Gold Fleet Unit Patches

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Gold Fleet Unit Patches and Other Artwork

Fleet Artwork

Gold patch wht.png

The patch for Gold Fleet, found on coffee mugs and conference room walls all over Starbase Beta.

Krima Expeditionary Force


Krima patch wht.png

The shoulder flash for KRIMAXFOR personnel.

USS Circe


The unit patch of the USS Circe. Based upon the ship's official coat of arms.

USS Valhalla

Valhalla patch wht.png

The unit patch for Valhalla.

Scimitar Expeditionary Force


Scimitar patch wht.png

The shoulder flash for SCIMXFOR personnel.

Orestes Station

Orestes patch wht.png

Draft of the new unit patch for Orestes Station.


These patches were created by Scott Lusby and Edward Bell.