Kilesi Station

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Kilesi Station - The Fourth Mission of the USS FEARLESS

Stardates: 200903.1215 - 210325.0159

Mission Dates: 1.0800 - 2.2207

Mission Synopsis:

Having left the planet Chordia (see Chordia:_First_Contact mission), the USS FEARLESS and her small fleet of 6 Star Fleet escorts were still in the GAMMA quadrant, slowly making their way to the aperture of the Bajoran wormhole. A seemingly derelict space station was discovered and FEARLESS and SOYUZ met to investigate.

The approach of SOYUZ's shuttle activated an automated message from the station and it's massive gravity generator pulled the shuttle in, smashing it against the structure. SOYUZ was nearly pulled in as well. Captain Sareka called for a rescue mission in which the FEARLESS held the station's attention while a shuttle leapfroged in and docked.

On the station, the rescue team discovered inhabitants: spherical drones of the station's AI; survivors of past crashes including Samatra and his crew; the first clone of the Vorta Peyorn; and Jem'hadar, which were driven insane from Ketracel White depletion. As the investigation continued, Marines and security personnel were found hunted by unknown creatures. CDR Sobek and Dr Aravek discovered the creatures' genetic similarity to Jem'hadar. Sobek was saved from one of the creatures by LT DeVar, who had to assume the position of the recently killed TAC. Peyorn admited that the station was originally a Jem'hadar cloning facility but that it was no longer under Dominion control.

Aravek is incapacitated by a Founder who then took his place on the shuttle back to the FEARLESS along with Peyorn, Samatra & his crew, and the survivors of the Star Fleet away team. The doctor made contact with the station's AI and further discovered that the station was being used by Romulans attempting to genetically engineer Jem'hadar that would be subservient to the Star Empire. Aravek and the injured Petty Officer Soria escaped by commandeering the VASHKOR, a Romulan scout ship.

Onboard the FEARLESS, the Founder sought out extensive biological data and used the transporter to steal a single human ovum. Along the way, she kidnapped LT DeVar and Nurse Jesca Rain, locking them both in a storage container. She was stopped from locking away a third crewmember when Aravek beamed her into the brig of the VASHKOR. While there, the two worked out a peace deal.

Captain Sareka accepted the agreement, the full resolution of which included: The Kilesi station would be returned to the station AI which would act as a jailor to the stranded Romulans; the VASHKOR would be a temporarily shared commodity of both Star Fleet and the Great Link faction of the Dominion until the FEARLESS and her fleet leave Dominion space, then becoming the full property of the Dominion; and the FEARLESS and her ships would leave Dominion space at best possible speed, escorted by Dominion vessels.

Shortly thereafter, Captain Sareka received Star Fleet orders to return to the Alpha quadrant without Dominion knowledge. With Dr Aravek's and CDR Sobek's assistance, a minor ship-wide system failure acted as a distraction allowing the CO to depart undetected by all, leaving Sobek fully in command of the FEARLESS and her 6 support ships.

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