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KRIMAXFOR Background Information


The DS13 AO is a complex, tight packed region of space with a relatively big number of astronomical and sociopolitical elements that provide a very unstable equilibrium to the whole region.

The following table states distances and travel times at Warp 6 and 9.6 from DS13 to the most relevant objects in the AO.

NOTE: DO NOT USE THIS TABLE. NUMBERS ARE VERY WRONG. This table is being recalculated as we speak. Please check back later.

Table of Distances (see AO Map for clarification)
Distance (l-y)
Time (W6)
Beta Iotia In-system -- --
Ravanne 5.3 5.3 d 1.25 d
Velse 5.6 5.6 d 1.53 d
Goliath 7.0 7.0 d 2.88 d
David 7.1 7.1 d 2.97 d
Ghanda 7.8 7.8 d 3.64 d
Scorpio 12.7 12.7 d 8.34 d
101C 13.5 13.5 d 9.1 d
Aracne 14.0 14.0 d 9.58 d
OP574 16.0 16.0 d 2.5 d
Tybiiran 19.8 19.8 d 4.5 d
Donara 20.3 20.3 d 3.1 d
OP571 21.5 21.5 d 3.8 d
OP576 22.4 22.4 d 3.3 d
Gorns 15.0 15.0 d 3.1 d
Tholians 20.5 20.5 d 3.8 d
Rihannsu 31.0 31.0 d 4.2 d
DS12 133.0 4.2 m 25.0 d
SB BETA 313.3 9.7 m 59.1 d

  • Keys:
    • h - hours
    • d - days
    • m - months

History of the first Operational Cycle year

The sociopolitical map of the AO is complex by necessity. After several years of routine, light patrol duty by some selected cruisers, while most GOLD resources were moved to other fleets, the appearance of the Gorn Hegemony with great resources needs between the Rihannsu Empire and the Tholian Holdfast provocked a series of crisis that lead to a short, cruent war between the Gorns and the Tholians.

This short war changed the shape of the political forces territories a great deal. The Gorns were unable to take over the Tholians, as it seemed their original intention. However, part of the Holdfast territory was cannibalized with terrifying efficiency. The Rihannsu, maybe due to their internal political problems, the duty patrols in their outermost Beta Quadrant boundaries in constant watch for a new arrival of the Borg, providing support for their own colonies or maybe lack of interest for the region, very poor in resources, just put a strong defense the Gorns were unable to trespass. The Rihannsu had tried for years to overcome the defenses of the Tholian Holdfast, and almost succeeded, but a second load of Tholians from their home land, with shipyards and bigger warships, proved to be something too expensive for the Rihannsu interests.

While the escaped Gorns managed to secure a small territory for their purposes, their quick grow, coordinated by the collaboration of the some 30 rebel clans, proved to be too greedy for their somewhat resource poor territory.

In SD 101000 the USS AURORA, from GREEN Fleet, was sent to play as mediator for peace conversations to end the hostilities between Gorns and Tholians by petition of both goverments. The mission of the AURORA was sabotaged from the start and the peace conversations failed miserably. Both powers retired to their territories and while open hostilities were discontinued, problems kept happening fairly often.

With this instability in a sensitive region and the raising threat fron the Echen F'Don in the galactiv northern part of the Tholian territory, too far from INDIGO Fleet AO, Starfleet Command decided to reactivate GOLD Fleet.

The Krima Expeditionary Force is the Task Force assigned to watch the Krima Region, which covers 7 sectors in the Tholians/Gorns/Rihannsu boundaried shared with the Federation, while other Task Forces were assigned to defend the Federation border with the Echen F'Don and to protect the paths towards the core worlds of the Federation.

SB BETA, orbiting Andor, was reactivated, patrols reinforced and ships reassigned or commissioned.

GOLD Command was well aware that the Krima Region was too sensitive and problem prone to be protectd by just regular patrols. The region had been raided for years with smugglers and pirates, which used the relatively poorly known region for an effective black market with the other powers. The risk of the Gorns gaining too much modern technology was too high, and the volume of space too big to cover by a still highly underdtaffed fleet.

The Krima Region had been scattered with Outposts to provide deep space listening posts and early alarm systems in case of attacks, but most of those outposts were understaffed or driven by automation.

One of the bigger outposts, which had served as a deep space station in the early years of GOLD FLeet before her disbanding. Frantic activity to restore all the stations in the area, DS13 was designated as the HQ of the KRIMAXFOR. The modular station was enhanced with new modules and a detachemnt of crew and ships was assigned to them. Considering the big distances from SB BETA and her shipyards, DS13 was assigned two small docks that provided repair capability of all ships up to some cruiser sizes.

When DS13 was officially recommissioned, her crew had already had to deal with renegade Marines, pirates, a group of refugees which had occupied the empty station for years and perfomed a difficult rescue mission of prisoners held in a Gorn work camp in Iotia. Besides, an unknown party had poisoned COMKRIMAXFOR, taking him out of the KRIMA scenary for almost a whole year.

Shortly after this incident, the Rihannsu, that has sent an Embassy to the station as a prove of their good will, were discovered to be involved in an illegal traffic network of restricted technologies.

The USS LEVIATHAN, performing a regular patrol in the Tybiiran Asteroids Belt, appropriately reclassified Tybiiran Complex, in the 'Triple Point' whre Federation, Tholians and Gorns meet. One of the boundaries of the Voira Tundra, which is an emtpy region of space which enters into Gorn territory, the Tybiiran system has proved to be a scientific mistery and a rich source of minerals for the Gorns.

The LEVIATHAN aborted a big Gorn operation in the Tybiiran Complex which would have provided them with enough energy, resources and penetration into Federation territory as to restart an open war action against the Tholians.

In the mean time, DS13 sent exploration missions to the closer nebulae, Goliath and David, which proved to be boxes full with surprised. As a result of a region of semi-stable wormholes in the Goliath nebula that lead to a powerful, hostile, extradimensional potency, all traffic in Goliath has been forbidden. David nebula, which is energetically bery active, has a planetary system inside with sentient, space flight, non-Warp capable civilization. The resulting sociocultural impact on the Kalarian is still to be seen, but the Federation intervention avoided a genocide and studies are being conducted to make the kalarians as a Federation protectorate.


Close to DS13 there are two nebulae, David and Goliath, which hide the Kaliaran homeworlds and some dangerous semi-stable wormholes respectively.

Iotia was the planet were a Gorn prisonners' work camp was recovered. All the survivors have been successfully reallocated in other GOLD Fleet planet. Iotia is a beautiful world with a high potential and colonization plans are being studied by the Federation.

Ravanne is a small world where the Vali, a barely unknown energetic sentient species where accidentally found by a routine charting mission by the SPITFIRE.

OP576 is one of the southest outpost that can effectively listen to the Gorns. The original DS13 OPS was posted to OP576 as her XO. OP576 was deployed near the Donara system.

Donara is a solar system closer to the Gorn and Rihannsu territories. Despite of not having any inhabitable planets, Donara has a huge spacial mining colony, exceeding 7,000 beings, and important economical value for its unusual high amount of dilithium mining sites.

OP574 is the Starfleet facility that is closer to the Gorns. It's main purpose is watching the Cluster 101-C, a small, tightly packed stellar irregular cluster of 10 stars which partly lies into Gorn territory. At least two stars have M-class systems, but nothing more is known.

OP571 is the outpost which closely watches the corridor formed by the nebulae Scorpio and Aracne, providing due assistance to DS13 sensors in case of a stealth advance of Gorn forces through the corridor.

The Aracne nebula is the result of the supernova classified NFC-2389D. A pulsar classified NFC-9017A lies within its core, and is the most important natural navigational beacon of the whole Krima Region and its magnetic fields are the cause of the peculiar shape of this nebula.

Scorpio Nebula has its peculiar shape due to NFC-2389D and lies close to the 'Triple Point' with two close stellar systems.

Velse is one of the most important mining colonies in the AO, with a population exceeding 29 millions. Due to its high population and important economic value, Velse is one of the most busy civilian traffic and, therefore, one of the most valuable targets for smugglers, pirates and the Orion Syndicate. Velse only inhabitable world was rendered almost dead by NFC-2389D and most population lives underground. As an effect of the supernova, Velse also mines extremely rare minerals and metals product of the stellar death.

Ghanda lies closer to the Scorpio and is an important agriculture colony, despite the strong mutagenic potential of its biosphere, severaly damaged by NFC-2389D, an another important merchant world, with a population exceeding 2 millions beings.

Trianguli 217, 218 and 219 form a tightly packed figure when viewed from Earth, but only 218 and 219 form a binary system. 219 has one M-class planet and holds a colony with population exceeding 25,000.

OP573 and OP574 lie to the north of the immediate DS13 AO and protect the northern part of the Aracne/Scorpio corridor, while performing regular listening duty of the Tholian boundary.

Risk assesment

The Gorns are proving to be very desperate and very able to look for new resources, using a fair amount of power and military forces for it.

According to the data gathered by our patrols, specially USS LEVIATHAN and USS STARFIRE, the Tybiiran Complex is to be considered an Extreme Risk area.

High risk areas are Ghanda and Vesel, for their high value, and 101C for its proximity and jump point into Federation territory. 101C is close to the Rihannsu territory, as well. The Rihannsu could try to retake their old territories and part of what used to be Tholian space with the excuse of the old thief.

The Tholians are showing an unusual amount of tolerance and xenophilia to their new neighbours, just limiting themselves to protect their space and not reallocating forces for a retake of their old territories.

However, the Gorns have been raiding and harassing the Tholians with increasing frequency and violence, and that could result in an exaggerated reaction and war again.


This document, one of the initial briefs compiled about the area surrounding DS13, was written by David Suarez de Lis.