Keith Winters

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Rank: Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
Assignment: Chief Science Officer
Name: Keith Winters
Race: Human (Changeling)
Home planet: Founders' Home World, Gamma Quadrant
Earth Calendar Birth Date: Unknown (Celebrated July 14th)
Complexion: Caucasian
Sex: Male
Age: Apparent age 25     Real Age Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blond
Hair description: Short and unkempt
Parents: Grant Winters [Architect - retired] (75), Marie Winters [Musician- deceased]
Siblings: David Winters [Blues bar owner]
Spouse: None
Children: None

5-17 Public Schooling
21-25 Attended Starfleet Academy (Graduated 3rd in class)
 Major: Botany
 Minor: Xenobiology and Biology
     Planetary Sciences
     Physics and Astrophysics
     Flight Control
                Star Ships Engineering
     Department Head Operations

Promotion History
090824.0000 - Began Starfleet Academy training at the rank of Cadet I
100623.0000 - Promoted to Cadet II
110623.0000 - Promoted to Cadet III
120623.0000 - Promoted to Cadet IV
130623.0000 - Promoted to Ensign
220815.0000 - Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade

090513.0000 - Began first year Starfleet Academy
130623.0000 - Graduated Starfleet Academy
130724.0000 - Assigned to the USS CIRCE as Assistant Science Officer
181122.0000 - Reassigned to USS INTREPID as Chief Science Officer
220815.0000 - Reassigned to USS ENDEAVOR as Chief Science Officer
270701.0000 - Reassigned to USS CIRCE-A as Chief Science Officer

Physical Description: Keith is 5'11 with small green eyes and short blond
hair, which he keeps very loosely tousled about his head. He is of a rather
small build and has deep tan to his skin. He can often be found smiling and
when talking he gestures widely with his hands.  He brings expression and a
seriousness to his stories and feels that stories are the most important
experience in humanoid interaction. When speaking, he completely throws
himself into his conversation and almost completely tunes himself out from
the rest of the world. Keith slightly slouches while walking and can
consistently be found leaning on any nearby furniture rather than standing.


Upon first leaving the Great Link, Keith set out to explore the galaxy.
Traveling from one world to the next; living in a  physical form harmonious
to his surroundings, Keith enjoyed what life itself had to offer and loved
experiencing life through the eyes and mindset's of different peoples.

Throughout his journeys, Keith's love for his natural home gradually faded
from memory and he soon found himself spending greater amounts of time at
one particular world before moving to the next.

Keith always kept his role in society small in each world he visited,
staying only to learn and enjoy, rather than exact any changes. Striving to
keep his identity a secret, Keith always left for the next world when the
natural life cycle of an individual of the imitated species had obviously

These times in Keith's life are mostly a blur and he recalls only very brief
glimpses of his earlier life rather than even the smallest moment. He
vaguely remembers the journey itself yet rarely recalls any of its details.

At the final leg of his journey, he arrived on Earth. Becoming a human male
child of 2 years old, he was soon "found" and decided to be an abandoned
child. He was soon adopted by Grant and Marie Winters and raised as their
second son, whom they named Keith.

Keith was careful to change his apparent physical age in tandem with David,
a child also adopted by the Winters family. Keith found a happiness and a
completeness as human that he had not experienced elsewhere. Throwing aside
his former personal rule of non-interference with his temporary home world,
Keith worked towards a career in science determined to quietly bring further
advances to human understanding and reasoning in the scientific world. His
life to this point was a testament to returning something to the galaxy that
had brought him so much. This human life, would be the one he lived to the
absolute fullest.

Enrolling in university, Keith felt himself consistently falling the victim
to a major moral dilemma. Is it right to bring these changes to this world?
Do I have any right to do so? Can I still be an effective scientist yet keep
these potential damaging changes at bay? Should I?  Am I giving back to this
world....or robbing something from it?

Reaching his twenty first birthday, Keith slowly brought the truth of his
existence and his dilemma to the confidence of his adoptive parents. Anger
and disbelief answered Keith's questions and Keith fled in anger and fear,
unwilling to take a chance on remedying the situation. To him, it had all
been one big mistake. It was time to move on.

Irony was Keith's new companion as he prepared to leave the planet. In the
form of a Siltaran Space eel, Keith left the planet and carelessly collided
with the plasma vent of a departing shuttle, Keith fell to the planet below
and was later recovered by an emergency medical team.

Upon being revived, Keith changed form for the last time. Taking on the form
of the hospital worker who first looked into his opening eyes, Keith soon
discovered that he was unable to shape change again; as well, much of his
memories became lost as a result of the accident.

To this day, the scientists who studied Keith are unsure as to why Keith was
permanently locked into the form of a human and why his memories seem
unrecoverable. Released years later, Keith found he had visibly grown older
and age was no longer under his control.

Now, with the looks of the 20 year old man, Keith sought out his parents
once again to find meager acceptance and disbelief in the turn of events
which had unfolded.

Science, still his passion and with his promise to further humanity, Keith
spent the next year painstakingly undergoing medical exams and review boards
before finally being accepted into Starfleet Academy.

As of his graduation from Starfleet Academy, Keith has stubbornly not
re-approached his
surrogate family in hopes of rebuilding their relationship. Though Keith was
close  to his adopted brother, David, Keith has not spoken to him since the

Hobbies: Keith loves reading, acting out holonovels, and exploring the
history and beliefs of other cultures, almost to a fault. Frequently, Keith
can be found on the holodeck, enjoying holonovels.

Keith also enjoys experimenting with music, a trait he learned from his
surrogate mother. He is proficient in the guitar and the violin.

Medical Background:

As reviewed by various Starfleet boards of inquiry into the proposed
acceptance of Keith Winters.

"Keith is in all definitions and degrees of the word, completely Human. Any
and all medical exams on Keith Winters describes him to be fully and only
Human. Keith shows no traits of the known characteristics of the Changeling
race. Keith requires the same amount of sleep, food, water, etc as any other

"It is still unknown as to what has sealed Keith into his permanent form,
however, we do know that his present form is permanent.

"After his discovery, Keith took the form of a 17 year old male part-time
hospital worker, and has since then grown in verbatim with his counterpart.
Keith was originally kept for observation at the hospital for three years,
however, not even the slightest deviance from that of a normal human has
been recorded. Following the moment of Keith's last shape change, no
injuries were apparent from his accident.

"Satisfied that he was no different than that of any other example of the
human species, Keith was released at the age of 20 as nothing beneficial
could be learned from him."

Psychological Background:

Dr. Liam Wells (Chief of Starfleet Psychology)
Completed Psychological Stability Profile as compiled from 23 separate

"Keith is completely mentally sound and fits the profile for a fully normal
and healthy human being. While little is known of Keith prior to his
accident,  he views himself as a normal human being and has next to no
memory of his previous life.

"While suffering from a perfectly normal depression over the dealings with
his family, I site it as a circumstance which Keith has demonstrated time
and time again that he is perfectly fit in dealing with it.

"Over 20 separate thorough psychological exams have been conducted on Keith
Winters and not one problem has been sited throughout our sessions. At each
of these sessions Keith's academic ability has been rated at that of a man
having completed his 12th year of education. Keith has displayed that while
he retains very little knowledge of his life before Earth, he has fully
retained all memory of his time since arriving at Earth. It is believed that
this memory is fully maintained as these events were fresh in Keith's mind
prior to the accident.

"Keith is a very open and eager individual. He seems delighted to converse
and relishes in stories. Frequently he enjoys reading and has often
frequented the officer's lounge for the simple purpose of exchanging stories
(real and fabricated). He has frequently been found conversing with high
ranking officers sharing his creative stories as well as the little bits and
pieces he remembers from his earlier life.

"While he still struggles with the loss of his memory and the rejection of
his parents, he deals with it in a perfectly healthy and natural manner
through counselling sessions.

"I can confidently state, as a Betazoid, that it is a fact that Keith Winters
no longer considers himself a changeling and feels that as he has been far
from his home planet, his absence is no longer noticed. He considers himself
fully human and knows only his human life as a tangible part of the reality
of his history."

Standard Starfleet Requirement Psychological Profile:

On the surface, Keith strives to be a very open and eager individual,
striving to be everyone's friend. He has often times gone out of his way to
provide help where he can and is very firm set in his morals. While this is
a positive trait of Keith's it can conversely be a negative one.

Frequently, Keith has been in "debates" as to what is right and what is
wrong with the universe; on occasion it has come to cost him retaking
certain academy tests as his first time through led him to follow his heart
rather than established procedure.

His most predominant trait is most obviously his charisma. Keith is very
open minded to other culture's and belief systems only rivalling their
points when they come into direct conflict with his seemingly subconscious
"galaxy wide" morals. He is most often comical and optimistic in any
conversation and while he welcomes debate, he will keep his rebuttals good

Keith thrives on stories. He loves to tell stories and loves to hear stories
and will drop just about anything he is doing to exchange tales, legends, or
even history. While most memory of his early life is clouded, he is reminded
more and more of the past as he falls into deep conversation and will often
share any recalled experiences.

When in contact with other species, he tries to observe their customs and
beliefs but is always anxious for the chance to exchange stories and has a
difficult time restraining himself. Keith is a firm believer in the prime

Additional Notes: Keith Winters has absolutely no shape changing ability. He
does not consider himself a Changeling. This aspect of him is more of a
distant memory and feels almost like the hazy images of a past life.

----------------------End Bio chip---------------------------------