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Major Skirmishes and Military Actions in KRIMA

Battle of Jar'mas- 2420

NOTE- This mission was undertaken by the crew of the USS CIRCE

This large-scale fleet action began in response to rebel Gorn forces massing at the heretofor-secret Gorn shipyards codenamed 'Clawkey' in the Jar'mas system. The facility, under the direct control of Fleet Lord Mor'dak, had somehow been able to construct several hundred new shipsin a short period of time, giving Mor'dak the firepower he needed to openly ignore the Kimura Accords. Soon, he began raiding border worlds along the Federation and Tholian borders.

USS CIRCE led a battle force of some 30+ ships into Jar'mas, onmly to find they were outnumbered by a factor of over 20. However, using the gravitational anomolies in the region to their advantage by funneling the attacking Gorn through a small mouth and mining its exit point while sacrificing every small craft the group had as large mssiles, Federation Battle Group 1 was able to destroy over 200 gorn ships in short order.

However, the entirety of the Gorn fleet did not pour through the gap (nicknamed "the Narrows") as the sensors showed; instead, the rest of the Gorn fleet had moved to attack the Federation forces massing at "Point Omega," an area just on the Gorn side of the Voira Tundra, some 25 light years from Deep Space 13.

Voira Tundra- 2420

NOTE- This battle was fought simultaneously to the Battle of Jar'mas. It was undertaken by the crew of the USS CIRCE.

This large-scale fleet action was supposed to be the killer blow to Federation forces in the BETA Quadrant. After successfully diverting Battle Group 1 to Jar'mas, Fleet Lord Mor'dak moved the rest of his forces to annihilate the Federation forces at their rendezvous point, 'Point Omega,' just outside the Voira Tundra in Gorn space.

The battle was hard-fought, and the Federation force of 50+ starships more than held their own, but shear numbers in the open space of the tundra, without any naturally defensible positions, were working against Rear Admiral Vargas's forces. However, just as the tide of battle was turning firmly against Star Fleet, a Tholian armada showed up, over 100 ships strong. At that point, Mor'dak withdrew his forces relatively intact, suffering moderate losses. The battle was a tactical victory for Star Fleet but a strategic defeat, as Mor'dak's forces were able to flee the scene still able to wage battle.

Federation losses were heavy, including the starship MEDEA, among others.

Velse- 2419

NOTE- This mission was underetaken by the crew of Deep Space 13

This skirmish began innocently enough with USS TIGERSHARK and USS VALLEY FORGE responding to a distress call from the Romulan scout ship Ch'R BO'VOCHE. However, it was soon discovered that the Romulan crew had all died by being exposed to a violent biological agent. It was then that forces from the Romulan Star Empire and their Echen F'don friends decided to try to keep this biological agent's existence a secret- by eliminating the far-outgunned TIGERSHARK and VALLEY FORGE.

Fortunately, USS LEVIATHAN was dispatched; the arrival of LEVIATHAN and the rest of Task Force 18, plus some heady thinking by Major Charles Howden, Commander Adrian P. Makkedor, and Lieutenants William Scores and Julianna Lorress, kept the Romulans and Fardons at bay long enough to effect the withdrawal of Federation forces- with the evidence of the Romulan-Fardon biological weapon- with only minimal losses to Federation assets.

Battle of Briol- 2417

NOTE- This mission was undertaken by the crew of the USS CIRCE

Please see the Scimitar Expeditionary Force Military Actions page for information on this battle, as it was conducted in what is now SCIMXFOR space.

Destruction of Orestes Medical Pavilion- 2416

NOTE- This mission was undertaken by the crew of the USS CIRCE

Please see the Scimitar Expeditionary Force Military Actions page for information on this battle, as it was conducted in what is now SCIMXFOR space.

Galen-Beta Trianguli-Iota Cassiopeae- 2416

NOTE- This mission merged the crews of USS LEVIATHAN and USS INDEFATIGABLE into USS BASTION

This skirmish between pirate forces and Star Fleet assets, resulted in the near-destruction of both USS LEVIATHAN and USS INDEFATIGABLE, as well as the death of BASTION Captain Nathan Terla. These pirate forces were made up of three highly-modified MIRANDA-class firgates, apparently stolen from the Star Fleet Reserve Shipyards.

Upon Terla's death, CAPT Corwyn O'Dwyer assumed command of BASTION, driving out the pirate forces from the region.

Cestus III- 2415

NOTE- This mission was undertaken by the crew of the USS SERAPIS

This mission marked the return of Commander Cayle Veld to active duty in Star Fleet. On this planet deep within Gorn territory, the crew of the SERAPIS uncovered a plot to assassinate Ambassador Linkri Saresh in an attempt to destroy the peace initiative between the Federation, the Gorn Confederacy and the Gorn Hegemony before it could even begin. While the attempt on Saresh's life was foiled and a pair of Section 31 agents were brought to justice (the first ones in Star Fleet history), the attempt succeeded in derailing the peace process.

Delphan VII- 2412

NOTE- This mission was undertaken by the crew of DEEP SPACE 13

A small operation, undertaken by Lieutnenat-Major Molly Sharpe and Gorn Ambassador Linkri Saresh, this would end with the dramatic rescue of Commander Veld, hidden away and tortured for several weeks by agents of Section 31. However, once again, the cost was high: Lieutenant Ioan Tremaine of the Star Fleet Marine Corps was killed during this rescue.

1st and 2nd Tybiiran aka 'The Tybiiran Campaign'- 2411-2412

NOTE- This mission was undertaken by the crews of the USS LEVIATHAN and DEEP SPACE 13

A simple distress call and the loss of a small frigate ended up being, until recently, the largest engagement between Gorn and Federation forces.

The first half of the battle, typically called '1st Tybiiran,' was a rescue mission: USS LEVIATHAN received a distress call from the USS LOR'VELA in the Tybiiran Asteroid Belt, and went to investigate. What they found was that a small Gorn Hegemony force had overwhelmed the small frigate and seized her in an effort to keep their presence in Tybiiran a secret. LEVIATHAN managed to recover LOR'VELA and clear the Gorn from the area...for the time being.

The second half of the saga- '2nd Tybiiran'- was a more dubious investigation. This time, Federation forces knew that they were facing: partially-assimilated Gorn troops with Borg-enhanced weapons. The subsequent battle was touch-and-go, with only the heroism and bravery of the Star Fleet officers from Tactical Squadron 91 (LEVIATHAN, LOR'VELA and USS RAMSES) and Deep Space 13 (USS SPITFIRE) turning the tide in their favor at the very end...but not without cost: SPITFIRE was lost, as was her commanding officer, Lieutenant Commander Cayle Veld.

Or so everyone thought.

Battle of Iotia- 2410

NOTE- This mission was undertaken by the crew of the DEEP SPACE 13

This was the opening volley in the history of KRIMAXFOR. On this world, Star Fleet forces led by Lieutenant Commander Cayle Veld and Lieutenant Molly Sharp of Deep Space 13 assaulted numerically-superior forces of the Gorn Hegemony in an effort to free the enslaved population of Beta Iotia. The assault was successful...but a high price was paid, both in terms of immediate causalties and what it would mean to the AO in the future, for it was here that the Gorn Hegemony would become bitter enemies of the Federation.