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I. Personal Data 
Surname:        Carlock
Given Name(s):  Gregory Alan
Current Rank:   Ensign (O-1) 
Current Billet: Flight Operations Manager, USS CIRCE
Species:        Human 
Gender/Sex:     Male 
Age:            23 Standard Terran Years 
Date of Birth:  January 10, 2395 
Height:         1.8 m.
Weight:         62 kg.
Blood Type:     Terran A+
Eye Color:      Blue
Hair Color:     Blond/Light Brown
Complexion:     Fair 
Place of Birth: West Des Moines, Sol III
Spouse:         None 
Parents:        Christopher Carlock, father
                Elizabeth Carlock, mother
Siblings:       Mimi Carlock, sister
Children:       None 
Religion:       Terran Protestant
II. Educational Background 

A. Academic Institutional Background: 
-- Heartland High School 
-- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended:
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School

C. Qualifications 
-- Helm Operation
-- Astrogation
-- Ancillary Craft Pilot/Commander

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Class Rank:         Top 25% (33 of 155)
Academic Major:     History
Professional Major: Navigation and Piloting
Commendations:      None
Reprimands:         None

III. Biographical Notes 
A. Chronology (tabular form): 
 0-18: Lived with parents. 
14-18: Attended Heartland High School 
18-22: Attended Star Fleet Academy

B. Background Summary: 
Since the time he could see the sky, Carlock wanted to fly.  Upon learning 
about space, he wanted to fly in space.  His early goal was to join Star Fleet, 
become a member of Nova Squadron, and fly fighters at the fringes of Federation 

He achieved part of those goals.  In his junior year as a midshipman, he was a 
member of Nova Squadron.  Unfortunately, the discovery of an inner ear injury, 
most likely the result of a childhood inner ear infection, disqualified him 
from the fighter pilot program.  Although a terminal injury for a fighter 
pilot, the injury is mild enough that he was able to medically qualify for all 
other ship types in the Federation and Star Fleet inventory.

Despite the disappointment of not being able to pursue his childhood dream, 
Carlock is determined to make the best of the opportunities Star Fleet will 
present him.
IV. Official Star Fleet Service History

A. Promotion History: 
190601 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1) 
B. Service History: 
150615  Enrolled Star Fleet Academy
190601  Graduated Star Fleet Academy
190601  Attended Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School
191117  Assigned USS KAWEAH  NCC-74820 transit commander
191120  Assigned USS LEDA  NCC-80033, ancillary craft pilot
200101  Assigned USS CIRCE  NCC-27000, Flight Operations Manager
Commendations: 0  Reprimands: 0

V. Skills Profile 
Carlock should have been a fighter pilot.  His entire life had been devoted to 
becoming a fighter pilot.  He has razor sharp reflexes, outstanding hand-eye 
coordination, and can pilot and navigate craft as easily as he can walk.  This 
concentration on piloting skills has come at the expense of weakness in other 
areas, such as the sciences, diplomacy, tact, etc. 
VI. Recent Fitness Report

Except for a minor defect in his inner ear, Cadet Carlock is in perfect 
physical health.  The defect is a very minute tear in the scala tympani in his 
left ear.  This tear allows perilymph to escape, to be replaced by 
cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) through the cochlear aqueduct.  This changes the 
chemical composition of the perilymph in the left ear.  Although this condition 
is minute and does not affect his hearing or balance, it is a medically 
disqualifying event for fighter pilot candidates and certain other high-
stress/high-risk occupations within Star Fleet.  This defect does not 
disqualify Cadet Carlock from qualifying for other piloting positions.

CAPT Joseph Traeger
Staff Surgeon, SF Medical

Cadet Carlock is an enthusiastic individual.  Despite his disappointment at 
being dropped from the fighter pilot program, he has continued his hard work 
and maintained his grades.  His work ethic is outstanding, especially so after 
his re-dedication to his academics.

LT Jerry Brice
Star Fleet Academy Academic Advisor

VII. Psychological Profile 

Cadet Carlock is an intelligent, confident, arrogant, young man--the typical 
fighter pilot.  Unfortunately, he is not, and is medically disqualified from 
becoming, a fighter pilot.
The loss of fighter pilot status due to such a minor physical defect would have 
been a crushing blow to most fighter candidates--especially after two years of 
cadet flight training.  Those pilots often associate their self-image with 
their prowess in the cockpit, and loss of flight status often pops their over-
inflated egos.  Although a painful loss, Cadet Carlock has adapted to this 
limitation rather well.  The encouraging sign is that he continues to hone his 
piloting skills, and has increased his efforts in his academic studies.

Periodic re-examinations should be conducted to ensure that he is not merely 
hiding or suppressing more serious reactions to his situation.

Based on his apparent resilience and positive attitude, as long as he is 
challenged with exciting problems, he should perform well during a long Star 
Fleet career.

LCDR Frederic Janson
Counselor, SF Medical
VIII. Current Recreational Interests 
Carlock loves the outdoors.  He enjoys fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and 
cycling.  Indoors, he enjoys old-fashioned video arcade games over cerebral 
IX. Miscellaneous Information 

Carlock still thinks of himself as a fighter pilot, even though he can't be 
one.  He is not bitter at the cards he has been dealt, and tries to keep the 
optimistic point of view.  He prefers to go by his piloting call sign, 
"Mobius."  Although confident, he is usually not overbearing or too arrogant.  
In terms of characters from the movie Top Gun, think of him as having the 
piloting skills of "Maverick," but a more thoughtful disposition closer to 
End BioFile