Hikaru Chatham

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LT Hikaru Chatam, Chief Tactical/Security Officer USS Nova NCC-1776-A

-Name: Hikaru Chatham

-Rank: Lieutenant, Navy

-Serial: 3-246-8-478

-Citizen: Earth
-Race: Human - half Japanese/half Canadian
-Age: 28
-Date of Birth: 23850418


-Position: Chief of Security and Tactical
-Illness/Injury: None


-Height: 5' 11"
-Weight: 200 lbs
-Hair: Black
-Eyes: Green
-Skin: Caucasian
-Identifying Marks: None.
-Japanese eye shape


-Allergies: Dust.
-Injuries: None. Has had tonsils and appendix removed.
-Disabilities: None.


- Elementary school: Newfoundland, Canada
- High School equivalent: Paris, France
-Higher Education: SD 24030830 Starfleet Academy, four years
-Majors: Law enforcement, security
-Minors: Tactical planning, combat strategy
- Starfleet officers training SD 24070902
-Languages: English, Japanese, French, some Vulcan


-Beliefs: Catholic
-Ambitions: Plans career in Navy, to be a captain some day.
-Annoyances: Lack of organization, grumpy people, lazy people.
-Hobbies: Tai Chi, martial arts, meditation, cooking.
-Personality type: Good humored, hard worker, good listener, warm-hearted.
-Personality: Hikaru is soft spoken, has a good sense of humor, tends to work too much but
always thinks it's for a good cause, generous but suspicious, always likes to check things out.
Tends to be quiet.
-Comments: "Hikaru is inscrutable. He sits quietly in class and you think he isn't paying
attention as he rarely answers questions aloud unless called upon. At the end of the course,
you realize he absorbed everything you taught him and you're amazed. -Professor Leonore
Chenault, Paris Academie.


-Father: Auburn Chatham
-Mother: Miko Chatham
-Siblings: Jeannie Chatham Bryant (husband Warren) - diplomat
Hikaru was born in Newfoundland, Canada to Ambassador Auburn Chatham and his wife Dr.
Miko Chatham. His father is a native of Newfoundland and his mother, a native of Japan.
They met in Japan while he was at the embassy there.

Hikaru's parents moved around a lot in his youth, but he remained in Newfoundland with his
grandparents and later in France with his parents for his early studies. He has a younger sister,
who has followed their father's career as a diplomat. She is married and has one daughter,
Keiko. Although his parents were stationed in various areas throughout his youth, he and his
sister were with them for visits quite often.

Hikaro has always been interested in Starfleet due to his grandfather's influence. It was in
France, that he became interested in security and discovered a love of tactics and the science
of combat. He's always been athletic and studied martial arts and tai chi from early youth.

His life so far as been amazingly normal. He's had no large traumas, has made friends in
school and the academy, has dated but has not formed any lasting relationships yet, and has
enjoyed being outside. On a bet, he took a French cooking class in Paris and has loved to cook
every since, even if he can't crack eggs the right way.

-Interests: Cooking, martial arts, walking or meditating outside, Tai Chi, reading murder
mysteries, chess which he plays poorly, and riding horses.


SEC: Law Enforcement, Human Behavior, Martial Arts
TAC: Tactical Planning, Fleet Weapon Systems, Tactical Command
Special: Crime Scene advanced studies


24080628: Graduated from Starfleet Academy, age 23
To 24100426: Served as an ensign on the USS Talmage in security, age 25.
To 24120725: Transferred to USS Reserve, assistant chief of tactical/security, promoted to
lieutenant junior grade, age 27
To 24130517: Assistant chief of security USS Monroe.
To 24220523: Chief of TAC/Security USS Circe.
to present: Transferred to USS Nova, Chief of TAC/Security, age 28