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LTJG David Henderson, Chief Science Officer USS CIRCE NCC-27000

NAME:   David Joshua Henderson
RANK:   Lieutenant, Junior Grade
RACE:   Human (1/2 German, 1/2 Australian)
BIRTHPLACE: Broken Hill, Australia, Earth
FAMILY: Father: Roger Henderson, cattle breeder, deceased
        Mother: Elizabeth Henderson, teacher, deceased
        No siblings

AGE:    25
HEIGHT: 6'0"            WEIGHT: 60 Kgs
HAIR:   Blond           EYES:   Blue

        Monash University
        Starfleet Academy
        * Graduated 160707
                MAJOR:  Advanced Biology (Specized in Zoology and Immunology)
                MINOR:  Medicine

SD 160707    Graduated Starfleet Academy
SD 161118    Assigned Chief Science Officer, USS SERAPIS
SD 170901    Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
SD 171201    Assigned Chief Science Officer, DEEP SPACE 13

AMBITIONS:      1) To hold the position of CsciO
                2) To attain the rank of Captain
                3) To command a starship (but don't we all!)
                3) To lecture in Science at Starfleet Academy

Cadet Henderson is a bright, intuitive student who has a thirst 
for knowledge and is continually striving to satisfy that 
thirst.  He appears to be coping with the tragic death of his 
parents when he was younger and there is no repurcussions on 
his ability to interact with others or cope with any 
situation.  He has a notably strong ability to empathise with 
others, although this is a character trait rather than some 
psionic ability.  His nature and empathy for others ensures 
Cadet Henderson is typically of good spirits and positive 
psychological outlook.

David is a cheerful, fun-loving person who tries his best to 
get along with everyone.  He is self reliant, due to the loss 
of his family at a young age and the lack of much family 
support after their passing.  He is, at times, too serious in 
his undertakings, wanting to do the best he can and sometimes 
pushing himself too hard.  His scientific background has 
developed a high degree of flexibility in his persona, aiding 
his ability to get along with others and deal with most 
situations.  His only problem is his notoreity of adding a joke 
into situations to lighten the mood a little.  On occassion, 
this hasn't always been suitable!