5' 8"
Weight:                118 lbs
Eyes:                  Dark Brown
Hair:                  Black, Greying at Temples
Skin Color:            Caucasian
Description:  A slight women, CAPT Archer, demonstrates little of her
Chinese ancestry (care of a grandmother - whose name she has a middle
name), with only her straight black (now greying) hair and very slight
folds of skin under her eyes. 

VI. Star Fleet History

Stardate 170801: Re-Assigned: Commanding Officer, USS HERAKLES
Stardate 120125: Re-Assigned: Commanding Officer, USS RAMSES
Stardate 050322: Re-Assigned: Federation Taskforce on the Borg 
Stardate 960703: Promoted to Captain (0-6)
Stardate 960703: Re-Assigned: Commanding Officer, USS LIBERTY
Stardate 911214: Promoted to Commander (0-5)
Stardate 910101: Re-Assigned: Executive Officer, USS LONDON
Stardate 910101: Reinstated; promoted to Lieutenant Commander (0-4)
Stardate 850416: Leave of Absence
Stardate 820124: Promoted to Lieutenant (0-3)
Stardate 810910: Re-Assigned: Combat Information Center Chief, 
                    USS LONDON
Stardate 780813: Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (0-2)
Stardate 751214: Assigned: Chief Security/Tactical, USS LONDON
Stardate 751214: Commissioned: Ensign (0-1)

VII. Background Summary

Most of Christine Archer's Star Fleet career has been dominated by the
Borg.  She was initially assigned to the USS LONDON who engaged the Borg on
a number of encounters.  She gained a reputation for herself as one of the
best analyst of Borg tactics in Star Fleet and after a leave of absence to
have her two sons, she returned to the Executive Officer position on the
USS LONDON before taking over the Commanding Officer role on the USS
LIBERTY, one of the first ships designed for active combat against the Borg
and the first to utilise the "Borg destroyer" as part of her armory.

After several missions against the Borg, Captain Archer was re-assigned as
a member of the Federation Taskforce on the Borg.  This also moved her
closer to her RADM Reece Archer,  whom she eventually married and took his

When her second marriage ended last year and the taskforce was downgraded
after the Borg threat was re-evaluated, she planned to move to New York to
be closer to her second son from her first marriage.  However, with the
shortage of experienced Captains and tacticians in Star Fleet, she instead
accepted the temporary short-term appointment of Commanding Officer of the
USS RAMSES.  This short-term assignment turned into a 5-year command of
some success.  As a result, she was promoted to a battlecruiser command-

**NOTE: This character was originally created by Susan Phillips.**