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Political Entities of KRIMAXFOR



Arc of Twelve, The

The Arc of Twelve is the ruling body of the Tvisi. Nothing is known about the rules and procedures of this body, except that their decisions are final and obeyed without question.










The Gorn are a lizard-like race of beings to the galactic 'east' of the Federation, just coreward of the Romulan Star Empire. The Gorn race, however, is divided into two separate goventments: the Gorn Confederacy, our allies, and the Gorn Hegemony, our most common and dangerous foe in KRIMA.

Gorn Confederacy

More than a century ago, the Gorn Confederacy was engulfed by the expanding Romulan Star Empire. It was assumed until the Hegemony appeared that the Romulans had wiped all other Gorn people from existence.

With the warming of relationships with the Romulan Star Empire since their assistance in battling the Dominion in 2407, they have allowed the Gorn Confederacy renewed access to the former Romulan-Federation Neutral Zone.

For a complete profile of the Gorn Confederacy, please see the BATA Fact Sheets on the Gorn Confederacy.

Gorn Hegemony

The Gorn Hegemony occupy a region of space bordering Federation, Romulan and Tholian territory. They do not share a border with the Gorn Confederacy.

Recent conjecture, combined with certain acknowledgements from the Gorn Confederacy have shed some light on both the age and origins of the Gorn Hegemony.

An undetermined number of years ago, the Gorn Confederacy was engulfed by the expanding Romulan Star Empire. It was assumed until the Hegemony appeared that the Romulans had wiped the Gorn people from existence.

The Hegemony appeared approximately 60 years ago as a group of disorganized clans. Infighting between these clans consumed much of their time, and they were not considered a threat by any of their neighbors.

These 30 clans were once part of the Gorn Confederacy, and had seceded from the Confederacy. The actual numbers of Gorn that made the initial move are not known. However by the time the Clans settled in their current territory, the sheer size of population indicates a large number involved in this early migration.

Now that the Romulan Empire has receded, the Gorn Confederacy was again revealed.

For a complete profile of the Gorn Hegemony, please see the BATA Fact Sheets on the Gorn Hegemony.







League of Independent Peoples

Information Forthcoming.

Lehrren Alliance

The Lehrren Alliance are a multi-species splinter government located in the Sagittarius Drwarf Elliptical Galaxy, approximately 50,000 light years from GOLD space. The only known contact with the Lehrren has occured via stable wormholes.

The species that make up the Lehrren Alliance were, over 100 years ago, slaves of the felinoid Woren. Banding together, they began a resistance movement in an effort to gain their freedom from their felinoid oppressors.

At about that time, the USS TOREADOR came through an unstable wormhole and, unable to return to Federation space, joined the battle for Lehrren freedom. As people were freed from the Woren, they were brought to a special outpost- Outpost Gispuin- built in the nebula from which the Lehrren take their name. It would be in this nebula that the USS TITANIA would repeat the odyssey of the TOREADOR 100 years later.

Today, the Lehrren are much larger and stronger force they were at the time of their uprising, with a fleet of several starships of equal or greater strength than comparable Star Fleet vessels, and well-trained personnel. They are still engaged in warfare with the Woren- now over the control of the highly volatile but immensely powerful substance called bursite.

For a complete file, please see the BATA Fact Sheets on the Lehrren Alliance.









Romulan Star Empire

Encompassing over half a million square light years of space, the Romulan Star Empire is a large interstellar empire dominated by a single species. While slightly larger that the Klingon Empire in terms of total volume of space dominated the Romulans control fewer systems because stars are less dense in the region spanned by the Star Empire. Moreover, the Romulan systems tend to be mineral poor. This has led to some differences in technology. For instance the Romulans use a quantum singularity, an artificial miniature black hole, for primary power generation rather than a dilithium mediated matter-antimatter reactor. Each ship of the Star Empire is also correspondingly more costly to build and so virtually all are protected by cloaking devices.

For a complete profile of the Romulan Star Empire, please see the BATA Fact Sheets on the Romulan Star Empire.




Tholian Holdfast

The Tholian Holdfast is a race and culture unlike any other in the ASR uyniverse; their physiology is the most non-human of any race encountered, and their xenophobia is unmatched even by the Klingons or the Romulans.

For a more complete profile of the Tholian Holdfast, please see the BATA Fact Sheets on the Tholian Holdfast.





Woren Imperium

The Woren Imperium is a totalitarian government in the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy, about 50,000 light years from Federation space. They are aggressive and militaristic, conquering whole planets and systems and then enslaving the races of those planets to do the work 'beneath' a Woren.

The Woren themselves- the dominating race in the Imperium- are felinoid in nature, not unlike Caitians or Sivaoans. They control the slave races through fear and violence, taking away all basic rights from the enslaved and enforcing their rule with a barbarism that would make a Klingon cringe.

For the most part, the work of the slave races revolves around the gathering and mining of dangerous natural resources. These resources are at the very core of their economy; not only to they provide the necessary materials to build and maintain its large navy, but the sale of these resources provides the Woren with enough capital to purchase what they cannot mine themselves.

They are currently engaged in a prolonged conflict with the Lehrren, the communal name for the dissidents and rebels who have managed to shake the Woren yoke from their collective necks. This war began as a civil war over 100 years ago, but, after decades of on-again, off-again skirmishing, has now evolved in a struggle for the natural resources both need to maintain their military and economic strength. This battle has spilled out, through the use of artificial wormholes, into the Orestes Sector of the Beta Quadrant.

For a complete file on the Woren Imperium, see the BATA Fact Sheets on the Woren Imperium.