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Deep Space 13 NPC Bio Sketches
Version 1.0 (Created SD 210215)

Operations Department

LT Rhiannon Rix, Operations XO

Name:        Rhiannon Rix
Rank:        Lieutenant (O-3)
Position:    Operations Department XO
Species:     Andorian
Age:         29
Sex:         Female
Hair Color:  White, Midway down back, Straight
Eye Color:   Pale Blue
Skin Color:  Dark Blue

Description:  Rix is, simply put, a woman of striking beauty.  However,
her beauty is rivaled by her fire; indeed, until recently, there had been
soem question as to whether her temper would find a way to get her
discharged from service.  Several good fitness reports have since quashed 
such thoughts.  She still has a fiery temper, but has learned to rein it
in before it gets out of hand.

LTJG Andrew Cohagen, Station Services Officer

Name:        Andrew Cohagen
Rank:        Lieutenant, JG (O-2)
Position:    OPERATIONS- Station Services (SSO)

Species:     Human
Age:         27
Sex:         Male
Hair Color:  Blond, short
Eye Color:   Blue
Skin Color:  Caucasian

Description:  Cohagen is almost typically Nordic in his features and, as
fate may have it, in demeanor as well.  His temper has gotten him into
trouble on more than one occassion, usually in some bar fight with a
drunk.  Again, like Rix, he has mellowed with seasoning.  Still not someone
to mess around with, which makes him an ideal Station Services officer.


Name:        Valeri Petrov
Rank:	     Lieutenant, JG (O-2)
Position:    OPERATIONS- TIGERSHARK Ship Operations

Species:     Human (Terran)
Age:         26
Sex:         Male
Hair Color:  Black, Short, Curly
Eye Color:   Green
Skin Color:  Caucasian

Description:  Although of Ukrainian decent, he is not typically Ukrainian in
appearance.  he has drifted from Tactical to Operations proper, having found
that being a direct participant in combat was not to his liking.


Name:        Lynnis Neyla
Rank:        Lieutenant, JG (O-2)
Position:    OPERATIONS- PROTON Operations

Species:     Human (Martian)
Age:         27
Sex:         Female
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:   Brown
Skin Color:  Olive (Mediterrenean)

Description:  Lynnis is a run-of-the-mill officer: she has had a decent, if
unremarkable career to date.  She is well-organized and prmpt, but has not
manifested any special gifts or talents during her time in Star fleet thus 

ENS George Comyn, Computer Core Officer

Name:        George Comyn
Rank:        Ensign (O-1)
Position:    OPERATIONS- Computer Core Officer

Species:     Human (Terran)
Age:         22
Sex:         Male
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:   Hazel
Skin Color:  Caucasian

Description:  George is very much a "by the book" kind of officer, full
of the idealism and chutzpah common in young officers.  He doesn't
tolerate breeches in protocol from his division members, nor will he
accept such things from himself.  His attention to duty is likewise
as exacting- his division has been nearly perfect in drills in his short
time as DivO.  However, he has yet to learn when to "back off" his mean-
it is only a matter of time before his men begin to ruffle at his strict

ENS Kampat, Station Sensors Officer

Name:        Kampat, House of Mohtap
Rank:        Ensign (O-1)
Position:    OPERATIONS- Station Sensors Officer

Species:     Klingon
Age:         20 (Terran Approximate)
Sex:         Male
Hair Color:  Black
Eye Color:   Black
Skin Color:  Olive

Description:  Kampat is somewhat unusual for a Klingon, in that he is not
inclined towards aggressive behavior- perhaps the reason for his serving
in Star Fleet as opposed to the Imperial Klingon Navy.  He does, however,
maintain the typical Klingon sense of duty.

SCPO Timothy O'Hagen, Communications NCOIC

Name:        Timothy O'Hagan
Rank:        Senior Chief Petty Officer (E-8)
Position:    OPERATIONS- Communications Non-com Officer in Charge (NCOIC)

Species:     Human (Terran)
Age:         44
Sex:         Male
Hair Color:  Light Brown
Eye Color:   Green
Skin Color:  Caucasian

Description:  Is a typical non-com veteran of Star Fleet- an "old salt," 
through and through.  Gruff and direct, he rarely says anything that isn't
of some importance.  He does his job, does it well, and doesn't have time
for pleasantries.  However, he DOES make time to relax.  Case in point:
he recently celebrated his 25th anniversary in Star Fleet by ordering and
consuming a different intoxicant for each year of experience.  Not to
anyone's surprise, he picked the following day to use his first sick
day in 5 years- since his LAST anniversary of note (20 years).