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Timeline of KRIMA Events


Below is a timeline of events in the hisotry of the KRIMA Expeditionary Force.



  • Gorn Hegemony mines are discovered to have been reopened on Beta Iotia IV, enslaving thousands of Iotian citizens once again. Elements from Deep Space 13 discovered the mines, closed them, and freed the slaves. (DS13)
  • A large Star Fleet battle group confronts the 700+-ship armada of Mor'dak, and lead by the USS CIRCE, wins a stunning stalemate against superior forces. (CIRCE)
  • Rebel Gorn forces, under the command of Mor'dak, attack Gorn Confederacy-held systems along the Gorn Confederacy/Federation/Tholian Holdfast border. (CIRCE)
  • Kimura Accords signed by signoatories from the United Federation of Planets, the Gorn Confederacy, and the Tholian Holdfast, effectively eliminating the government of the Gorn Hegemony. (DS13)






  • Cestus III Incident: Assassination attempt on Ambassador Linkri Saresh on Cestus III by Gorn Hegemony agents disrupted by the SERAPIS crew with the help (unbeknownst to them) of Section 31. (SERAPIS)
  • Two Section 31 agents brought to trial and convicted. This represents the first legal prosecution and conviction of anyone attached to the shadow organization. (SERAPIS)
  • USS TESLA II lost due to d-warp drive malfunction; ends up some 45,000 ly away from GOLD Fleet space. (TESLA)


  • Destruction of Deep Space 13 by unidentified terrorist forces. (DS13)


  • Second meeting with the Lehrren. (SERAPIS)



  • First Tybiiran skrimish fought; Gorn incursion and annexation of mineral-rich asteroid belt thwarted. (LEVIATHAN)