Krima Expeditionary Force

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Krima Expeditionary Force Central Database


Welcome to the Central Database for Krima Expeditionary Force of GOLD Fleet!

KRIMAXFOR is one of several task forces within Gold Fleet. It is a mixed task force comprised of traditional naval elements, conbat shuttle carriers, and marine transports based out of Starbase Deep Space 13 in orbit of Beta Iotia IV. The force is usually dispersed patrol the region, rather than being concentrated at the base.

The patrol zone of the Krima Expeditionary Force is an approximately 30-light-year diameter sphere centered on the starbase. This covers a particularly volatile area of the UFP frontier. It's galactic trailing ("Eastern") edge runs from the border of the Tholian Holdfast to coreward (the "North") across the Tybiiran Asteroid Field and Voira Tundra to the border of the Gorn Hegemony to rimward (the "South"), and to the David and Goliath Nebula to spinward (the "West").

If you would like to know more about Krima and how it fits into the overall stroy arc of Gold Fleet and ASR, having a look at the pages contained herein is a good start. if you don't find what you are looking for, however, please drop a note to Tim Cooke, who plays VADM Tarvis Ren, the Commander-in-Chief of Gold Fleet.