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Role-Play Units

USS Circe NCC-27000

Circe-class Battlecruiser

Circe is the command ship of Tactical Squadron 103, and is escorted by the light cruisers USS Io and USS Ganymede, the destroyer escorts USS Allegiance and USS Steadfast, and the surveyor USS Shezhou. She was launched 9 years ago; in that time, she has traversed some of the most dangerous territories in KRIMA, like the Romulan frontier, Orestes Sector, and the Tybiiran Corridor, to name a few.

Recently, she underwent a major refit to the Mark III Bastion command battlecruiser variant to give her not only increased command-and-control abilities and improved fire control, but to take advantage of the new gravity-planing technology emerging as the standard sub-light propulsion system in Star Fleet.

Circe is commanded by the newly-minted CO CAPT T'Silva (played by Suzanne Dubrov)
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USS Valhalla NCC-18000

Valhalla-class Command Battlecruiser

Valhalla is brand-new to Gold Fleet, having served in Blue Fleet with distinction. She is the first ship of her class, the VALHALLA-class Command Battlecruisers and represents the cutting edge of technology within Starfleet. She is, without question, one of the most powerful ships in the Quadrant and can match some Battleships with her offensive and defensive systems. The VALHALLA can also act as a Command Carrier, having a small Squadron of Combat Shuttles, deployed utilizing a state-of-the-art system aft of the ship.

Valhalla is currently commanded by the veteran Captain, CAPT Cameron Carver (played by Tim Cooke)
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NPC Units

Deep Space 13

REDOUBT-class Space Station

The Headquarters of the KRIMA Expeditionary Force, DS13 is a large administrative, repair and commercial center in orbit around Iotia, along the Gorn/Tholian frontier. Many quality shops and restaurants fill its well as some not-so-upstanding locales. Located in orbit around Iotia, it is truly a place where one can find just about anything he/she desired.
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USS Valkyrie NCC-18001

Valhalla-class Command Battlecruiser/Carrier

Valkyrie is newly assigned to Gold Fleet, having just come off the production line. She hasn't even received her shakedown cruise. She is the second Valhalla-class Command Battlecruiser in Starfleet.

Valkyrie is currently commanded by the veteran female Andorian Captain, CAPT R'Vireen Thevis.
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USS Serapis NCC-59025-A

Arizona-class Command Battlecruiser

The Arizona-class command battle cruiser Serapis-A is the flagship of Tactical Squadron 101, and was the mobile command platform of the COMKRIMAXFOR.

Serapis is commanded by veteran CO Captain Jerid Dorvan.
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USS Diomedes NCC-25020

Agamemnon-class Battlecruiser

The Diomedes is the flagship of Tactical Squadron 105. it is commanded by highly-decorated Star Fleet veteran Commodore Cayle Veld. (P-NPC played by Scott Lusby)

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USS Leviathan NCC-25002

Agamemnon-class Battlecruiser

The starship Leviathan has been one of KRIMA's most active ships, gaining many honors over the years.

Leviathan is currently commanded by Captain Samuel Carstairs.

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USS Herakles NCC-25001

Agamemnon-class Battlecruiser

The Herakles is another formerly active RP unit, and she continues her mission as a member of KRIMA's advance forces.

Herakles is commanded by veteran CO Captain Christine Xiao-Ping Archer.

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USS Republic NCC-5013-A

Fearless-class Heavy Cruiser

The Republic is one of KRIMA's most feared combat units, being one of the revolutionary Fearless-class heavy cruisers.

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USS Baku NCC-28011

Kirov-class Heavy Cruiser

The Baku is another of KRIMA's newer units, forming Cruiser Division 117 with Republic.

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USS Shokaku NCC-56509

Yasuragi-class heavy cruiser

The Shokaku is one of Star Fleet's newest long-range explorers, the Yasuragi-class. Shokaku performs solo deep-space missions to some of the uncharted areas in and around Gold Fleet's Area of Operation.

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USS Invincible NCC-56016

Fearless-class heavy cruiser

The Invincible is, just as the Agamemnon and Zeus-class starships are, plain and simply a warship of stunning power. She represents the latest in Star fleet's cruiser designs, and is more than capable of holding her own against just about anything the enemy can dish out. And ideal attack and defense craft.

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