M'Sikatha S'Likto

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LTJG M'Sikatha S'Likto- Chief Medical Officer, USS Republic

Lieutenant JG (O-2)


ENS M'Sikatha S'Likto Chief Medical Officer (played by Samuel Topp, white_spirit_wolf_aniu@hotmail.com)


I. Personal Data


Full Name: M'Sikatha S'Likto Surname: S'Likto Given Name: M'Sikatha Nickname: Shard Current Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2) Current Billet: Chief Medical Officer, USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371 Species: Caitian Gender/Sex: Female Age: 26 DOB: 2235.230 POB: Cait Parents: S'iki S'Liko - Mother

        K'tath S'Liko - Father	

Siblings: N/A Spouse: N/A Children: N/A

A. Physical Description

HT: 6'8" WT: 65Kg EY: Turqouise HR: Flashing silver SK: Albino white Blood Type: O+ Religion: Wicca Citizenship: Cait Languages: Caitian, Standard


II. Educational Background


A. Academic Institutions Attended

  -- Star Fleet Academy
        (Medical Degree.)

B. Service Schools Attended

  -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)

  -- MOC: Degree in Medicine
          Degree in Kinesiology
          Degree in Homeopathy

D. Star Fleet Academy Record

Honors: N/A Academic Major: Science. Professional Major: Damage Control, Emergency Repairs. Class Rank: Reprimands: Incident 2650- Found to be illegally modifying her medical tricorder without engineering assistance. Commendations: N/A Athletics: N/A Activities: N/A


III. Biographical Notes


A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-5: Lived on Cait with her family. Mother was a doctor, Father was an engineer. 5-18: Taught by both mother and father about their practices. Moved to Earth with family. 18: Entered Starfleet Academy, managed to work through both engineering and medical classes fairly quickly. 19: Caught and reprimanded over illegal repairs to her equipment. 18-22: Completed both academy and cadet cruise as quickly as she could to be able to work in the field. 22-25: Completed medical residency. 25: Assigned to the USS PASTEUR, NCC-1892. 26- : Assigned to the USS REPUBLIC, NCC-1371.

B. Background Summary

Born on Cait before acceptance into the Federation, she was unaware of the significance of this matter. Instead she lived a rather happy and interesting life, working in both her fathers shop on the rapidly increasing technologically developing world of Cait or with her mother who prided herself on her medical techniques.

It was when she reached the age of 17 her family set out on their very long journey to Earth. M'Sikatha had since she was 15, wanted to attend Starfleet academy to become one of the first Caitian's serving the federation.

It was with joy she was accepted into the Academy at the age of 18. With so few Caitian species attending, it

was a hard run for M'Sikatha, however she tried to make the best of it.

Within 2 months of entering came a day she would never forget. Coming home from a night out with friends she was cornered by a group of eight men, xenophobes in their own right. She blanked out only to return to consciousness a few hours later stained with blood and wearing a torn uniform.

The incident had been caught on a nearby surveillance cameras and was reviewed a few days later. The images of the camera are her only recollection showing the group beating and trying to kill her before she retaliated and mauled them after her 'blackout'. It was found at the hearing that she had defended herself from being killed and was not accountable for her actions after her blackout. Three men survived the incident, two more had died in hospital.

Taught never to use her claws, M'Siktha felt disgraced, however after the remainder of her time spent in the Academy under heavy counseling she has come out the other side with only a few psychological scars.

Hurrying her studies so she could finally be assigned to a ship, M'Sikatha finished her courses in record time along with her cadet cruise on the USS GALILEO. At the age of 22 M'Siktha had completed her jounrey and now entered Starfleet for her first assignment as one of the few Caitians in the fleet.


IV. Official Star Fleet Record


A. Promotion History:

2257.115: Promoted to Ensign (O-1) 2259.228: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)

B. Service History:

2253.213: Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy 2254.214: Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy 2255.213: Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy 2256.213: Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy

2257.115: Graduated from Starfleet Academy; assigned to cadet cruise aboard USS GALILEO, NCC-0594. 2257.190: Finished Cadet Cruiser, commissioned as Ensign (O-1). Began residency. 2260.213: Completed residency. Assigned as Medical Officer, USS PASTEUR, NCC-1892. 2261.224: Assigned as Chief Medical Officer, USS Republic, NCC-1371.

C. Medals and Commendations:

None at this time


V. Skills Profile


-Markmanship with a bow -Swordsmanship -Athletics


VI. Recent Fitness Reports


Not much can be said about this particular Caitian, her fitness is in her prime for her species. However being a recently joined race to the Federation I do not have a complete picture of her species complete physiological profile of what is or is not healthy.

By the standards I have been given she is a perfectly healthy Caitian. However due to her physiology she will be required to keep her fitness in peek condition, monitored more frequently then other crewmembers as Caitians seem to have very fragile systems when it comes to lack of exercise.

Dr. Grace Tanner

-Medical Officer. Starfleet Academy.


VII. Psychological Profile


There are a number of factors that would suit both Starfleet and Miss S'Liko. She is a very independent woman, rather buoyant and jumpy if anything about her "engineering' side shows up. However she can be completely serious should any practical or dangerous work arise.

Working in such a closed off environment is a sharp contrast to her original home world of Cait and has left an impression on her, leaving her claustrophobic. Due to problems with her arrival in the Acadmey she has also been found to be fairly timid of crowds standing at more then five people.

All in all she is a rather friendly, outgoing individual who can switch from one 'person' to another quite quickly though this should not be classed as a disorder.

-- Lt. Annita Jeffries. Staff Psychologist, Starfleet Academy.


VIII. Current Recreational Interests


-Swordplay -Acting -Reading -Working on Equipment -Going for runs -Sparring