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Green Fleet Historical Archive
United Federation of Planets Star Fleet 3rd Fleet
"The Core Fleet"
Updated SD 201013

GREEN Fleet Insignia

Green Fleet is headquartered at SB Delta, which is in orbit above the planet Vulcan. Home to many of the Federation's Core Worlds, Green Fleet's mandate includes the 'centre' of the Federation but does have an open frontier with a border facing the 'Badlands' and borders the Klingon Empire and the Klingon Confederation. And, as Green Fleet units are tasked with protection of the Core Worlds and maintaining the integrity of its borders, it has long been seen as fleet that is specifically military in nature.

This fleet is not currently active in role play.

To read the role play of ASR, go to ASR's post archive.

Divisions and Tactical Squadrons

  • Deep Space 4 Division- 60 parsecs away from SB DELTA and three light years from the Cardassian Trucial Zone on the border with the 'Badlands,' is Star Fleet's sole military, scientific and diplomatic presence in that area, Deep Space 4. Currently an NPC location for ASR, various units throughout the years have based from DS4 and the station itself was an ASR unit for several years. This location is an area traditionally equivalent to the Federations 'wild, wild, western' front.

  • Tactical Squadron 16- Green Fleet's Tactical Squadron 16 consists of the Fleet's forward deployment units.

  • ODGreen Division- The descendant of Star Fleet's post-Wolf 359 'Last Line of Defense' strategy, is tasked with the protection of the Federation's Core Worlds, within approximately 100 lightyears of the Terran System. The false perception of mundane patrols of this territory lead to the Olive Drab Green tag for this Division, which lead to the official designation of ODGREEN years ago. The ships of ODGREEN are deployed out of starbases in strategic locations within the Core Worlds region: Starbase Sarrento, six parsecs from Terra towards Sigma Draconis; Starbase Kenai, in orbit of the planet Bea in the Piscium 106 system near Vulcan and Alpha Centauri. ODGreen Division ships patrol Federation core space, responding to a variety of Starfleet objectives within that region.

  • Free Threads and Contracted Role-Playing Units- Green Fleet units that may still appear within role play of Green Fleet include but are not limited to: USS Leda, USS Chesapeake, USS Tempest, USS Thunderchild, Starbase Gibraltar, USS Normandy, USS Suffolk, Deep Space 4, USS Coventry, USS LaSalle and USS Burke.

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This fleet is not currently active in role-play.