KRIMAXFOR- DS13 Station Specifications

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Deep Space 13 Specifications


Name             :  DEEP SPACE 13
Class Name       :  REDOUBT-Class Deep Space Station
Classification   :  Fleet Command Starbase
Type             :  Starbase
Model Number     :  I

Section:  Diameter/Height
Alpha:    1500 m (at base of docking dome)/1200m
Beta:      300 m/700 m
Gamma:     800 m (at base of engineering dome)/500m
Delta:     150 m (lower stem)/300m
Height:   2700 m
Displacement    :  708 Mmt

Section Alpha: 140 - Crew, civilian quarters, shops, stores, command. 
Section Beta:  76  - ShuttleBays, cargo holds, misc areas, docking ports. 
Section Gamma: 83  - Engineering, life support, waste mangement, sensors 
Section Delta: 36  - Science stations, labs, etc.

Total Standard   : 50,000 (including visitors, traders, etc.)

Star Fleet Crew:
Total            : 15,290
Officers         :  1,005
Crew             : 10,035
Flight Officers  :    210
Flight Crew      :  1,890
Marines          :  2,150

Civilians        : 34,710

Maximum Capacity : 200,000 (short term evacuations)

Main Reactors    : M/ARC-110 x2 (Matter/Antimatter Reactor Core)
Secondary Reactor: FRC-282 x4 (Fusion Reactor Core)
Battery Power    : 5 days life support.
Emergency Power  : Magnetodynamic interface with Iotia's magnetic field
                    is capable of sustaining minimum life support for
                    1000 occupants indefinitely.

Deuterium tanks  : 500,000 m^3
      Compartments: 20
Primary pumps    : 2 m^3 / sec
      Number      : 5
(Deuterium is mined from source in Tybiiran Complex)

Antimatter gen.  : SEAC-1344 Antideuterium generating platform (Solar 
	Electric Antimatter Creator - NOT in the base. Platform in 
	close orbit of Iotia's star) 
      Antimatter tanks : 850 m^3
      Number           : 20

      Phaser, Type XI
           Number : 8 banks
           Range  : 345,000 km
           Arcs   : 360 deg. rings
                    Alpha   4 banks
                    Beta    1 banks
                    Gamma   2 banks
                    Delta   1 banks

      Phaser, Type XIa (enhanced pulse)
           Number : 30 turrets with 4 banks each
           Range  : 300,000 km
           Arcs   : equally spaced around station
                    Alpha   8 turrets
                    Beta    8 turrets
                    Gamma  10 turrets
                    Delta   4 turrets

      Flux Torpedo, MkIII (multiple shot) Seeking/Direct
           Number : 44 tubes
           Range  : 3,500,000 km
           Arcs   : equally spaced around station
                    Alpha  14 tubes
                    Beta   10 tubes
                    Gamma  14 tubes
                    Delta   6 tubes

Deflector System : FS-3 Starbase deflector system*
*Note: FS-1 = Civilian Station
        FS-2 = Federation Research Station
        FS-3 = Deep Space Station
        FS-4 = Fleet Command Starbase
  Relative power output:  FS-1/FD-12 = 0.8; FS-2/FD-12 = 10;
                          FS-3/FD-12 = 25;  FS-4/FD-12 = 50
  Regeneration rates on station shields are also correspondingly larger.
  FD-12 are the shielding systems used on Federation Battleships of the
     ZEUS class
  Station shields are usually divided into semi-independant and
     overlapping sectors.  A REDOUBT has 3 sectors approximately
     900m long,     divided into quadrants around the station.  It is
     possible for shields to fail in a single quadrant and to cover
     quadrants with weakened extended shields from neighboring quadrants.

      Standard, 6-person  :  200
      Emergency, 16-person:  400
      Cargo               :  200

Shuttle Bays     :              12
Embarked Craft (Standard, specific bases may vary)
      Tugs                     : 144
      Shuttlepod               :  72
      Combat Shuttle, Fighter  :  48
      Combat Shuttle, Attack   :  48
      Personnel Shuttle, Small :  48
      Personnel Shuttle, Large :  24
      Shuttle, D-Warp          :  20
      Courier, D-Warp          :   2
      Cargo Shuttle            : 120
      Runabout                 :  10
      Runabout (E-12)          :   6
      Marine Dropship          :  28
      Marine Dropship (Command):   5
      FLEMMING-Class Scouts    :   4


DEEP SPACE 13 is the newest deep-space station in Star Fleet, and the 
product of one of the longest construction projects in recent memory. 
Begun in 2415, shortly after the destruction of the original STAR CORE- 
class station, it was just recently completed and opened in the Iotia 
system, a stone's throw from it's original location.

DS13 is a new class of space station, the REDOUBT-class.  The design, 
like that of the Starbase KAPPA, is based on the Hospice-class Medical 
Outpost.  Unlike Starbase KAPPA which was converted from an 
older station and retrofitted and enlarged to serve as a command 
starbase, DS13's design is built from the ground up as a large command 
starbase.  While the basic specifications are identical to Starbase 
KAPPA, the computer and communications systems have been entirely 
redesigned and are intended, from the ground up, for control and 
coordination of a military area of operations.

DS13 will act as the headquarters for the KRIMA Expeditionary Force. 
With a permanent occupation capacity of 50,000, it is larger than most 
Federation starbases.  Only a handful of orbital stations, including the 
fleet command starbases and Star Fleet Engineering Starbase ZETA, are 
larger.   This number represents a nearly 14-fold increase from the 
previous station's size.  Also, the base was refit with an internal dock 
which allows the base to service up to four light cruisers or multiple 
smaller ships.

DS13 has a number of free-floating space docks in orbit which have been 
installed to supplement the capabilities of the base for repair and refit.  
Most starships with substantial damage are repaired to the point which 
they are spaceworthy and then sent to ship yards for overhaul because of 
the efficiency of these yards.  The nearest yard to DS13 and Iotia is in 
the Epsilon Indi (Andor) system near Starbase BETA.
While is is unlikely that a full shipyard will be constructed this close 
to the Gorn and Romulan borders, it is anticipated that repair and refit 
capabilities of the facilities in the system will conintue to improve.

In extreme emergencies, DS13 has access to the civilian space docks in 
Iotian orbit, built to service superfrieghters -- certainly large enough 
to handle even the largest Star Fleet ship.

As part of its embarked craft compliment, DS13 carries the latest in 
Star Fleet combat shuttles- the F-39 SHIKRA and A-41 CARACARA models, 
which bring gravity-planing technology to the small craft, making them 
exponentially more maneuverable than anything Star Fleet Engineering had 
previously produced.  DS13 is assigned an entire wing of fighters, 
totaling 96 in all, subdivided into 2 groups of 4 squadrons (12 
shuttles) each.  Each squadron is further divided into 3 flights of 4 
shuttles apiece.

Also embarked on DS13 is the new FLEMMING-class scout, first appearing 
as part of experimental USS FEARLESS' compliment.  Powered by the latest 
micro fusion cores and the new gravtivy-planing sublight drives, the 
FLEMMING greatly increases DS13's ability to scout the surrounding areas