Gold Fleet Captain's Honor Roll

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Captain's Honor Roll


Becoming a commanding officer is an honor a relative few enjoy; in order to be successful, one must not only be a good writer, but also be able to motivate the rest of the players to be active participants all while handling the administrative chores that go along with command. As such, command is something that is not offered to just anyone...nor is it entered into lightly.

Below is a list of the characters and players who have commaded units in Gold Fleet over the years. This list, while all attempts have been made to make it as accurate as possible, may contain unintentional ommisions and inacuracies. If you notice something that needs to be addressed, please drop a line here.

Commanding Officers of Gold Fleet

  • NOTE- current commanding officers are in bold typeface.

CDR Rivenda April Deep Space 13 Sean Murphy
CDR Sarah Arden USS Kusanagi Marco Mueller
CAPT Magica Belle USS Kusanagi Madonna Eagle
CAPT J. Robert Brooks USS Nova Jeffrey Jenkins
CAPT Cameron Carver USS Valhalla Tim Cooke
CAPT Melina DelBraye USS Kusanagi Lars Duening
CAPT Jerid Dorvan USS Serapis/Deep Space 13 Kimberly Huff
CAPT William Franklin USS Odysseus Tim Sowards
CAPT G'dek syr G'erk USS Leviathan Sean Speake
CAPT Farhad Ghazim USS Quasar D'Maris Coffman
CAPT Tre Harris VII USS Daedalus Reggie McKamie
CAPT Trig Hawker USS Circe Chris Aubrey
LCOL Charles Howden Task Force Sierra Mark Mosher
LCDR HonahSereah USS Tesla II David Suarez de Lis
CAPT William Hunter USS Serapis Mark Johnson
CAPT Petra Jaeger USS Quasar D'Maris Coffman
CAPT Firo Lane USS Herakles Greg Posey
CAPT James Lawrence USS Circe Jeff Finocchiaro
CDR Samuel Lynch ORESTES STATION Roger Bedford
CAPT Corwin O'Dwyer USS Leviathan/USS Bastion Christopher Mayberry
CAPT Katarrh Okalhn USS Circe Fred Warren
CAPT Adrian P. Makkedor USS Circe Scott Lusby
CDR Bryan Mason USS Kusanagi Susan Phillips
SA David Mercer Task Force Sierra Stefan Wiedner
CDR Alexander Prescott USS Serapis Scott Freligh
CAPT Timon St. Lawrence Orestes Station Jenna Povey
CDR S'Tveck Deep Space 13 David Suarez de Lis
CAPT K'Prenn Thomas USS Aurora Matthew Nicholls
CAPT Tostynjhar fi'Tiyartuss Orestes Station Bryan Bartlett
SA Richard Trewidden Task Force Sierra Chris Hatch
CAPT T'Silva USS Circe Susanne Dubrov
CAPT Ullalem-two Starfleet USS Indefatigable Greg Rickards
CAPT Denton "Buck" Vargas USS Leviathan Scott Lusby
CAPT Caylebreth Veld USS Circe Scott Lusby
CAPT P.J. West USS Resolution Andrea Schalk