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Starfleet Biographical Data File,
Kirk, John J. Cmdr (O-5)
Commanding Officer, USS Yamato NCC-1705-E





FULL NAME: John James Kirk SURNAME: Kirk GIVEN NAME: John NICKNAME: Jack CURRENT RANK: Commander (O-5) CURRENT BILLET: Commanding Officer, USS Yamato NCC-1705-E PREVIOUS BILLET: Executive Officer, USS NOVA NCC-1776-A YEARS IN STARFLEET: 14

SPECIES (EXTRACTION): Human GENDER/SEX: Male AGE: 36 DOB: February 14th, 2392 POB: Ashalla, Dahkur Province, Bajor PARENTS: Douglas Daniel Kirk, Catherine Kirk SIBLINGS: Christina McCord, Daniel McCord SPOUSE: N/A CHILDREN: N/A

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: HEIGHT: 5' 10" (1.78 m) WEIGHT: 180lbs HAIR: Brown EYES: Green SKIN TONE: Fair BLOOD TYPE: B+ VISION: 20/20 RELIGION: Catholic Non Practicing CITIZENSHIP: Bajor, Federation LANGUAGES: Federation Standard




A. Academic Institutions Attended:

Emissary Elementary, Ashalla Public School System Kai Opaka Middle School Hand of the Prophets High School

Star Fleet Academy Bachelor’s Degree- Photography

B. Service Schools Attended:

  -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
  -- Star Fleet Survival School 
  -- Star Fleet Command School

C. Qualifications:

  --MOC: Navigation
  --MOC: Operations
  --Jr. & SR Bridge Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:

Honors: Magna Cum Laude Academic Major: Photography Professional Major: Tactical Systems Class Rank: 10/250 Reprimands: 2 Commendations: 3 Athletics: Baseball, Kickboxing Activities: Photography, Starship Captain’s Club, Cadre, Kickboxing




A. Chronology (tabular form):

0-18: Attended Bajoran Public School system 18: Accepted into Star Fleet Academy 18-22: Attended Star Fleet Academy 22-Present: Active duty in Star Fleet

B. Background Summary:

John James Kirk was born on the planet of Bajor in 2392. His parents were; Dr. Douglas & Ambassador Catherine Kirk. He was born on Valentine’s Day, a surprise for his parents and an annoyance for his half siblings. He is fifth cousins once removed from another famous Kirk, Admiral Alexandra Kirk.

John who went by the name of Jack growing up always had this sense that there was something different about him. Unlike his half siblings; Christina & Daniel McCord Jack always did things on the edge.

As a young child Jack would always go exploring in areas near their Bajoran home.

Due to his mother’s status as a Federation Ambassador and his father’s work as an archaeologist they were almost never home. He had often been left in the care of a nanny or his elder siblings who resented him.

However, Jack’s life was forever changed when he was five years old.

His parents were touring B'Halla the ancient Bajoran City. During the tour of the ruins a subspace forcefeild which had been holding up a large statue collapsed and the statue fell upon his parents, they were killed instantly*.

His elder siblings refused to take custody of him and Jack was transferred to the Ashalla Orphanage where he would be raised by Bajoran Monks.

In the spring of his eighteenth year Kirk was given a rare blessing; an orb experience. The Orb revealed his true identity and purpose in life. John believed his orb experience and took the Starfleet Entrance Exam, he passed with flying colors. That fall Kirk entered Starfleet Academy and for the first time set foot upon Earth, the planet of his parent’s birth.

C. Personality Summary:

John Kirk is considered to be a thoughtful & compassionate man. To outsiders he is a firm, fair and idealistic officer who carries himself with a military bearing. To his superiors Kirk can sometimes be reckless and stubborn yet he has a jovial, upbeat personality which tends to inspire fierce loyalty in his subordinates.




A. Promotion History:

Star Date 24140820: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1) Star Date 24160522: Promoted to Lt JG (O-2) Star Date 24180727: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3) Star Date 24220604: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4) Star Date 24250911: Promoted to Commander (O-5)

B. Service History:

Star Date 24108015 Entered Starfleet Academy, First Year Cadet Star Date 24110822 Entered Second Year Star Date 24120816 Entered Third Year Star Date 24130820 Entered Fourth Year Star Date 24140820 Graduated Starfleet Academy, Promoted To ENS Star Date 24140825 Assigned FCO, USS Sir Francis Drake NCC-31826 Star Date 24160522 Assigned OPS, USS Feynman NCC-66000 Star Date 24180730 Assigned TAC, USS Shenzhou NCC-53048 Star Date 24220604 Assigned 20, USS Norman Schwarzkopf NCC 1993 Star Date 24250911 Assigned XO, USS NOVA NCC-1776-A Star Date 24280827 Assigned CO, USS Yamato NCC-1705-E

C. Medals and Commendations

Captain’s Commendation Starfleet Medal of Merit Starfleet Commendation Medal Starfleet One Year Service Ribbon Starfleet Five Year Service Ribbon Starfleet Ten Year Service Ribbon


V. Skills Profile


John Kirk is an accomplished pilot expert in runabout and tactical fighters. He is also a 5th degree black belt in Kickboxing.


VI. Recent Fitness Reports


John Kirk is a outstanding Officer and even equally outstanding human. I have not served with many humans in my lifetime but Lieutenant Commander Kirk has shown me that humans can be compassionate and trustworthy. Mr. Kirk’s ethics and sense of duty have left me at times questioning my own. I was glad to have had him serve at my side he has taught me the true value of Honor.

Captain Drex, Son of Zar, House of Zar Commanding Officer USS Norman Schwarzkopf NCC 1993

When I first met Mr. Kirk I did not believe that he was a Starfleet officer, I suspected he may have been a stowaway impersonating a Starfleet Officer. Fortunately I was proven wrong by Mr. Kirk’s devotion to duty and his quick reflexes to react to any given situation.

Commander Michael Mayweather XO, USS Feynman NCC-66000

Mr. Kirk does not let his size be an impediment to duty. He has been an invaluable officer and his contributions have been limitless. While he may be rough around the edges and his tendency to pull phasers is still quite evident I have found that he does have a penchant for diplomacy even if it is blunt and sometimes politically incorrect. He brings forth a refreshing point of view that I and many members of my species have lacked. Logic suggests due to his unique universal view He will make a fine officer and one day perhaps a Starfleet Captain who brings a little cowboy diplomacy back to the frontier.

Respectfully, Captain Soren Commanding USS Shenzhou NCC-53048

I have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for John Kirk. He simply is the finest officer for which I have worked with. He commands respect without having to say a word. When he talks people listen. While I am not a Starfleet Officer I have observed Kirk in various situations and I believe he carries the responsibility placed upon him with great reverence. While he does not hesitate to use force to solve a situation he also doesn’t hesitate to speak truth where few people expect it.

Albert James Cross Federation Ambassador-At-Large


VIII. Current Recreational Interests


John keeps fit by training in the ship’s gymnasium as well as participating in the ancient game of baseball in the Holodeck.


IX. Psychological Profile


John Kirk is a man who presents himself as a man with a troubled past. He has had trouble forming lasting relationships throughout his life. At the age of five he suffered a terrible tragedy; the death of his parents.

Following their funeral John at five years old was orphaned and alone. He was taken in by the Ashalla Monastery Monks, who raised him since no other living relative was willing to claim him.

They had taught him not only Bajoran values, but the values his parents held dear. He has virtually no connection to his siblings and considers them having betrayed their parents for running away. When he became of age, John sought out the one place his family has always found home, Starfleet.

Due to Mr. Kirk's traumatic experience in life, he is wary of commitment to women, yes he's had relationships with them, but fear of loss prevents it from reaching a point where it could lead to Marriage.

On Duty, Kirk is a highly professional, highly disciplined officer; he is able to work independently and within the team concept of working together within Starfleet. He is also on the path of one day becoming a Starfleet Captain... the human concept of the loneliest job.

Cmdr. Jedra Vox CNS, USS Norman Schwarzkopf NCC 1993


X. Miscellaneous Information