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Major Kana Seri, Marine Commanding Officer USS CIRCE NCC-27000

Major Kana Seri, MCO, USS CIRCE
-Name: Kana Hiram Knute Mordecai Seri
-Rank: Major

-Serial: 2-605-1-983

-Citizen: Mars, (Sol IV)
-Race: Human
-Age: 32
-Date of Birth: 23890526


-Position: Marine Commanding Officer
-Illness/Injury: None


-Height: 6'0"
-Weight: 225 lbs
-Hair: Dark Brown
-Eyes: Brown
-Skin: Caucasian
-Identifying Marks: Scar above right eyebrow, 1cm
Birthmark on back of neck, right side
Glass Eye (Left)


-Allergies: Pollen. Luckily there isn't a whole lot of this on a ship.
-Injuries: None. As surprising as that sounds, Kana has never been a
patient in any hospital.
-Disabilities: Missing left eye. Has perfect vision (excluding depth
perception), and uses a glass eye. He uses this to his advantage whenever
possible, and enjoys playing pranks with it, e.g, popping it out in front of
someone who doesn't know it's a glass eye and screaming "AHH! MY EYE!!"


-Higher Education: SD 24100626 The Basic School, one year
SD 24100627 Starfleet Academy, Marine Corps Option, five years
-Majors: Law enforcement, Human behavior.
-Minors: Tactical planning, Holodeck programming.
-Languages: English, French

-Other: Disciplined three times while in Academy, once for a prank; In his first
year, Kana re-arranged Professor K'alin's plan book, so that he assigned answers
instead of questions, as well as his schedual, putting him in the wrong room
with the wrong class with the wrong subject. In his third year, Kana was nearly
expelled, for stealing materials from the Academy, as well as other students,
but saved himself by writing a ten-page apology, as well as paying double what
he stole. In his fifth year, (he stayed an extra year to do his holodeck course)
Kana was suspended for fighting with a young Romulan boy. The Romulan had to
spend the next week in the hospital, and when Kana was asked why, he simply said
"He insulted my father."


-Beliefs: Agnostic
-Ambitions: To kill the lousy SOB that killed his real parents.
-Annoyances: Lazy attitudes, Lousy grammer, spelling, and syntax.
-Hobbies: Soccer, swimming, programming the holodecks, martial arts.
-Personality type: Friendly, observant, honorable, good listener.
-Personality: Very social, but he needs some time alone occasionally. If he
doesn't get this time, things could get uncontrollably violent.
-Comments: "Kana is always willing to help his peers, sometimes a little too
eager to help. When his word is given, it is good, and will ~never~ go back on a
-Professor K'alin, MUM (Memorial University of Montegomery)


-Father: Marvin Knute Mordecai (dead)
-Mother: Kaela Mordecai (dead)
-Adopted Father: Kralin Seri
-Adopted Mother: Neroshi Seri
-Siblings: None known
Kana was born to a relatively poor human couple. He rarely had much
money growing up, and barely scraped by with what he had. At the age of 6, Kana
was playing with his dog, a rare animal on his planet, he was bitten above the
right eyebrow, and now has a scar there. When Kana was 10, a Romulan assassin
broke into his home and killed both his parents. Luckily, Kana was out on his
first hunt at the time, and was not killed. When Kana returned home, he found
his parents dead. His father was stabbed through the heart, and his mother's
throat had been slit. Kana then ran to the neighbors with tears in his eyes. 
Those neighbors later adopted him, and Kana has lived with the image of his dead
parents his whole life. Throughout his life, Kana was always treated poorly by
Romulans, and now distrusts them. Kana always enjoys playing pranks and
practical jokes, and this often gets him in trouble. He is able to contain a
large abount of alcohol without being affected, and is uncontrollably drawn to
fire. These traits also belong to all his ancestors, (not the adopted ones) and
it is assumed that they will be inherited by all his descendants.

-Interests: Martial arts, Medieval weaponry, Rare Stones, Collecting Glass eyes,
and a good game of chess.


MCO: Infantry, Tactical Planning, Tactical Command
SEC: Law Enforcement, Human Behavior
TAC: Tactical Planning, Fleet Weapon Systems, Tactical Command
Special: Holodeck Programming, Combat Shuttle Piloting, Advanced Stealth and Recon


-24101105: Completed Holodeck training.
-24101122: Stationed as USS YORKTOWN's new MCO, INDIGO FLEET
-24110228: Promoted to 1LT by CAPT John Katz, CO of the USS YORKTOWN
-24110912: Promoted to LMAJ by CAPT John Katz, CO of the USS YORKTOWN
  -Awarded the Broze Star by CAPT John Katz
  -Awarded the DANTEXF Combat Action Ribbon by CDOR Francis Anderson
-24120202: Transferred to the USS DAEDALUS, GREEN FLEET as MCO
-24130202: Transferred to the USS CHESAPEAKE, GREEN FLEET as MCO
-24130609: Awarded the Bronze Star by CAPT Elizabeth Romee
  -Awarded the Combat Action Ribbon (V) by CAPT Elizabeth Romee
  -Captain's commendation noted by CAPT Elizabeth Romee
-24131215: Transferred to the USS YORKTOWN, SILVER FLEET as MCO
-24140615: Left the YORKTOWN in command of the SS YAKUZA, details classified
-24160222: Completed Training: Combat Shuttle Piloting
-24161110: Completed Training: Fleet Weapons Systems
-24170819: Completed Training: Advanced Stealth and Recon
-24180628: Completed Training: Tactical Command
-24190908: Stationed on DS13, 1st Battalion, as MCO of Bravo Company, GOLD FLEET
-24191015: Promoted to MAJ by CDR Adrian Pierce Makkedor, XO of DS13
-24210331: Awarded the Iotian Medal of Courage by First Chancellor of Sigma Iotia
  -Awarded the Gold Lifesaving Award by the Federation Ambassador to Sigma Iotia