K'Tavrin tai-Allard T'Mirtlh

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Played by Margaret K. - updated SD 240415.


A. Billet Information

  • FULL NAME: K'Tavrin tai-Allard T'Mirtlh
  • SURNAME: tai-Allard (Klingon house name, Gargolan style) T'Mirtlh (Matriarcal Vulcan house name)
  • GIVEN NAME: K'Tavrin (following Klingon and Vulcan custom she would be addressed as Major K'Tavrin)
  • CURRENT RANK: Major (O-4)
  • SPECIES (EXTRACTION): 1/2 Vulcan, 1/2 Klingon
  • GENDER/SEX: Female
  • AGE: 27
  • DOB: June 21, 2395
  • POB: Gargola 3

B. Family

    • Mother: Tlhevon tai-Allard (Klingon), professor (biochemistry), Shalaar University
    • Father: Speral T'Mirtlh (Vulcan), researcher, PlanetForm (terraforming)
    • Sister: T'Vrenn, born 2385, musician, Shalaar City Orchestra married, 1 child
    • Brother: Korma, born 2404, student, Vulcan Science Academy
  • SPOUSE: None
  • CHILDREN: None

C. Physical Description

  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Hair: black
  • Eyes: blue/green
  • Skin tone: dark, with a green tinge
  • Blood type: V positive, copper
  • Citizenship: UFP (Gargola)
  • Languages: Klingon, Vulcan, English, French, Bajoran, some Tellarite and Andorian
  • Distinguishing marks: scar on left calf from a disruptor burn
  • Psionic potential: almost non-existent, despite her relative lack of telepathic abilities, she is still capable of putting herself into healing trance.

K'Tavrin's physical appearance favours her mother's side and she appears almost fully Klingon--with pronounced brow ridges and jagged teeth--except for pointed ears and a slightly greenish complexion. She inherited her father's copper based blood. She wears her hair short by Klingon standards.


A. Academic Institutions Attended

-- Leela R. Smith Primary School
-- Shalaar City Secondary School
-- Apprenticeship with PlanetForm, Shalaar City
-- Star Fleet Academy, Engineering

B. Service Schools Attended

-- Officer's Basic Course (OBC)
-- School of Infantry
-- Recon School

C. Qualifications

-- MOS: Basic Infantry Officer
-- MOS: Infantry Officer
-- MOS: Recon Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

  • Academic Major: Engineering
  • Professional Major: Marine Infantry Officer
  • Class Rank: 17th
  • Reprimands: one (fighting)
  • Commendations: one (life saving medal)
  • Athletics: track and field, soccer
  • Activities: klin'zha, engineering club


A. Background Summary

K'Tavrin was born on Gargola 3, a Federation colony world just outside Klingon space. Gargola 3 is a relatively young colony having been settled some 230 years ago by Vulcan as an agricultural research colony. The total population recently exceeded 1 million people. The colony has an unusually balanced mix of Federation member races with relatively equal groups of Vulcans, Bajorans, Klingons and humans. Most inhabitants of the colony speak at least a minimal amount of all 4 official languages and many are fluent in all 4.

She did well in school and has the usual well-rounded Vulcan education including what would be equivalent to a 3-year bachelors degree in mathematics through advanced courses at school. As usual for Gargolan students, she followed the apprenticeship track, working for a local engineering firm.

As a young child, K'Tavrin showed an aptitude for engineering and intended to become a scientist or an engineer, but family history (her maternal grandmother was a Starfleet marine Colonel who earned a Latinum Star and the Star of Hope during the Dominion war) and mentoring from friends of the family (retired Gunnery Sergeant Moira McAulah and Colonel Salla tai-Vrenn both from the area) led to her decision to become a marine.

Her mother is a professor of biochemistry at Shalaar University, Shalaar City. Her father is a researcher for a local terraformer. They met while students at the Vulcan Science Academy and returned home to work. They live on the outskirts of the city, which is the capital city of Gargola 3 and by far the largest city on the planet. Some 40% of the population live in or near Shalaar City.

She has two siblings, an older sister and a younger brother. While widely separated in age, all three siblings are good friends and experienced very little in the way of sibling rivalry. K'Tavrin, like her siblings, plays an instrument--the chu'Sugh, a Klingon horn.

Her mother taught the children Klingon ways from an early age and her father taught them Vulcan control. Since K'Tavrin and her siblings have virtually no telepathic abilities, they were unable to fully experience Vulcan beliefs and traditions since many are passed through melds and all tend to hold more strongly to Klingon beliefs. K'Tavrin will sometimes meditate if she is perplexed or troubled, but will more often choose to work out her problems on the holodeck or in the gym through sheer physical exertion.

K'Tavrin practices several martial arts learned from her mother and her father. She competed in track and field at school and placed 7th at the Year Games two years in a row before she was accepted to Starfleet Academy. Like all Gargolans she is familiar with wilderness survival skills, especially pertaining to desert or quasi-desert conditions since Shalaar city itself sits on the edge of a major desert.

B. Personality Summary

K'Tavrin practices emotional control although her control is not as good as a full Vulcan's might be. She is very self-contained and will not open up to people quickly.

She has a definite aversion to discussing her problems with others. Both her father's and her mother's peoples consider that some things should be a private matter. She would never seek out a counsellor. She will not tell lies to make people feel better and has a tendency to take everything literally. She has a definite fetish for punctuality and will never be late for anything.

She finds indecision annoying in her fellow officers and she does not accept sloppy work or imprecision (on her part or anyone else's).

She is not a very good liar and would make a poor diplomat.


Billets, Promotions and Major Awards:

  • (24)120801: Entered Star Fleet Academy
  • (24)160501: Graduated from Star Fleet Academy; commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant (O-1)
    • Academic Major: Engineering
    • Professional Major: Marine Infantry Officer
  • (24)160601: Assigned as Platoon Leader, 7 BAT, ECPY, USS GRANT
  • (24)161211: Awarded Silver Star [capturing a fortified position despite heavy enemy fire]
  • (24)170122: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant (O-2)
  • (24)180101: Recon School
  • (24)180925: Promoted to Lieutenant-Major (O-3)
  • (24)181001: Assigned Marine Commanding Officer, 7 BAT, BCPY, USS VALIANT
  • (24)200303: Awarded Pike Medallion [injured while carrying one of her marines to safety]
  • (24)220620: Promoted to Major (O-4)
  • (24)220630: Assigned as Marine Commanding Officer, 3 BAT, USS FENRIR
  • (24)240415: Transferred from USS FENRIR.


K'Tavrin has won competitions in marksmanship and swordfighting (mainly with the bat'leth). She has a strong grasp of tactics and practical engineering.


"Cadet K'Tavrin is a superb junior tactician, passing scenarios with flying colours. She is young, and has a pronounced tendency to do things by the book, even in non textbook situations, but she rarely makes the same mistake twice... and shows a remarkable intuition for one raised Vulcan."

  • LMAJ Yona Urhardi
  • Instructor SFA

"2LT K'Tavrin has been an asset to my first company command. She shows great promise as a combat leader, leading from the front and by example. Despite her Vulcan upbringing she can be surprisingly headstrong and stubborn in combat, but she has good team skills and a strong grasp of tactics. She has been known to use excessively Vulcan behaviour as a tool to combat morale problems. Don't ever play cards with her."

  • MAJ Seamus O'Reilly


reading, klin'zha, bat'leth/quarterstaves, martial arts, running, hiking, practicing chu'Sugh


K'Tavrin looks Klingon, except for the pointed ears and greenish skin tone, but on first impression will likely seem more Vulcan than anything else.

Her upbringing on Gargola 3 has left her with a greater ability to understand emotions and emotional behaviour than the average Vulcan so although she practices emotional control herself, she will not be surprised by emotional displays.