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T'Silva, Commanding Officer USS CIRCE NCC-27000

CAPT. T'Silva
I. Personal Data
Name:            T´Silva
Current Rank:    Captain
Current Billet:  CO, USS CIRCE

Species:         Vulcan
Gender/Sex:      Female
Age:             43 Terran Years
Place of Birth:  Vulcana Regar planet Vulcan
Parents:         T´Nau (Accountant, residing on Vulcan)
	         Sopek (Merchant, residing on Vulcan)
Siblings:        2 younger brothers Sonak and Soval, both residing on Vulcan 
Spouse:          none
Religion:        Teachings of Surak
Height:          1.80 m; 
Weight:          72 kg; 
Eyes:            blue; 
Hair:            dark brown; 
Complexion:      fair; 
Blood Type:      OO negative

II.  Educational Background

A.  Academic Institutional Background:
   -- Elementary School and High School on Vulcan
   -- Merchant Academy of Shi´Kahr
   -- Starfleet Academy

B.  Service Schools Attended:
   -- Starfleet Academy of the Diplomatic Corps
   -- Starfleet Advanced Space Warfare School

C.  Qualifications (MOC's)
   -- Junior Bridge Officer
   -- Senior Bridge Officer
   -- Operations Management
   -- Tactical Officer

D.  Star Fleet Academy Record:
Academic Major(s): 
- Astronomy,
- Political Science.

Professional Major: 
- Linguistics
- Diplomacy

Activities: active member of the Starfleet chess club, volunteer for the Academy 
Romulan Cultural Research Corps

III. Biographical Notes 

A. Chronology (tabular form): 
00-18:  Lived with parents on Vulcan 
18-20:  Entered Merchant Academy of Shi´Kahr 
20-24:  Entered Starfleet Academy
24      Graduated from Starfleet Academy

IV. Official Starfleet Record 

A. Promotion History:
020901.0000  Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).
040401.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade (O-2).
060501.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
110701.0000  Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
130901.0000  Promoted to Commander (O-5)
170501.0000  Promoted to Captain (O-6)

B. Service History: 
980901.0000  Entered Star Fleet Academy
020901.0000  Graduated Star Fleet Academy
020901.0000  Assigned Assistant Tactical Officer, USS WELLINGTON
040619.0000  Assigned TAC, USS HERODOTUS
061001.0000  Assigned OPS, USS HERODOTUS
110901.0000  Assigned XO, USS VALDEMAR 
170501.0000  Assigned CO, USS STARFALL 
211013.0000  Assigned CO, USS CIRCE 

V. Skills Profile 
Trained as a Tactical Officer and Operations Manager, T´Silva capitalized on her 
upbringing in a merchant family to hone her skills of diplomacy and politics 
along with her leadership abilities and plain old mathematics. Aside from Vulcan 
and Federation Standard she speaks Romulan and has studied Romulan culture and 
history since her Academy days.

VI. Recent Fitness Report

" Captain T´Silva is fit for duty mentally, psychologically and physically. 
Mentally her average IQ is around 137 points, psychologically she is as stable 
as a Vulcan can be and physically she subscribes to a demanding regimen of 
Vulcan martial arts that I cannot pronounce properly but it seems to work fine."

LCDR Marquardt,

VII. Psychological Profile

"Since we speak of a Vulcan here, it should not come as a surprise that officer 
Silva is a calm, balanced and rational individual who can function with great 
efficiency under the most horrid circumstances. Since we speak of a Vulcan here, 
it should come as a surprise that a high ranking Starfleet officer of that 
extraction can be a practical joker. I for one will never look at Ploomek soup  
the same way again."

Dr. Balthasar Rains
Senior Counsellor, SB ALPHA

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Two- and Three-dimensional chess
Poker and Bridge
Romulan history and culture
Suus Mahna (Vulcan martial art)


T´Silva was born into a large family of Vulcan traders who had amassed an 
astonishing fortune with their huge cargo ships that travelled into every corner 
of the Federation.

Naturally, T´Silva like her two younger brothers was expected to become fully 
integrated into the family business. All three siblings were bright even by 
Vulcan standards, excelling in mathematics and basic economies from an early 

Everything seemed to go as planned. T´Silva would be the first of the three 
children to graduate from the prestigious Merchant Academy of Shi´Kahr, she 
would bond with her designated mate and assume a key function in the families 
local warehousing business. In later years she would then be in charge of her 
own trading ship.

T`Silva did indeed enter the Merchant Academy. After two years she went hone and 
explained to her parents that despite excellent grades she would leave Vulcan to 
join Starfleet Academy. In fact she had already completed the entrance exam 

What followed could not be described as a family clash. After all, Vulcans are 
in control of their emotions. It was a perfectly rational and logical discussion 
between intelligent grown ups. The discussion ended with T´Silva leaving for San 
Francisco on Earth after her father had disowned her.

Cadet T´Silva never disclosed the reasons for her decision to her fellow 
students, just stating that it had been a perfectly logical decision from her 
point of view.

Whatever the reason was, T´Silva wasted no time, neither at the Academy nor in 
her first assignment as junior tactical officer of the WELLINGTON.

Many officers with a tactical specialization could recite the teachings of Sun 
Tzu but T´Silva could actually apply them against the pirates and marauders the 
WELLINGTON was chasing at this time.

Convinced that it was not logical to expect to find pirates during a routine 
patrol she instead blackmailed or bribed known criminals into helping the 
WELLINGTON crew find pirate hideouts thus following Sun Tzu´s advise that spies 
were invaluable in war.

After being transferred to the TAC position of the USS HERODOTUS T´Silva refined 
her methods and engineered a trap that eventually lead to the capture of the 
renegade Klingon warbird IKS BLOODFEUD.

According to some sources she was transferred to OPS afterwards because her 
superiors were developing an uneasy feeling about a Vulcan with too many 
disreputable contacts.

The next five years as Operations Manager were not marked with such dramatic 
highlights as T´Silva´s tactical career (perhaps to the secret relief of some 
Captains and Admirals) but she routinely delivered above expectations which 
eventually earned her the position of First Officer aboard the USS VALDEMAR.

Before long the ships away missions were vibrant with her own brand of applied 

On a newly discovered idyllic class-M world she found it illogical that well-
fed herbivores would attack crewmembers without being provoked or threatened. 
Telepathic contact with the animals established the fact that they were in fact 
pawns of a native sentient race - psionically gifted plants who felt threatened 
by the invading biped mammals.

The planet was quarantined and T´Silva was credited with averting a disastrous 
colonization attempt before it could even begin.

Her blend of tactical and diplomatic skills went a logn way to eventually secure 
the center chair aboard the USS STARFALL. 

She saw the ship through several encounters with marauders from the Klingon 
Confederacy and later through the Gorn War before she was now offered command of 
the CIRCE.