Gold Fleet Timeline of Events

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Gold Fleet Timeline


What follows is a general timeline of events in the history of Gold Fleet. (Please note that items listed are in order of newest to oldest.)


  • ORESTES STATION suffers damage. The last time the unstable wormhole opened that force caused a shift in the rotational axis of the planet, causing it to be even more exposed to its Star's fury. The civilian population moves underground. (ORESTES)
  • USS CIRCE encounters a L'kana vessel, the first seen in several years, and it is lost in the following engagement. (CIRCE)
  • USS VALHALLA encounters a Dalriadan Fleet and enters into hostile actions. The REMEAN Battlecruiser THEVIS and the USS PEARL assist the USS VALHALLA. (VALHALLA)



  • The new AGAMEMNON-class BC USS ODYSSEUS is lost in a freak d-warp accident while traveling through the Orestes Wormhole. (ODYSSEUS)
  • A series of fighter mishaps leaves one fighter pilot lost on Orestes Prime, requiring a search-and-rescue operation by forces from Orestes Station. (ORESTES)
  • Gorn Hegemony mines are discovered to have been reopened on Beta Iotia IV, enslaving thousands of Iotian citizens once again. Elements from Deep Space 13 discovered the mines, closed them, and freed the slaves. (DS13)
  • A large Star Fleet battle group confronts the 700+-ship armada of Mor'dak, and lead by the USS CIRCE, wins a stunning stalemate against superior forces. (CIRCE)
  • Rebel Gorn forces, under the command of Mor'dak, attack Gorn Confederacy-held systems along the Gorn Confederacy/Federation/Tholian Holdfast border. (CIRCE)
  • USS DAEDALUS transfers to Gold Fleet, and is immediately dispatched to strengthen Star Fleet presence around Starbase Foothold. (DAEDALUS)
  • Terrorist attacks on Orestes Station result in moderate damage; terroist attacks linked to pirate activities in nearby regions of space. (ORESTES)
  • Kimura Accords signed by signoatories from the United Federation of Planets, the Gorn Confederacy, and the Tholian Holdfast, effectively eliminating the government of the Gorn Hegemony. (DS13)


  • Elements from Deep Space 13 respond to a distress signal from the Romulan light cruiser BO'VOCHE and find that the ship and crew were destroyed by a nanite virus obtained from the Fardon Empire. (DS13)
  • Admiral Conrad Veld assumes command of Gold Fleet.
  • USS VALHALLA commissioned as the first of the new VALHALLA-class Command Battlecruisers. She is assigned to Blue Fleet. (VALHALLA)
  • Blue Fleet reopens; USS NOVA and USS FEARLESS reassigned to Blue Fleet.
  • Gold Fleet Command looses contact with USS CIRCE shortly after being dispatched back to the Briol system to investigate the discovery of kirellium traces on Frika. (CIRCE)
  • The existence of the Klingon Confederacy is revealed, splintering off from the Klingon Empire as an effect of the latest Klingon civil war. (FEARLESS)


  • The Second Tholian Treaty is signed between the Federation and the Tholian Holdfast. This treaty features both economic and defensive aspects. (CIRCE)
  • In a joint operation, elements from Deep Space 13 and the USS CIRCE uncover and foil repeated attempts by the Gorn Hegemony to sabotage trade negotiations netween the Tholian Holdfast and the Federation. (CIRCE, DS13)


  • Sidhe decendents found on Delta Draconis III; some of the crew of the USS CIRCE abducted and later recovered. (CIRCE)
  • Re-opening of Deep Space 13, now located in orbit around Iotia.
  • The Briol Incident: Federation forces secure the Briol system, where Preserver technology had been found, against superior Gorn Hegemony forces. (CIRCE)
  • Re-opening of Orestes Medical Pavilion, under the new monicker 'Orestes Station', complete with a military presence.
  • The Third Klingon Civil War erupts during a diplomatic mission by the USS FEARLESS. (FEARLESS)
  • USS CIRCE discovers the derelict USS AKAGI NCC-003 in orbit around a rogue planet within the Arachne Nebula. (CIRCE)
  • Alderson Disk discovered at a terminus of a Goliath nebula wormhole. (NOVA)



  • Cestus III Incident: Assassination attempt on Ambassador Linkri Saresh on Cestus III by Gorn Hegemony agents disrupted by the SERAPIS crew with the help (unbeknownst to them) of Section 31. (SERAPIS)
  • Two Section 31 agents brought to trial and convicted. This represents the first legal prosecution and conviction of anyone attached to the shadow organization. (SERAPIS)
  • USS TESLA II lost due to d-warp drive malfunction; ends up some 45,000 ly away from GOLD Fleet space. (TESLA)


  • Destruction of Deep Space 13 by unidentified terrorist forces. (DS13)
  • Rijenna opened to large-scale colonization. (INDEFATIGABLE)
  • Admiral John R. Brooks assumes command of Gold Fleet.


  • Second meeting with the Lehrren. (SERAPIS)
  • Point Gideon Station completed. (INDEFATIGABLE)
  • May - first Rijenna colony set up on the island of Murri. (INDEFATIGABLE)


  • Second Tybiiran skrimish fought; unconnected Gorn/Borg colony broken up and destroyed; kidnapping of LCDR Cayle Veld by Gorn/Section 31 forces. (LEVIATHAN/DS13)
  • Delphan VII Operation: LCDR Cayle Veld is rescued from Section 31 agents by LTMAJ Molly Sharpe and Linkri Saresh. (DS13)
  • Oessa request federation assistance after years of isolation. After the assistance rendered by USS Indefatigable they once more withdraw into isolation. (INDEFATIGABLE)


  • First Tybiiran skrimish fought; Gorn incursion and annexation of mineral-rich asteroid belt thwarted. (LEVIATHAN)
  • Construction begins on Point Gideon Station. (INDEFATIGABLE)


  • Battle of Iotia. (DS13)
  • First contact with the Woren and the Lehrren made by USS TITANIA. (DS13)
  • Gold Fleet reopens; Admiral W. Gordon Crowell assumes command of Gold Fleet.