Letter from the MEDCOM

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Letter from the MEDCOM

From: Commander, Starfleet Medical

To: All CMOs and CNSs, all commands, as well as those one might be looking into writing for a medical character in Alt.Starfleet.RPG

I would like to take the time to welcome you to the new SFMED database, the Star Fleet Medical Corps Database and Information Center. This Center is designed to assist the writer of medical and counseling sciences by providing a listing of medical and counseling sources of information for RPG realism. It is my hope that this revamped and revised website will help the writer with their needs and questions in regards to medical and medical related threads.

I am and always have been a character-based writer with limited knowledge or ability to drive a plot without extensive use of dialogue and character development. I don't make excuses for my writing style, as I love my dialogues and my characters, but it does occasionally have it's limitations. Had I had this resource available to me when I originally started my ASR tenure almost a decade ago, my writing style may have developed along a different path.

To the potential writer who is browsing through the various other ASR Branch sites and Resources, it is my hope that this helps you make the decision to join ASR as a Chief Medical Officer or as a Counselor. Many of the threads and storylines incorporate medical topics, where the CMO might have to perform surgery or investigate some strange new virus or biologic weapon. There is also a vast wealth of options for those who decide to join ASR as a Counselor. Surprisingly enough the ASR universe is not completely full of sane, well-adjusted people. Nor are the races that your ship will met be full of well meaning and gentle folk. Counselors are responsible for not only maintaining the well-being of their crew, but also serve as diplomatic envoys. As you can see, not all the fun can be found in piloting a mighty "Kirov"-class heavy cruiser or firing the weapons systems on a "Galaxy"-class light cruiser.

Alt.Starfleet.RPG takes place 40 years after events depicted in Star Trek: Nemesis. The ASR timeline is nearly identical to the Star Trek Universe created by Gene Roddenberry, up to the first Borg Invasion: the Battle of Wolf 359. From there, the ASR timeline takes off on it's own, exploring new worlds and new races in new ships against the old enemies and a few new ones. With over 140 active writers in nearly two dozen units or ships, ASR has more than enough to provide the writer with interesting plot lines and threads.

In closing, please take a peek at the resources we have. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with me.

--Staci Golladay

RADM Morigan Athyn (Bronson) Fawkes, MD

Commander, Star Fleet Medical