Lo'Rel Kaderji

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Played by Federico Colnago - updated SD 251104.

VADM Lo'rel Kaderji


A. Billet Information

  • FIRST NAME: Lo'Rel
  • SURNAME: Kaderji
  • CURRENT BILLET: Chief of Star Fleet (CINCSF)
  • GENDER/SEX: Male
  • AGE: 52 TSY
  • DOB: 02nd of April 2373
  • POB: Salviry, Takara

B. Family

    • Orvellis Kaderji [Father] (born 2340, Diplomat, Takaran Embassy on Ferenginar)
    • Al'Ver Eleria Kaderji [Mother] (born 2347, Climatologist, resident on Ferenginar)
    • El'Rel Kaderji [Brother] (born 2370, CDR, SCI USS POLAR)
    • Suh'Rel Kaderji [Brother] (born 2375, Politician, Takara)
  • SPOUSE: Valerie Silvie Bonneau (human, born 2371, Teacher, resident on SB EPSILON)
  • CHILDREN: Marcel Mek'Rel Kaderji (born 2405, ENS, Enginnering Dept. USS ALBATROSS)
  • HEIGHT: 198 cm
  • WEIGHT: 112 kg
  • HAIR: Light Blue/Grey
  • EYES: Dark Green
  • BLOOD:
  • VISION: 10/10
  • RELIGION: Atheist
  • LANGUAGES: Takaran, English, Vulcan, Romulan, French


A. Academic Institutions Attended

  -- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended

  -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
  -- Star Fleet Tactical School

C. Qualifications

  -- Scientific Officer
  -- Engineering Field Course
  -- Diplomatic Officer Course
  -- Bridge Officer
  -- Command

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

  • Professional Major: D-Warp Field Theory
  • Professional Minor: Time Travel Quantum Theory
  • Class Rank: Cadet Lieutenant
  • Reprimands: 0
  • Commendations: 3
  • Athletics: American Football (Tight-End)
  • Activities: Two time President elect for the student body council.


A. Chronology (tabular form)

  • 0-4: Born and raised on Takara
  • 4-9: Moved off world following his father various assignments
  • 9-13: Lived in Paris, France (Earth) with his mother and her family while his father's assignment as a deep space ambassador on the USS CLEVELAND
  • 13-17: Lived on Ferenginar
  • 17-22: Starfleet Academy
  • 22-Present: Active Duty in Star Fleet

B. Background Summary:
Coming Soon

C. Personality Summary


A. Promotion History

  • SD (23)950309: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1)
  • SD (23)981102: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant J.G. (O-2)
  • SD (24)010801: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant (O-3)
  • SD (24)050128: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
  • SD (24)051130: Promoted to rank of Commander (O-5)
  • SD (24)100503: Promoted to rank of Captain (O-6)
  • SD (24)180304: Promoted to rank of Commodore (O-7)
  • SD (24)241104: Promoted to rank of Rear Admiral (O-8)
  • SD (24)251010: Promoted to rank of Vice Admiral (O-9)
  • SD (24)260202: Promoted to rank of Admiral (O-10)

B. Service History

  • SD (23)901220: Accepted into Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth.
  • SD (23)950301: Graduated Star Fleet Academy, 22nd of 302.
  • SD (23)950309: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1), assigned Propulsion Technician, USS BELLAGIO.
  • SD (23)970202: Assigned as D-Warp Specialist, USS BELLAGIO.
  • SD (23)981102: Commisioned as Lieutenant J.G. (O-2), Deputy Chief Engineering Officer, USS BELLAGIO.
  • SD (24)010801: Commissioned as Lieutenant (O-3), as Chief Engineering Officer, USS BUSCH.
  • SD (24)031030: Bridge Officer Qualification course.
  • SD (24)040124: Science Officer Qualification course.
  • SD (24)050128: Commissioned as Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
  • SD (24)051025: USS BUSCH lost while on deep space mission, listed as MIA among most of the crew.
  • SD (24)051125: Rescued together with 12 other survivors of USS BUSCH.
  • SD (24)051130: Commissioned as Commander (O-5).
  • SD (24)060110: Department transfer, commissioned as Executive Officer, USS OBSIDIAN.
  • SD (24)080327: Diplomatic Officer Qualification course.
  • SD (24)080912: Temporary assignment as Diplomatic liasons to Terrellis IV.
  • SD (24)100122: Return to USS OBSIDIAN as Executive Officer.
  • SD (24)100503: Commissioned as Captain (O-6), as Commanding Officer, USS OBSIDIAN.
  • SD (24)130110: USS OBSIDIAN decommissioned.
  • SD (24)130714: Tactical Warfare Qualification course.
  • SD (24)130802: Fleet Logisitc Qualification course.
  • SD (24)140201: Commissioned as Assistant Fleet Maintenance Officer for GOLD FLEET, stationed on Starbase BETA.
  • SD (24)160505: Commissioned as Fleet Maintenance Officer for SILVER FLEET, stationed on Starbase SAIKAI.
  • SD (24)180304: Commissioned as Commodore (O-7).
  • SD (24)221002: Transferred to Starbase EPLISON, commissioned as Chief Fleet Logistic Officer.
  • SD (24)240310: Commissioned as assistant CINC SILVER FLEET.
  • SD (24)251104: Commissioned as Rear Admiral (O-8) to the position of CINCSILVER.
  • SD (24)260202: Commissioned as Vice Admiral (O-9) to the position of CINCSF.

C. Medals and Commendations

  • Alpha Quadrant Service Ribbon
  • Beta Quadrant Service Ribbon
  • Gamma Quadrant Service Ribbon
  • SILVER Fleet Service Ribbon
  • GOLD Fleet Service Ribbon
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Purple Heart
  • Star Fleet Cross - for his actions in helping the survivors of the USS BUSCH.
  • Star Fleet Engineering Corps Ribbon
  • Star Fleet Diplomatico Corps Ribbon
  • Terrellian High Honor Award - for his diplomatic services (issued by the Terrellis IV government)


Engineer by trade, and diplomatic officer due to family pressure and loyalty to his heritage, Lo'Rel is a skilled and gifted officer who excel in managing resources. His primary field of expertise, Propulsion Theory, remains his first and biggest love, but the call of duty has brought him somewhat away from starship engines and he is now a very valuable assets to Star Fleet, even with his hands clean.


"Jo'Rel Kaderji, being a Takaran, shows an outstanding resiliance towards any kind of physical injury and illness. His physiology is incredibly adaptable and highly proficient even under stress and duress. His body, more often than not, keeps going a long way after his brain starts showing signs of exhaustion due to his attitude towards over-working. Nothing his addiction to Coffee won't mitigate to keep him going."

  • CDR Mario De Bianchi


"Jo'Rel is an incredibly dedicated officer and man. He shows no signs of doubting in the spirit of giving all his 120% into what he does, to the point, at time, of borderline into obsession toward his work."

  • Dr. S'Leck
  • Chief Counselor for GOLD FLEET

"Commodore Kaderji is a tough patient to deal with. Any minute spent idling is a restless and almost painful moment for him, and he hardly seem to stop at all. His tendency to mental (more than physical) exaustion is something that should be kept under constant monitoring."

  • CAPT Alexis Martin Lavelle
  • CO, Medical ship USS PALLADIUM


His main hobby is wood carving, and he cultivates a passion for Earth dogs. Taking care and spending time with his two pet dogs (a Corgi, "Nut", and a German Shepherd, "Fred") is probably his biggest passion. He still enjoys playing the occasional Squash or Tennis match.


Nothing at this time.