Gregory Hato Tracton

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CDR Gregory Hato Tracton, Executive Officer USS HOKKAIDO NCC-56524

==Starfleet personnel file F4532S3419==
Name: Gregory Hato Tracton
Birthdate:June 15th
Age: 39
Rank: Commander
Species: Human (Heavy G)
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Divorced (twice)
First wife: Diana Artesia 
Second Wife: Ayako Saunders
Children: Cassandra Leah Age: 18
Dierdre Grace Age: 5
- Physical Description:
6' tall
Sturdy build 
Brown hair
Brown eyes
Able to blend into most human communities.
No significant visible scars
Tatoo: SFFR tatoo on upper right arm.
- Background:
From a poor background, joined the SFMC after graduating high school and 
exceled.  He applied and joined the Force Recon Special Operating Forces early in his career and advanced to section
NCO in charge.  During his first operational assignment he met and married Diana 
Artesia Blumenthal, a local dancer and had a daughter.  After a faster than expected 
return he discovered that his wife had been unfaithful and filed for divorce (SF Medical determined 
that the damage done to his hand from punching a house wall was not a significant impact to his 
deployable status.)
After finalizing the divorce, Gregory was involved in two more operational teams 
before applying for Fleet Line Operator Advancement Term Program (FLOAT-P) and attended a school 
near the Romulan Neutral Zone.  He received a degree in Xeno-political Sciences.
Following accession as a Fleet Officer (not the Marine path) Gregory attended 
flight school and began training to fly small craft.  Following two operational tours 
During time on the staff of Starfleet HQ in San Francisco, Gregory met and 
married his second wife.
Shortly thereafter he was seriously injured in a moteor vehicle collision, 
requiring long term rehabilitation.  Following rehab, he was medically disqualified from further 
small craft operations and sought lateral transfer to large craft operations.
Based on his decision to return to space, his wife, Ayako, filed for divorce.
==Assignment history==
18 SFMC Boot Camp
18 1st Batt/3rd Regiment
19 SFFR Training pipeline
19 SFFR Team 9
21 SFFR Training center
23 SFFR Team 23
25 SFFR Team 2
26 Grell Aerospace Academy (ROTC)
29 Small Craft Training Pipeline
29 Fighter Squadron 42
32 Instructor - Small Craft
34 Fighter Squadron 23 
36 Requirements staff - SFHQ 
38 Large craft operations
38 XO training
39 Assigned USS HOKKAIDO - XO
- Qualifications:
Qualified Expert Hand Phaser
Qaulified Expert Phaser Rifle
Qualified Expert heavy weapons
Small spacecraft pilot - No longer physically qualified

==Psychological Evaluation==
Commander Tracton pushes the realms of his own body in hopes of being able to
be recertified as a fightercraft pilot.  Based on his specific injuries he will
likely never return to flight status, however, he seems unperterbed by this
impediment.  While there is no current risk, once he accepts that his days in a 
cockpit in a fighter spacecraft are done it could significantly impact his current 
mental stability.