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LCDR Scorpio Haden- Chief Security Officer, USS Hood

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)


I. Personal Data


Full Name: Scorpio Haden Surname: Haden Given Name: Scorpio Nickname: Mephistopheles Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander (O-4) Current Billet: SEC, USS HOOD NCC-1703 Species: Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human) Gender/Sex: Male/XY Age: 32 Terran Years DOB: 15 November 2228 POB: Shi Kahr, Vulcan Parents: Marius Haden (DOB: 2185)- Diplomatic liaison Freya Star (DOB: 2190)- Singer Siblings: none Spouse: none

A. Physical Description

HT: 6'1" (183cm) WT: 170 lbs (78kg) EY: Green HR: Black (with a white streak) shaved in a widow´s peak in front SK: Pale, seems almost translucent at times Blood Type: AB negative Vision: see Fitness report Religion: Agnostic Citizenship: Earth; United Federation of Planets Languages: Terran Standard (native speaker), Vulcan (fluent), Orion (passable)


II. Educational Background


A. Academic Institutions Attended

  -- Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *cum laude*}
        (Bachelor of Science, Astrogation)

B. Service Schools Attended

  -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
  -- Star Fleet Command School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)

  -- MOC:  Tactical Officer
  -- MOC:  Navigation/Astrogation Officer
  -- MOC:  Helmsman
  -- MOC:  Command Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

Honors: *Cum Laude*; Academic Major: Astrogation Professional Major: Tactics, Helm Operations, Warp Physics Class Rank: 38/365; Reprimands: none Commendations: 1 Athletics: Squash Activities: Vulcan Cultural Exchange Group


III. Biographical Notes


A. Chronology (tabular form)

0: Born on plant Vulcan, city of Shi Kahr

0-18: Lived with parents on Vulcan, Earth and Andor. Attended public schools and received additional private schooling

18: Entered Starfleet Academy on Earth

18-22: Attended Starfleet Academy.

22: Cadet Cruise aboard USS SALADIN; passed with Honors. Commissioned as Ensign(O-1).

22-27: Active duty in Starfleet.

27-28: Entered Officer's School; graduated With Distinction.

28-Present: Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary

Scorpio Haden was born and raised on Vulcan as the son of a human diplomat and his wife a classical musician. Scorpio became an excellent violin player and respectable singer himself but neglected to pursuit an artistic career in favor of Starfleet.

Some say he did it to disappoint both of his parents - the diplomatic father and the fun-loving mother. Scorpio, as usual, keeps his reasons to himself.

At the Academy he specialized in all things that make a ship move - navigation, helm, engines - and later in the ways to keep a ship in one piece in a conflict.

In fact he was soon recognized as a capable tactician, one who would rely on guile and guerilla tactics rather than brute force to win an engagement. Combined with his sardonic tongue, quick wit and a slightly unnerving presence his tactical cleverness earned him the nickname Mephistopheles.

Haden worked his way through the ranks by doing the right thing - or rather the thing that worked - often against all odds and common sense. On Plius III he `mediated´ a bloody conflict between rival clans by imprisoning the clan leaders in a cave with only a limited supply of air. In order to survive the entrapped leaders needed to work together. They parted not exactly as friends but the bloodshed stopped and the conflict was taken back to the political arena.

Haden was present at the destruction of Vulcan as XO of the USS COCHISE, part of Vulcan's home fleet. A shrapnel fragment from the exploding helm console of the USS COCHISE hit him in the face. He refused to have either an artificial eye or reconstructive surgery out of respect for the billions of lives lost. Today he wears a black patch over his left eye. Alongside the scar that runs over the left side of his scalp the hair bleached out, leaving him with a streak of stark white in his otherwise dark hair.

Haden is a study in contradiction and a driven man. Known for his brutal truth and little patience with fools he still has a deep respect for life. He harbors a dream safely hidden inside him and locked away from everyone else. Nero came from the future and changed history. Maybe the flow of time can be changed again to undo the Vulcan cataclysm.


IV. Official Star Fleet Record


A. Promotion History:


2244.214 (August 1): Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy 2245.213 (August 1): Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy 2246.213 (August 1): Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy 2247.213 (August 1): Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy

2247.366: Promoted to Ensign, ENS (O-1) 2249.366: Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (O-2) 2253.319: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3) 2253.151: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

B. Service History

2244.214: Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy 2245.213: Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy 2246.213: Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy 2247.213: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy

2247.183: Assigned to USS SALADIN NCC-0452 for Cadet Cruise 2247.366: Completed Cadet Cruise; promoted to Ensign (O-1) 2247.366: Assigned as Helmsman, USS SALADIN NCC-0452 2249.366: Promoted to Lieutenant JG (O-2); Reassigned as Chief Helmsman, USS BEARCAT-0416 2253.319: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3) Reassigned as First Officer, USS BEARCAT NCC-0486 2253.513: Reassigned to Command School 2253.151: Graduated from Command School; promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4) 2253.213: Reassigned as Instructor, Starfleet Academy (Advanced Tactics) 2254.152: Reassigned as First Officer, USS COCHISE NCC-0519 2262.100:Reassigned as NAV, USS REPUBLIC NCC-1371 2262.350:Reassigned as FO, USS REPUBLIC NCC-1371 2263.205:Reassigned as SEC, USS HOOD NCC-1703

C. Medals and Commendations

Silver Star Combat Action Award Wounded Lion


V. Skills Profile


Haden is a skilled navigator and an even better tactician. He can hold himself in battle against a superior enemy but his lack of subterfuge skills (not to mention his lack of respect for anyone whom he perceives as incompetent) make him a less than adequate diplomat.

During his upbringing on Vulcan he mastered the technique of the Vulcan nerve pinch.


VI. Recent Fitness Reports


Scorpio Haden is in good physical condition with the obvious exception that his left eye is destroyed, hampering especially his spatial vision. All other physical injuries received during the Vulcan cataclysm have healed satisfactory. Whatever other injuries remain is something to sort out for a better psychologist than I am. He is cleared for active duty.

-- Dr. MD Alfred Schweitzer

CMO, LAORE Medical Facility


VII. Psychological Profile


"It is difficult for me to have an unbiased opinion about Officer Haden. He is intelligent, possesses a dry wit and can certainly be extremely charming if he bothers to try. Most of the time though he will either tell you the brutal truth or close up altogether. But if you cannot handle the truth, then you better not ask. Tellarites and Klingons seem to get along fine with officer Haden. Members of other species often walk away shaken and insulted. Getting a glimpse of his private life is difficult at best.

Many command officers avoid psychologists like the plague. Haden doesn't. He keeps his appointments and is always nice and charming. In the end however, you never know if what he told you is the gospel truth or if he just had a good laugh at your expense. To quote ancient Earth novelist Leo Tolstoy I believe he has three crimes upon his conscience and a soul like Mephistopheles."


"Officer Haden is one of those officers who are almost universally respected but seldom liked. His professional skill and intelligence are undoubted but so is the fact that most officers admit to feeling somewhat uneasy around him. Nobody really seems to know him. He does not seem to have any close friends or family. He has been described as a nuclear explosion waiting to happen. While that might be an exaggeration officer Haden is certainly a man of deep passions which he keeps under tight control - too tight in my professional opinion even considering his upbringing by Vulcan teachers and stoic philosophers Clinically speaking there is nothing wrong with him so I declare him fit for duty."

LCDR Rosalin Weiss MD. Staff Attending, LAORE Medical Facility


VIII. Current Recreational Interests


Philosophy, opera singing (basso profundo), violin, squash, recently took up study of temporal physics