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Deep Space 13 Crew Biofiles
Version 4.0 (Updated SD 210531)



CO- Commanding Officer		CSciO- Chief Science Officer
XO- Executive Officer		PRO- Protocol Officer
OPS- Operations Manager		CMO- Chief Medical Officer
CIC- Combat Information Center	COU- Counselor
TAC/CSO- Chief Tactical/        MCoC- Marine Company Commander
	Security Officer	MPlC- Marine Platoon Commander
FCO- Flight Control Officer	OSFI- Intelligence Liaison
ENG- Chief Engineering Officer	CON- Constable (Civilian Security)


CO         CDR	 Rivenda April, RN    Female   Human
XO         LCDR  Juliana Lorress      Female   Human
TAC/CSO    ENS   Rys G’Shai           Male     Andorian
ENG        ENS   Andrew Dixon         Male     Human
CSciO      LTJG  David Henderson      Male     Human
PRO        LCDR  Lyrica Shae          Female   Betazoid
COU	   LTJG  Sandia Royan         Female   Betazoid/Human
MCoC       MAJ   Kana Seri            Male     Human
OSFI       LCDR  Serl Montoya         Male     Derian

*- brevet


POSITION                CHARACTER            GENDER   RACE
Federation AMB          Ayako Kimura         Female   Human


April		   Sean Murphy		murphys[at]kc[dot]rr[dot]com
Lorress		   Susanne Dubrov	susan197011[at]yahoo[dot]com
[OPS]              **Vacant**
G'Shai             Justin Anderson      roguesword2000[at]gmail[dot]com
Dixon              Jake Beaver          taz_hamy[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk
Shae		   Robin Murphy		murphys[at]kc[dot]rr[dot]com
Henderson	   Andrew Bell		llebwerdna[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au
[MED]              **Vacant**
Royan              Dana Loeblich        loebette[at]sbcglobal[dot]net
Seri               Michael Bursey       m_bursey[at]hotmail[dot]com
Montoya		   Andrea Mills		amills[at]gallatinriver[dot]net
Kimura             Kyungmi Kim          byunhosa64[at]sbcglobal[dot]net


CDR Rivenda April, Commanding Officer

Commander Rivenda April, DS13
Name: Rivenda Clarise April
Rank: Commander (0-5)
Serial: 9021-345-021
Race: Human Terran
Date of Birth: 01-16-2388

Service Record: =^=
100528 - Graduation Star Fleet Academy Commissioned Ensign 
101015 - Graduation ALB 
101025 - Assigned USS PERSEPHONE FCO 
110118 - Promoted to Lt.(jg) 
110201 - Transferred to USS LEVIATHAN FCO 
110816 - Assigned USS LEVIATHAN CIC 
111225 - Promoted to LT. 
120215 - Assigned USS LEVIATHAN OPS Manager
150326 - Promoted to Lt.Cdr
160510 - Board of Inquiry - Lost Line Status
160510 - Assigned Head Nurse Orestes Medical Pavilion
160903 - Assigned USS CIRCE CEO
160925 - Line status reinstated; Reassigned USS CIRCE OPS
171201 - Transferred as XO, DEEP SPACE 13
181127 - Promoted to CDR; assigned as CO, DEEP SPACE 13


Awards & Decorations

Combat Action Ribbon - Briol Campaign
Combat Action Ribbon - Woren Conflict
Combat Action Ribbon - Battle of the Belt
Campaign ribbon - Briol Campaign
Campaign Ribbon - Tybiiran Campaign
Silver Star - Briol Campaign
Silver Star - Second Battle of the Belt
Pike Medallion for Heroic Injury - Briol Campaign
Pike Medallion for Heroic Injury - Battle of the Belt
Bronze Star- Battle of the Belt
Pike Medallion for Heroic Injury - Second Battle of the Belt 
Starfleet Commendation Medal- Woren Conflict 
GOLD Fleet Service Ribbon- Woren Conflict
Alpha Quadrant Service Ribbon- Woren conflict 
Captain's Commendation - Woren Conflict
Beta Quadrant Service Ribbon - Briol Campaign


= TAC/SEC Officers Exam
= FCO Exam
= Lead/Charge Nurse Qualified
= Incident Command System - Medical Commander
= Ship board Operations & Command Course - OPS
= Junior Bridge Officer Exam
= Senior Bridge Officers Exam
= CIC Manager Test
= Shuttle Pilot Instructor

Other Qualifications:
Marksman - Type I Phaser
Expert - Type II Phaser
Expert - Type III Phaser

Master Fourth Level Bat'leth
Instructor Koshoryu Kenpo

Physical Description:
Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 195 Lbs
Weightlifter's physique
Race: Caucasian, Olive Complexion
Hair: Brown, shoulder length
Eyes: Brown

Celtic Armband Tattoo Left Biceps 3 inches wide
Celtic Armband, below other one, 1 inch wide 


Education Background:

Bussard High School Brooklyn New York
Star Fleet Academy Graduation 052810 
Class Rank 5th of 290
- Double Major -
Bachelor of Science & Engineering - Weapon Systems Engineering 
Bachelor of Science Nursing RN License 2409
- Minor -
Associates of Applied Science - Xeno-Communications- 
     Emphasis Klingon Culture

Thesis: Space Naval Combat, Theories and Tactics of Capital Ship 


Medical History:

Morphine - Makes Patient per

Hx - Fracture Right Clavicle Horse back riding accident, Central 
     Park New York 
     Normal Recovery

Hx - Concussion sustained during the explosion of USS AVALON in 
     Bertyl Nebula 
     Normal Recovery

Hx - Ruptured ear drum, laceration to abdomen - First battle of 
     the Belt 
     Normal Recovery

Hx - Radiation Exposure - Second Battle of the Belt
     Normal Recovery


Family History:

Father: Captain Johnathan April M.D. Head of Star Fleet CDC Chicago 
      Research Facility Xeno-Biologist 
Mother: Captain Deborah April M.D PhD Star Fleet Research & Development 
      Chicago Research Facility Bio- Chemist 
No Siblings

Rivenda April is a direct descendant of Captain Robert April, who 
commanded the USS ENTERPIRSE NCC 1701 from 2245 to 2250. Although he was 
the last April to sit in the command seat, Rivenda's ambition is correct 
that. Her goals have made her somewhat of an affectionately thought of 
"Black Sheep" in her family of Medical Doctors and Scientists, but her 
parents still love and support her despite their disappointment at her 
career choice.

Observations and Recommendations:

Midshipman April has proven over and over again her natural knack or the 
theories of Capital Ship combat. As her instructor these last few years, 
I have observed her unique blend of being as tenacious as a Klingon on a 
blood trail, yet, as compassionate as Florence Nightingale. In short, 
I'd hate to be on the receiving end of her tactical planning.

Commander William Lennox
Instructor Capital Ship Combat
Star Fleet Academy 


Nurse April is by far one of the most intriguing individuals to grace the 
halls of Star Fleet Medical Training Facility in a long time. She graduated 
1st in her class of 120 Nurses, earning her degree in three years, rather 
than 4. Although this is common, I would like to note she was a double major 
in Engineering. She also distinguished herself during the Earthquake of 2409, 
Completing a 36 hour shift as Triage officer in San Francisco Generals ER. 
Like her father, I believe her career is wasted in any field other than 

CMDR Evelyn Cheshire MSN
Commander Star Fleet Medical training Division


Lt(jg) April has distinguished herself since the first day of her arrival 
her on PERSEPHONE. She, along with Lt's Akelu and Scine arrived in the middle 
of a fire fight with the stolen Frigate USS AVALON, were she and her shuttle 
were instrumental in locating and eventually destroying the AVALON. She then 
worked nearly 12 hours in Sick Bay helping, despite her suffering from a 
concussion sustained in the explosion. She will be sorely missed, and an 
asset to any ship she is assigned.

Captain Orleese Forrent
Red Fleet


Lieutenant Rivenda April was simply the best Combat Information Manager 
with whom I have ever had the pleasure of serving.  Her instincts and
training proved to be invaluable during the twin battles in the
Tybiiran Complext- they literraly helped to save the ship and its
crew, as her Silver and Bronze Star awards attest.

She may very well be a great nurse, but she's adamn fine combat officer
as well.

Captain Denton Vargas
GOLD Fleet


Commander April is a battler through and through- we would never have
survived half the skirmishes we did if not for her heroic efforts
in both Orestes and Briol.  She will be sorely missed.

Captain Caylebreth Veld
GOLD Fleet


Board of Inquiry   SD 160510

Article 21-3808 Obstructing Legal Process
Article 21-3816  Hindering an Officer of the Federation
Article 21-3812 Aiding a Felon
Article 21-3811 Aiding ESCAPE from Custody
Article 21-3702 Attempting to permanently deprive the Federation of 
     property, namely, the USS LEVIATHAN 
Article 22-921 Dereliction of Duty, i.e. Failure to apprehend Lieutenant 
     Commander Landor during the commission of this crime. 
Article 32-211 Insubordination. Namely, Calling Captain Shaw a...
     ' spineless Targ-humper' front of Junior officers when he 
     apprehended you. 

Insufficient Evidence to proceed on all charges, save the last. To which 
she plead guilty. 

Punishment - Loss of Line Status.
             Reassigned to Orestes Medical Pavilion

----------------------End Bio chip--------------------------------

LCDR Juliana Lorress, Executive Officer

Lieutenant Juliana Lorress, DS13
Surname: Lorress
Given Name(s): Juliana
Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander (O-4)- BREVET
Current Billet: Executive Officer, DS13 

Species: Human
Gender/Sex: Female
Age: 26 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth: November 15, 2393
Place of Birth: Mount Olympus, Mars (Sol IV) 

Ursula Lorress, 52 years Hydrologist residing on Mars
Leon Lorress, 53 years, Administrator, residing on Mars




HT: 1,96 m; 
WT: 74 kg; 
Eyes: hazel; 
Hr.: silver blonde, worn in a short buzz cut; 
Comp: fair 

120615 Entered Star Fleet Academy.
160801 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1). Assigned as TAC/SEC, USS SERAPIS.

None on file. 

A. Academic Institutional Background:
-- Mount Olympus High School
-- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended:
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School

C. Qualifications (MOC's)
-- Engineering Officer
-- Security Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:

Academy Record:
Class Rank: Top 15%; Honors *cum laude*
Academic Major: Mechanical and Nano-mechanical Engineering
Professional Major: Engineering
Qualifications: Engineering Officer, Security Officer

One, for letting experimental nanites run loose in an Academy computer 

Member of Starfleet Aikido Club
Member of the Cardassian Historical Research Society 

A. Chronology (tabular form): 
0-13: Lived with parents.
13-18: Attended High School
19: 1-year internship Utopia Planitia Shipyards
19-23: Attended Star Fleet Academy, graduated in 2416

B. Background Summary:
Juliana Lorress grew up in Mount Olympus on the planet Mars, Sol 
system. Her mother is an hydrologist working for a smaller scale 
terraforming project on the red planet, while her father is a civilian 
administrator on the orbital Utopia Planitia shipyards.

Juliana always had a keen interest in technology and since her father 
took her up to the shipyards as a kid, she was hooked. She wanted to 
be an engineer but not any kind but a Starfleet engineer.

Her parents supported her wishes and encouraged her to engage in 
physical activity that would help her offset the penalties of being a 
native of a low-gravity world.

After a one-year stint as an intern in the civilian engineering branch 
of Utopia Planitia, Juliana managed to be accepted into Starfleet 
Academy where she threw herself at her studies.

During one particular lesson her interest in Cardassian technology was 
piqued, mostly because high-tech of that origin was held in contempt 
by most of her instructors. Juliana found it quite refreshing to work 
with less-than-perfect toys and soon she was known as the "Cardie" 
among her classmates.

Her interest in martial arts brought her into contact with several 
security officers-to-be and she took advanced courses in that field, 
managing to qualify as a security crewman if only in the bottom half 
of her class in this case.

However, her grades in engineering more than offset the average 
performance in security. Soon Juliana became fascinated by nanites and 
nano-mechanics with her graduation thesis being labeled "The use of 
nano-mechanical devices and robots in Starship diagnosis routines".

She is still ashamed of an accident where she accidentally set nanites 
free in an Academy computer, not so much because of the reprisal but 
because she felt she screwed up. 

Skills Profile 
Juliana is a tinkerer at heart, fascinated by the nitty-gritty details 
of any problem, may it be mechanical, scientific or intellectual in 

She knows how to take things apart and usually knows how to put them 
back together. In case these things are of Cardassian origin they 
sometimes work better afterwards than they did before.

Unlike many engineers who specialize in propulsion systems, Juliana is 
in love with nano-technology and she's planning to take some medical 
classes to see how her knowledge of micro-mechanics can be applied in 
that area as well. Diagnosing a virus in a computer can't be that far 
from diagnosing it in a living body after all.

Her only problem if it can be called one, is that Juliana is in awe 
with the possibilities and chances Starfleet has to offer. She often 
feels that she has to live up to some unachievable standard to be 
worthy of being called a Starfleet officer.

Recent Fitness Report
Thanks to regular physical training Ensign Lorress is in excellent 
physical health and fit for duty without restrictions. While her very 
tall, slender frame is the result of genetic adaptation to the Martian 
environment she is in no way hampered by 1.0 g conditions.

-- LT. Harn Axelrod M.D., Medical Officer Starfleet Academy

Cadet Lorress is a dedicated worker with a feeling for technical 
problems. I do not claim to understand her fascination with cardassian 
technology but I have to admit that it taught her how to improvise 
under less than ideal conditions. My only concern is, that she should 
put more emphasize on the study of propulsion systems. Cadet Lorress 
has potential to eventually achieve a department head position but 
many captains still judge their Chief Engineer solely by their 
understanding of warp technology. 

-- CMDR Justine Mallor, Academy Instructor - Engineering Branch

Cadet Lorress´ performance in security training is average to slightly 
below average. However, given the fact that she is first and foremost 
an engineer, this is neither unexpected nor a mark against her. My 
impression is that she got into security cross-training mainly because 
she enjoys a good workout and has several friends among the security 
specialists. Given her skill in unarmed combat techniques and her 
steady aim with a phaser so she can be of use as a security guard in 
emergency situations. If Cadet Lorress wishes to achieve a higher rank 
and position in our speciality, a major career change is clearly 
indicated however.

-- LTCMR Zorn, Academy Instructor - Security Branch

Psychological Profile 
An ambitious, hard worker. Ensign Lorress will solve a problem set 
before her through sheer stubbornness if nothing else works. Off-duty 
she is outgoing and friendly, calm and helpful. On-duty she is very 
serious and professional, trying to be the more-than-perfect officer. 
It took me some effort to convince her that she did no have to adapt 
the rigid behaviour of a Marine to fullfilll the requirements of 
Starfleet. I was partially sucessful, although Cadet Lorress still 
reminds me of an iron rod more than anything else whenever she snaps to 
attention. This discrepancy between the private person and the officer 
tends to confuse others until they get to know Cadet Lorress a bit 

-- Counsellor Morvehl, Starfleet Academy

Current Recreational Interests
Since her early youth Juliana turned to physical training to overcome 
the disadvantages associated with growing up on a low gravity world 
such as Mars. What started as mere necessity became genuine interest. 
She enjoys swimming, long-distance running and Aikido where she works 
towards her first black belt.

When not physically active, she tinkers with all kinds of Cardassian 
technology she can get her hands on.

E. Miscellaneous Information

Thanks to her study of the Japanese martial art Aikido, Juliana has 
some basic knowledge of Japanese language, writing and culture. She 
has also a basic understanding of Cardassian language and writing as it 
relates to technical devices.
---------------------End Bio chip------------------------------------ 

Operations Manager

This billet is currently open for play. Please contact the Chief of Starfleet Operations for information on how to join Deep Space 13.

ENS Hewen-Rys G'Shai, Chief Tactical and Security Officer

ENS Hewen-Rys G’Shai 
I. Personal Data
Surname: G’Shai
Given Name(s): Hewen-Rys   
Current Rank: Ensign (O-1)
Current Billet: Starbase Alpha
Species: Andorian
Gender/Sex: Male
Age: 29 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth: July 20, 2390
HT: 1.75 m; WT: 81.4 kg; Eyes: Black; Hr.: White; Comp: Blue Skinned
Place of Birth: Andoria
Spouse: None
K’ees G’Shai (mother); Yosin G’Shai (father)

Religion: None

II. Educational Background

A. Academic Institutional Background:
-- Me’an Secondary Institution 
-- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended:
-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officer School

C. Qualifications (MOC's)
-- Security Officer

-- Engineering Officer

-- Tactical Operations/ Fire Control
-- Damage Control

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:

Academy Record:
Class Rank: Top 50%
Academic Major: Weapon Systems Engineering/Fusion Systems Engineering
Professional Major: Ship and Planetary Security Officer
Qualifications: Security Officer/ Tactical Operations

Meritorious Conduct

Leadership Commendation for displaying leadership among fellow cadets.


III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form):

0-18: Lived with parents on Andoria.

13-18: Attended High School

18-24: Attended Star Fleet Academy.

24: Posted to Starbase Alpha as Ensign

25: Assigned To DS13

B. Background Summary:
Rys G’Shai was shaping up to be a very average Andorian.  He was 
brash, aggressive and confrontational.

Things had the potential to go very badly for him given his 
difficulties while attending to his secondary education.  
An educator changed all that by lecturing about an Andorian who 
had proven to be very successful in Starfleet.

Rys felt a spark of admiration for this Andorian who had risen to 
be Commander in Chief of Starfleet.  As the idea of attaining such 
glory haunted him, Rys began to discover and appreciate the more noble
aspects of serving in Starfleet.  The idea of making a difference, 
of being a part of something so much bigger than him was intoxicating.  
His fate was sealed when his betrothed, a woman he genuinely loved, 
joined the Academy.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
190601 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).

B. Service History:
130615 Entered Star Fleet Academy.
190601 Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).
190601 Posted to Starbase Alpha

190804 Transferred to DS 13

C. Medals and Commendations:

V. Skills Profile
G’Shai is an intellectual warrior.  He patiently considers his 
tactics and options before choosing a course of action.  He is 
proficient in 6 martial art styles, including the Andorian Ice 
Knife dueling style.  He is an accomplished marksmen.  

While in the academy he studied both Weapon Systems Engineering 
and Fusion Systems Engineering and is competent in both fields.

G’Shai attended  an additional term in he Academy to further his 
studies in Weapon Systems Design Theory. 

During Officer School he further developed a proficiency as a 
firefighter in the Damage Control section of the field course.

VI. Recent Fitness Report

While Cadet G’Shai shows excellent strength and stamina, he 
suffers the typical Andorian deficiency in heat related stress 

VII. Psychological Profile

Cadet G’Shai presents symptoms consistent with acute grief, which 
comes as no surprise when considering the loss of his fiancé.  
I’ve recommended that he undertake a form of journaling to 
facilitate recovery and allow him to find closure.  I further 
recommend reevaluating him in 180 days.

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Rys engages in various martial competitions.  He is an avid sharp 
shooter.  He also attends a sculpting class.

IX. Miscellaneous Information

He has a taste for Andorian Ale, and while attending Academy 
discovered a taste for coffee.  Coffee obviously does not grown 
well on Andor.
End BioFile

ENS Andrew Dixon, Engineering Officer

To view the biofile for ENS Dixon, please click the link above.

LCDR Lyrica Shae, Protocol Officer

Lieutenant Lyrica Shae, DS13
I. Personal Data
Full Name: 		Lyrica Shae
Surname: 		Shae
Given Name: 		Lyrica
Current Rank: 		Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
Current Billet: 	PRO, DS13, GOLD
Species: 		Homo Sapiens (Betazed)
Gender: 		Female
Age:			39 Terran Standard Years
DOB: 			05-01-2379
POB: 			Romazhed, Betazed
Parents: 		Barek Shae, (Ph.d, Betazed Institute of Cultural 
                	1/2 Betaziod, 1/2 Terran (Native American 
			Eliria Shae - StarFleet Dipliomatic Corps.
                		StarFleet Attaché to Betazed.
Siblings:		Danae Shae (53)	Medical Doctor Tallus IV
			Kia Shae (51) Archeologist (whereabouts unknown)
			Ranan Shae (48) Chemical Engineer, Lyran Home World
			Tavon Shae (44) Doctor, Veterinary Medicine, Terra
			Mira Shae (42) Entertainment Specialist 
				(Actress/waitress), Risa
			Eliane Shae (39) Child Development Specialist, Betazed

Physical Description:
Ht: 		5'5" 
Wt: 		150  
Eyes: 		Brown 
Hair: 		Brown 
Skin: 		Light Brown Identifying
Marks: 		Tattoo of a hawk on Left Shoulder
Blood Type: 	Az-
Religion: 	Eclectic
Citizenship:	UFP
Languages: 	Gaelic, Lakota, Spanish SF English, Bajoran, 
			Chinese, Hebrew.

II. Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended:
      -- Private Tutors on Betazed
      -- University Of Betazed
        (Bachelors of Arts - Socioanthropology)
          	Minor -  Comparative Theology
		Thesis - "Belief Systems of the Scientific mind."
        (Masters Degree - Socioanthropology )
	(Doctorate of Socioanthropolgy
		Dissertation - "Symbiosis of Faith and Science "

***Published Author; "Impact of Faith on Telepathic/Telepathy on Faith"
Copyright SOL Publishing Co. 2408 .All rights Reserved.

B. Service Schools Attended:
	-- Star Fleet Officer's Cadidate School

C. Qualifications
	-- Qual:  Ship Counselor

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:

	Did not attend Star Fleet Academy

III. Biographical Notes:

A. Chronology:
0-17 		Betazed, grew up with parents and sisters
18-23  		BA/MA University of Betazed
23-25 		Travel, working on Ph.d
26-28 		Completed Ph.d
29-32 		Officer Training Course.
32-Present	Active duty in Star Fleet.

B. Background info
The youngest of seven daughters, Lyrica has pursued her career studying
various species and their interactions with religions, traveling
extensively to this end. She joined Starfleet to travel more readily.

C: Personality Summary:

She is Philosophical, somewhat non- committal, as she always tries to see
all sides of an issue. She may appear too understanding at times due to her
diplomatic tendencies. Very aware of gender differences, despite species...
it always seems to come to the same issues.
Very feminine energy, in abundance.

" To whom it may concern,
I write this letter to recommend and affirm the abilities of Dr. Lyrica
In the years she has spent in StarFleet Academy, I would have to say she is
the epitome of what the Officer Training Course was founded for. She is a
consummate scientist, and a well read counselor. I found her views on
certain issues refreshing, if not exasperating. But to her credit, she never
came to an argument unprepared.
But all in all, one of the finest minds I've encountered.
I can say unreservedly, that she will make a fine addition to any crew she
assigned to. Her strength lies in her diplomacy and nurturing quality which
both seem to stem from her telepathic ability. In fact, the only quirk on
her record, is her particular habit of wearing religious iconal
jewelry...normally not an issue with StarFleet Regulations governing the
religious expression of officers and crew... however, Dr. Shae seemed to
wear as  DIFFERENT religious icon every week or so.
Beyond that, she is a fine officer and an excellent counselor. I wish her
luck and Gods Speed.

Captain Richard Anthony M.D. Ph.d
StarFleet Medical Corps - Psychiatric Division

D. Promotion History

110520 - Graduated ALB Rank of Ensign; Assigned to DS13 COU
110918 - Promoted to rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
111215 - Second Battle of the Belt
111230 - Promoted to Lieutenant
130224 - Kalen Donalson born
140312 - Married LT Eric Donalson
140609 - DS13 Explosion
140701 - Assigned to Gorn Ambassador as Liason
141115 - Assigned USS SERAPIS as Protocol Officer
171201 - Transferred to DEEP SPACE 13 as Protocol Officer


Not a conventional officer, but then again, few officers that come through
the OTC are, her desire to help and heal are at times overwhelming... nearly
as intense as her desire for discovery.

has spent years in between her MA & ph.D traveling to different religious
locales, including Tibet, New Mexico, North Dakota, Ireland, Peru on Terra,
and on Bajor.

VI. Recreational Activities

Reading fantasy literature, horseback riding, and vintage movies of 
numerous cultures.

----------------End Bio chip----------------------------------------------

LTJG David Henderson, Chief Science Officer

NAME:   David Joshua Henderson
RANK:   Lieutenant, Junior Grade
RACE:   Human (1/2 German, 1/2 Australian)
BIRTHPLACE: Broken Hill, Australia, Earth
FAMILY: Father: Roger Henderson, cattle breeder, deceased
        Mother: Elizabeth Henderson, teacher, deceased
        No siblings

AGE:    25
HEIGHT: 6'0"            WEIGHT: 60 Kgs
HAIR:   Blond           EYES:   Blue

        Monash University
        Starfleet Academy
        * Graduated 160707
                MAJOR:  Advanced Biology (Specized in Zoology and Immunology)
                MINOR:  Medicine

SD 160707    Graduated Starfleet Academy
SD 161118    Assigned Chief Science Officer, USS SERAPIS
SD 170901    Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade
SD 171201    Assigned Chief Science Officer, DEEP SPACE 13

AMBITIONS:      1) To hold the position of CsciO
                2) To attain the rank of Captain
                3) To command a starship (but don't we all!)
                3) To lecture in Science at Starfleet Academy

Cadet Henderson is a bright, intuitive student who has a thirst 
for knowledge and is continually striving to satisfy that 
thirst.  He appears to be coping with the tragic death of his 
parents when he was younger and there is no repurcussions on 
his ability to interact with others or cope with any 
situation.  He has a notably strong ability to empathise with 
others, although this is a character trait rather than some 
psionic ability.  His nature and empathy for others ensures 
Cadet Henderson is typically of good spirits and positive 
psychological outlook.

David is a cheerful, fun-loving person who tries his best to 
get along with everyone.  He is self reliant, due to the loss 
of his family at a young age and the lack of much family 
support after their passing.  He is, at times, too serious in 
his undertakings, wanting to do the best he can and sometimes 
pushing himself too hard.  His scientific background has 
developed a high degree of flexibility in his persona, aiding 
his ability to get along with others and deal with most 
situations.  His only problem is his notoreity of adding a joke 
into situations to lighten the mood a little.  On occassion, 
this hasn't always been suitable!

Chief Medical Officer

This billet is currently vacant.

LTJG Sandia Royan, Counselor

This biofile is pending final approval.

MAJ Kana Seri, Marine Company Commander

-Name: Kana Hiram Knute Mordecai Seri
-Rank: Lieutenant Major

-Serial: 2-605-1-983

-Citizen: Mars, (Sol IV)
-Race: Human
-Age: 30
-Date of Birth: 23890526


-Illness/Injury: None


-Height: 6'0"
-Weight: 225 lbs
-Hair: Dark Brown
-Eyes: Brown
-Skin: Caucasian
-Identifying Marks: Scar above right eyebrow, 1cm
Birthmark on back of neck, right side
Glass Eye (Left)


-Allergies: Pollen. Luckily there isn't a whole lot of this on a ship.
-Injuries: None. As surprising as that sounds, Kana has never been a
patient in any hospital.
-Disabilities: Missing left eye. Has perfect vision (excluding depth
perception), and uses a glass eye. He uses this to his advantage whenever
possible, and enjoys playing pranks with it, e.g, popping it out in front of
someone who doesn't know
it's a glass eye and screaming "AHH! MY EYE!!"


-Higher Education: SD 24100626 The Basic School, one year
SD 24100627 Starfleet Academy, Marine Corps Option, five years
-Majors: Law enforcement, Human behavior.
-Minors: Tactical planning, Holodeck programming.
-Languages: English, French

-Other: Disciplined three times while in Academy, once for a prank; In his first
year, Kana re-arranged Professor K'alin's plan book, so that he assigned answers
instead of questions, as well as his schedual, putting him in the wrong room
with the wrong class with the wrong subject. In his third year, Kana was nearly
expelled, for stealing materials from the Academy, as well as other students,
but saved himself by writing a ten-page apology, as well as paying double what
he stole. In his fifth year, (he stayed an extra year to do his holodeck course)
Kana was suspended for fighting with a young Romulan boy. The Romulan had to
spend the next week in the hospital, and when Kana was asked why, he simply said
"He insulted my father."


-Beliefs: Agnostic
-Ambitions: To kill the lousy SOB that killed his real parents.
-Annoyances: Lazy attitudes, Lousy grammer, spelling, and syntax.
-Hobbies: Soccer, swimming, programming the holodecks, martial arts.
-Personality type: Friendly, observant, honorable, good listener.
-Personality: Very social, but he needs some time alone occasionally. If he
doesn't get this time, things could get uncontrollably violent.
-Comments: "Kana is always willing to help his peers, sometimes a little too
eager to help. When his word is given, it is good, and will ~never~ go back on a
-Professor K'alin, MUM (Memorial University of Montegomery)


-Father: Marvin Knute Mordecai (dead)
-Mother: Kaela Mordecai (dead)
-Adopted Father: Kralin Seri
-Adopted Mother: Neroshi Seri
-Siblings: None known
Kana was born to a relatively poor human couple. He rarely had much
money growing up, and barely scraped by with what he had. At the age of 6, Kana
was playing with his dog, a rare animal on his planet, he was bitten above the
right eyebrow, and now has a scar there. When Kana was 10, a Romulan assassin
broke into his home and killed both his parents. Luckily, Kana was out on his
first hunt at the time, and was not killed. When Kana returned home, he found
his parents dead. His father was stabbed through the heart, and his mother's
throat had been slit. Kana then ran to the neighbors with tears in his eyes. 
Those neighbors later adopted him, and Kana has lived with the image of his dead
parents his whole life. Throughout his life, Kana was always treated poorly by
Romulans, and now distrusts them. Kana always enjoys playing pranks and
practical jokes, and this often gets him in trouble. He is able to contain a
large abount of alcohol without being affected, and is uncontrollably drawn to
fire. These traits also belong to all his ancestors, (not the adopted ones) and
it is assumed that they will be inherited by all his descendants.

-Interests: Martial arts, Medieval weaponry, Rare Stones, Collecting Glass eyes,
and a good game of chess.


MCO: Infantry, Tactical Planning, Combat Shuttle Piloting, Tactical Command
SEC: Law Enforcement, Human Behavior
TAC: Tactical Planning, Fleet Weapon Systems, Tactical Command
Special: Holodeck Programming, Advanced Stealth and Recon


-24101105: Completed Holodeck training.
-24101122: Stationed as USS YORKTOWN's new MCO, INDIGO FLEET
-24110228: Promoted to 1LT by CAPT John Katz, CO of the USS YORKTOWN
-24110912: Promoted to LMAJ by CAPT John Katz, CO of the USS YORKTOWN
Awarded the Broze Star by CAPT John Katz
Awarded the DANTEXF Combat Action Ribbon by CDOR Francis Anderson
-24120202: Transferred to the USS DAEDALUS, GREEN FLEET as MCO
-24130202: Transferred to the USS CHESAPEAKE, GREEN FLEET as MCO
-24130609: Awarded the Bronze Star and Combat Action Ribbon (V) by CAPT
Elizabeth Romee, Captain's commendation
-24131215: Transferred to the USS YORKTOWN, SILVER FLEET as MCO
-24140615: Left the YORKTOWN in command of the SS YAKUZA, details classified
-24160222: Completed Training: Combat Shuttle Piloting
-24161110: Completed Training: Fleet Weapons Systems
-24170819: Completed Training: Advanced Stealth and Recon
-24180628: Completed Training: Tactical Command
-24190901: Assigned as MCoC, DEEP SPACE 13, GOLD FLEET


LCDR Serl Montoya, Diplomatic Services Liaison

Name: Serl Montoya
Rank: LCDR (0-4)
Species: Derian
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Date of Birth: 671212
Place of Birth: Tamarark, Deria

Family Details:
Mother: Visula Montoya, born 590302, soothsayer. 
Father: Ramon Montoya, born 621012, mining engineer.

He is one of fraternal triplets.
Sister, Serena Montoya, born 671212, priestess.
Sister, Saraha Montoya, born 671212, sculptress

Spouse: None
Children: None

Physical Description
Hair: Light blue, worn very short
Eyes: Quite purple
Weight and height: 6'1' tall, 205 lbs.
Skin: Light blue tint
No distinguishing marks

Other details:
Religion: Worships Sandar, the local divine being on his planet. Sandar
is said to be a god of magic. He is shown as a pan-like being, handsome
with skill at music and magic. Statues to Sandar abound on the planet
and groves are sacred to him. A high priestess governs religious matters

and she is served by various lower level priestesses, all females.
Services are always conducted at midnight or dawn and involve dancing,
music and the sacrifice of a non-living item of value in sacred flame
on special occasions. In the past the sacrifice was a living being,
usually male, but such barbaric practices have long gone out of style.
Some females have a special talent to tell the future on a limited basis

and these are also part of the religious structure - they are called
soothsayers and practice their craft in the temples. Males are now
allowed to participate in the religion and can hold minor offices. Many
males choose to live life as monks and have formed monestaries
throughout the planet where they teach mental disciplines and combat
skills. The monks are well respected and are considered defenders of the

Citizen: United Federation of Planets
Languages spoke: Spanish, Terran Standard, Derian, Romulan. Can read

920505-993108 - Early education by Federation tutors.
990109-030306 - Derian Monestary - a religious academy teaching
religion, mental skills and survival skills.
030809-071505 - Star Fleet Academy, majoring in communication, minor in

Star Fleet Academy Information
Graduated with honors
class rank: 5/200
Athletics: Equestrian sports
Activities: Mystery Book Club and Drama Club.

Service Record:
071606-090409 - Ensign. Served with the Federation Embassy on the
	Romulan home world. Work included everything from running errands to
	decoding messages and keeping track of Romulan politics.
091009-110407 - assistant OSFI liaison on USS Barlow, which was on an
	investigative mission to visit colony worlds on the outer fringes of the
	Federation. Rank: Lt JG
110407 - 120801 - Promoted to LT, assistant OSFI liaison on SB Delta.
120801 - 130601 - transferred to USS AURORA as OSFI liaison.
130601 - 160101 - transferred to USS LEVIATHAN as OSFI liaison.
160101 - 171201 - CLASSIFIED
171201 - Present - Promoted to LCDR; assigned to DEEP SPACE 13 as OSFI Liaison.

Self defense, intelligence skills including decoding and information
procurement. Somewhat skilled in the use of the
Zalt, the sharp-bladed Darian weapon of choice. Is also a pretty good

Likes: Challenges, change and adventure. Enjoys dancing and music.

Dislikes: Anything or anyone who gets in the way of his career,
answering questions, spiders.

Serl is normally quiet and friendly, although people who talk to him
find they tend to talk more than he does. He likes to listen to people
and he tends to remember what they say for long lengths of time. Serl
has a slight touch of his people's magic skills and it is somewhat
unreliable. He sometimes has a feeling something isn't right or someone
isn't telling the truth or someone isn't feeling very well. It varies
depending on the day and the people he is around. It is far from
spectacular but his family finds it exciting that a male can do even
that much. He does have a quick temper, which is also a trait of his

Planet information:
Deria is an odd world of mists and some say, magic. Women hold the power

on the planet. Almost all important posts are filled by women, although
men with talent are recognized and honored as such. The women have
Betazoid-style mental skills, but the men rarely do. However, once in
awhile, men do have these skills. Serl does. This is attributed to his
being a triplet.

The males of the planet concentrate on being warriors. If not at war,
they fight in challenge contests in which killing is quite common. They
are usually strong and physically fit. When too old or too injured to
fight, they train more warriors.

They have recently joined the Federation.

Personal history:
Serl is the son of a Derian mother and a Terran father. His father was a
mining engineer on Deria's moon when he met his future wife.


Cadet Montoya has the most startling eyes I've ever seen. When you can
get him to respond in class, he always knows his answers. He is studious
and well liked, always getting top grades.
LT CDR Myra Orpheus, instructor, codes

Ensign Montoya was of great benefit in cracking a tough Romulan code
while working in the embassy. He is greatly missed, although he simply
could not pose as a Romulan with that hair of his.
Ambassador Nathan Powell, Romulus

----------------End bio file-----------------------------------------

Ayako Kimura, Federation Ambassador

Ambassador Ayako Kimura, DS13
I. Personal Data
Surname:                 Kimura
Given Name(s):           Ayako
Current Rank:            Captain O-6
Current Assignment:      Federation Ambassador at DS13
Former Billet:           USS Kirov, Commanding Officer
Species:                 Human
Gender/Sex:              Female
Age:                     58 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth:           June 9, 2362
Place of Birth:          Kongju, Korea, Earth
Parents:                 Tameichi Kimura (81), Antique Dealer, Sword maker, Noh Actor, 
                         Hye-Ran Park (84), History Teacher, Kongju High School (retired)
Siblings:                Ichiroo Kimura (60), Admiral, Deputy Chief of Starfleet 
                           Finance/Procurement (Retired)

Spouse:                  Jin-Tao Chen (Deceased), Owner-operator (jointly with Ayako) of 
                           the cruise ship “Pearl of Asia”
Children:                Mei-Lee Chen (27), Lieutenant in Starfleet, assigned as Assistant 
                           Tactical Officer on USS Lexington
Religion:                Zen Buddhist
HT:                      5'1"
WT:                      92 lbs
Eyes:                    D. Brown
Hr.:                     Back
Comp:                    Light

II.  Educational Background
A.  Academic Institutional Background:
     -- Kongju High School, 2380
     -- Starfleet Academy 2384, BA Political Science
     -- Tokyo University 2387, MA Interstellar Relations
     -- Starfleet Academy 2389, Ph.D Political Science 
     -- Oxford University 2393, JD

B.  Service Schools Attended:
    -- Starfleet Academy, 2384

C.  Qualifications (MOC's)
    -- Operations Officer, Security Officer, Diplomat

D.  Star Fleet Academy Record:

Academy Record:
Class Rank:                   Top 20%
Honors *None*
Academic Major:               Political Science
Professional Majors:          Security and Operations
Qualifications:               Security Officer, Operations Officer, Diplomat
Commendations:                3
Reprimands:                   0
Presidential Unit Citation – USS Raleigh (2387)
Sarek Medal – Treaty of Praxus (2393)
Sarek Medal – Risa Accord (2395)

Ayako, despite always having a demanding job (Starfleet or civilian), always 
makes time to enjoy the many traditional activities introduced to her by her 
father and mother.  She especially enjoys traditional swordsmanship (Kendo in 
Japan, Kumdo in Korea), Hapkido and Aikido, and the tamer, though far more 
difficult arts of the tea ceremony, flower arrangement and calligraphy.  

She was an Olympic-class swimmer in her youth and scored bronze at the 2380 
games in the 100 meter women’s freestyle and 1000 meter women’s relay.  She 
still competes in many amateur swim events and remains world-class for her age 
group and even one or two groups below.

III.  Biographical Notes

A.  Chronology (tabular form):

0-17:   Lived with parents. 

14-17:  Attended high school in Kongju, which while once a capital city in the 
4th century AD, is now little more than a small town though possessing a very 
large community of artisans of traditional crafts.  Her father is in very high 
renown throughout Asia, and is declared a “living treasure” by both the Korean 
and Japanese cultural governments.

18-22:  Starfleet Academy, graduated as Ensign, assigned USS Yorktown as 
Assistant security Officer, served on her during the Dominion war.

23-30:  Served on USS Ralleigh, promoted Lieutenant JG (Assistant Ops) and 
Lieutenant (Operations Officer).

30-34:  Promoted Lieutenant Commander, assigned as Operations Officer USS 
Enterprise E

35-43:  Promoted Commander and transferred into Diplomatic Corps.  Attended 
Starfleet Academy for Ph.D in Political Science, Promoted Captain

44-53:  Retired from Starfleet and together with her husband, bought and operated 
a cruise ship, the “Pearl of Asia”, operating luxury tours on the Pacific Ocean.

54:  Pearl of Asia was attacked by pirates off the coast of Formosa, with most 
of the passengers and crew murdered.  Commander Kimura (she was the XO and was 
in charge of entertainment) led a few of the survivors in an escape from the 
ship’s hold, then engaged the pirates in a battle for control of the ship.  
Pearl of Asia was scuttled by the pirates, but Kimura and the survivors (14 in 
all) were able to take over the pirate’s disguised fishing boat and put safely 
into port at Taipei.

With her husband among the casualties, Ayako observed two weeks of mourning, 
then contacted her brother, then a Starfleet Admiral, who facilitated her return 
to Starfleet.  Due to her 11 years of retirement, she was recommissioned as a 
Lieutenant Commander (two steps lower than her highest prior rank) and sent to 
the academy for a refresher course in Operations, then with her brother’s help, 
was placed as Operations Officer/2nd Officer on USS Yorktown, the same ship where 
her daughter served as Assistant Tactical Officer.

55	Promoted Commander, assigned as CO USS Kirov

56	After a nearly-successful assassination attempt, Ayako was decertified for 
starship duty on account of irreparable nerve damage in her reattached left arm.  
Assigned Starfleet academy as professor of political science.

57	Promoted Captain.  Retired from Starfleet, but recalled to active duty as a 
Federation Ambassador.

B.  Background Summary:

Ayako already had a full Starfleet career which spanned 21 years and saw her rise 
through the ranks up through Lieutenant Commander and Chief of Operations on a 
starship, and then branch into diplomatic service, which she progressed through 

She is a veteran of the Dominion war and was present at the battle of Cardassia 

11-years-ago Ayako and her husband, himself a Starfleet Captain, retired from 
Starfleet and bought an ocean-going cruise ship, the “Pearl of Asia”, which 
offered luxury cruises in the trappings of the great cruise ships of the 1920s and 
1930s.  The business was extremely successful and they were very happy, until the 
ship, which was carrying a dignitary, was the target of Formosan pirates.  The 
ship was sunk, her husband killed (she was wounded), but Kimura led a counter-
attack and took over the pirates’ fishing vessel and returned to Taipei.

After the loss of her husband, she wanted to spend time with her daughter and 
occupy herself again with meaningful work, and so with the help of her older 
brother, an Admiral in Starfleet Finance, strings were pulled and at the age of 
54, she was recommissioned as a Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Operations 
Officer of the USS Yorktown.

After a brief though successful tour of duty on Yorktown, Ayako was promoted to 
full Commander and assigned as the Captain of the USS Kirov, a heavy cruiser.

Ayako’s tenure on the Kirov was brief at only one year, and ended when an 
assassin, after killing a VIP guest on the ship, almost killed Commander Kimura, 
severing her left arm at the shoulder.  While the cut was clean, the surgery to 
reattach the arm did not go well, and ultimately the arm while reattached, 
suffered from severe nerve damage resulting in excruciating pain accompanying most 
movement.  In all, it took almost 18 months for her recovery and return to the 
active duty list, with a medical disqualification from front-line starship duty.

IV.  Official Star Fleet Record

V.  Skills Profile

Ayako is a very skilled manager and officer, and while a bit out of date in the 
latest starship technology, not so much so that she can’t easily adapt.  She is 
also very skilled in diplomacy and negotiation, and while she acts according to 
her own dual Japanese and Korean cultural heritage, is very knowledgeable about 
many other cultures and customs throughout the Federation and beyond.

In addition to her professional skills, Ayako is an extremely skilled swordswoman 
and martial artist, and an accomplished practitioner of the Japanese tea ceremony, 
flower arrangement and Chinese Caligraphy.

VI.  Recent Fitness Report

For a woman of 57 years, Ayako is exceptionally fit.  She has a slight limp from 
some nerve and muscle damage to her left knee.  The damage is irreparable, the 
result of a disruptor burn 6-months-ago.  Her left arm has full range of motion 
and strength, but lacks much fine motor control and is excruciatingly painful if 
moved at more than a snail’s pace.  It is the arm that disqualified her for front-
line ship duty, though Ayako does possess the discipline to ignore the pain.

It is obvious that Ayako has taken excellent care of herself, and has the strength 
and stamina of a woman twenty-years younger.

Ayako is an avid swimmer and until she re-entered Starfleet, she was active in 
competive events, including two bronze medals in individual and relay swim events 
at the 2380 olympics, two silver medals for the 400 and 1000 meter freestyle swim 
in the Asian Games (age 30 and 34) and a gold medal in the 2412 Silver Olympiad 
(for humans over age 50).

Her left arm was surgically reattached following an encounter with an assassin that 
nearly left her dead.  The arm retains full strength and range of motion, but is 
lacking in fine motor control and is extremely painful to move quickly.

VII.  Psychological Profile

Ambassador Kimura retains a very calm and balanced outlook and rarely allows herself 
to come even close to losing control.  While she cannot be read by telepaths, the 
result of diplomatic training received as part of her doctorate program, she is 
extremely open and easy to talk to.  I can easily see how this woman was once among 
the Federation’s top negotiators and have little doubt that she will be again in her 
posting to DS13.

Lieutenant Terry Gross, Counselor, StarFleet Personnel.

VIII.  Current Recreational Interests

Kendo, Caligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Competitive Swimming

IX.  Miscellaneous Information
Ayako Kimura looks extremely young for her age, easily passing for thirty if she 
dies her hair black, which she usually does.  Her limp is slight and she can compensate 
for it with concentration, and will try to do so around shipmates.  The disabilities to 
her arm are unnoticeable to casual observers, even when not concentrating, but on close 
examination it can be noticed that she uses her right arm exclusively for everything 
involving detail work.

She is extremely proud and believes in self-sufficiency and personal integrity.  She 
won’t ever allow others to see any weakness, and keeps her problems to herself.  She 
will never engage in small talk and is a firm believer in keeping her mouth shut unless 
she actually has something to say. 

X.	Roleplay Notes
Ayako is “Psi-Null”, meaning that telepaths and empaths do not read anything from her.  
While powerful invasive techniques, such as a Vulcan mind meld may eventually work, casual 
contact and active, though non-intrusive scans do not.  Empaths and telepaths will simply 
“look” right past her as though she isn’t there unless specifically trying, and then will 
simply find that her surface thoughts literally ARE so much of the normal psionic noise 
that such readers are accustomed to tuning out.

This is not a normal skill, but rather something that she was taught by a Vulcan master as 
part of individual training for negotiating the treaty of Praxus.

End BioFile


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