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Indigo Fleet Historical Archive
United Federation of Planets Star Fleet 5th Fleet
"The Fighting Fifth"

Indigo Fleet Patch

INDIGO Fleet occupies the most coreward expanse of the Federation Treaty Zone, along its borders in the Alpha Quadrant. Headquartered out of Starbase Omega, it is much further away than most of the other fleets, and can often be isolated for small periods of time from supplies, communication, etc. Its most dangerous external threat continues to be the Dalriada; Indigo took the brunt of the Federation's war with the Dalriada in 2410 and continues to be the main Federation deterrent to Dalriadan aggression.

Now closed to RP, Indigo still functions as one of ASR's Non-Role Play fleets, contributing to the background imagery of ASR's story arc. To this day, the Dalriadan Alliance continues to be a thorn in the Federation's side- a testament to the creativity of the Indigo writers past.

In the future, it is hoped that this will become a more expansive archive, with additional material developed and posted for player reference. Please check back from time to time, as the coming months may see this come to fruition.

Any questions regarding Indigo Fleet should be directed to Jeffrey Jenkins, the original CINCINDIGO in ASR (and currently serving as CINCBLUE).