Mark J. Weston, M.D.

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Name: Weston, Mark James, M.D.
Age: 43
Race: Terran
Sex: Male
Birthplace: Baltimore, United States of America, Earth
Citizenship: Earth
Mother: Jean Weston, age 62
Father: David Weston, age 69
Siblings: None
Parent's Current Residence: Edinburgh, Scotland, Terra

**** EDUCATION ****

Starfleet Academy -- Graduated with Doctorate in Medicine, heavy
	concentration in Psychology

* SD 130205.2300 Transferred to COUNS position from XO, by personal choice.
* SD 080813.2100 Transferred to USS NOVA (NCC-1776-A), along with all
	command staff, upon loss of USS NOVA (NCC-1776) at the Second
	Battle of Gamma
* SD 080604.1400 Promoted to Cmdr., Transferred to XO, USS NOVA (NCC-1776) 
	upon successful completion of mission at Vandor Science Station
* SD 071207.2130 Transferred to OPS/2O, USS NOVA (NCC-1776)
* SD 070524.1000 Promoted to Lt. Cmdr. upon successful completion of
	mission at Malcoria.
* SD 070305.0500 Promoted to Lt. upon assignment to COUNS, USS NOVA (NCC-1776)
* SD 060908.2351 Promoted to Lt. (jg) after assisting in successful retaking 
        of USS COMRADE (NCC-4600) from Romulan vessel.
* SD 060719.1426 Graduated from Armstrong Lunar Base training, assigned to 
        USS COMRADE (NCC-4600)
* SD 0607??.???? (exact date lost) Graduated from Starfleet Academy

* SD 110803.0500 Leonard McCoy Medal for Merit after helping to discover the
	cause of a plague killing the crew of the NOVA while 1,000,000 years
	in the past
* SD 080910.2230 Golden Nebula Award after Second Battle of Gamma
* SD 080625.0730 Outstanding Service Citation after Tholian incident at
	Vandor Station
* SD 070711.1200 Commendation Medal after assistance in incident with
	USS ILLUSTRIOUS (NCC-2525) at Deep Space 9


COUNS, USS NOVA (NCC-1776-A), serving under Capt. J. Robert Brooks, Jr.


XO,     USS NOVA (NCC-1776-A),    serving under Capt. J. Robert Brooks, Jr.
XO,     USS NOVA (NCC-1776),      serving under Capt. J. Robert Brooks, Jr.
OPS/2O, USS NOVA (NCC-1776),      serving under Capt. J. Robert Brooks, Jr.
COUNS,  USS NOVA (NCC-1776),      serving under Capt. J. Robert Brooks, Jr.
COUNS,  USS COMRADE (NCC-4600),   serving under Capt. Brynn Kelsy
Armstrong Lunar Base, Holodeck 2, serving under Capt. Alex Werzbowski


Commander Mark James Weston, M.D., was born in the city of Baltimore, in
the territory of the old United States of America, on Terra.  His mother
was a clerical worker while his father would work here and there on
various jobs, never staying with any one place for long.  His father's
early life, before Mark was born, involved a brief stint as a crewman with
Starfleet, working on Starbase ALPHA but never stepping onto a starship.
As Mark grew up, he often heard about how his father regretted leaving
Starfleet, and the tales Mark would hear of the ships and their adventures
caused Mark to realize very early what he wanted to be was a Starfleet
officer, and not just a crewman like his father.

As soon as he was able, Mark enrolled for and was accepted by Starfleet
Academy.  During the first year of classes, where the student is thrown
into many areas to decide where he would like to study, Mark's best
classes seemed to be in science and psychology.  Early on, Mark realized
that when he graduated from the Academy he'd like to serve as a Ship's
Counselor; not only would he get to be an officer, he'd have an important
job and help a potentially large number of people.  His classload
eventually focused on a speciality of Medicine, but with a heavy
concentration is Psychology, as Mark felt in order to be a good Counselor,
he would also need to have a strong medical background.  The classes were
tough, and involved many long hours of study, but he made it and graduated
in the top 10% of his class.

His first assignment out of the Academy was as Ship's Counselor aboard the
USS COMRADE, under the command of Captain Brynn Kelsy.  The COMRADE was a
WELLINGTON-class starship, one of the last of that aging class of ship
still in active service.  The COMRADE's main role was for diplomatic and
first contact missions, which fit in well with Mark's area of interest.  
The ship's missions were anything but routine, including an incident where
Mark, fresh from the Academy, aided the Captain in retaking the ship after
it was captured by pirates.

Due to the age of the vessel, the COMRADE was decommissioned shortly after
Mark joined.  He was not between assignments long, however, as then
executive officer of the COMRADE, Lieutenant Commander Robert Brooks,
asked Mark to join him as Ship's Counselor aboard the USS NOVA.  During
his tenure aboard the NOVA, both the original GALAXY class vessel and her
SOLAR class replacement when the first was lost during the Second Battle
of GAMMA, Mark eventually moved to become the Operations Officer, and then
the Executive Officer under Captain Brooks.  While it moved away from his
primary focus of counseling, Mark was unable to refuse the rise through
the ranks, and still helped out both the Medical and Counseling
departments whenever they need assistance or extra bodies to help with the

After a while, however, Mark realized that he shouldn't have accepted the
rise.  An increasing sense of loss in his being caused him to regret leaving
the Counselor's spot, as if a piece of his humanity was being eaten away.
On Stardate 130205, he did something about it, moving back to the
Counselor's position.  It was wildly regarded as "Career Suicide" to make
such a drastic move after the investment gone into training him for the
higher positions, but he knew inside that it was the right one.

His career has been highlighted with receiving the Golden Nebula Award 
after the Second Battle of GAMMA, the Outstanding Service Citation after
an incident with the Tholians at Vandor station, a Commendation Medal
after an incident with the USS ILLUSTRIOUS at Deep Space 9, and the
Leonard McCoy Medal for Merit after helping eliminate a plague killing the
crew of the NOVA while trapped 1,000,000 years in the past.

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