Gold Fleet Area of Operation

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Gold Fleet Area of Operation

Gold Fleet Area of Operation


Gold Fleet's primary area of operation is in the Beta Quadrant, along the border shared with the re-unified Gorn Confederacy and the Tholian Holdfast. However, the AO stretches up into the Gamma Quadrant along the Echen F'don border. On its interior border, it buts up against both Blue Fleet towards the galactic south and Green Fleet near the core worlds. Gold Fleet's AO ends just past Orestes at The Triangle, where the Romulan Star Empire, the Gorn Confederacy and the Federation meet.

Gold Fleet is divided up into two distinct patrol zones: the Krima Expeditionary Force and the Scimitar Expeditionary Force.


This is the older of the two patrol zones, and is the one that borders all three of the major foreign powers mentioned above. In addition, the Goliath Wormhole gives an avenue of access to Gold space for another belligerent foreign power, the Woren Imperium.


The newer patrol zone in Gold, SCIMXFOR cuts very close to the Romulan Star Empire, and so often feels the influence of this major interstellar power. Additionally, the recently-discovered wormhole at Orestes (leading to Federation Starbase Foothold and Woren space) and the high piracy traffic from the region known as "The Triangle" leave this region with no shortage of tension to deal with.