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LCDR Joshua McKnight

Joshua McKnight

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

LCDR Joshua McKnight 
	(played by Brian V. Mansur,
I. Personal Data
Full Name:  		Joshua McKnight
Surname:  		McKnight
Given Name:  		Joshua
Nickname:		Mickey or Josh
Current Rank:  		Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
Current Billet:  	SEC, USS HOOD NCC-1703
Species:  		Human
Gender/Sex:  		Male
Age:  			29
DOB:  			2233.195 (July 14)
POB:  			Belfast, Ireland, Earth
Parents:  		Harold McKnight (dec) & Carrissa Tomlyn (dec)
Siblings:  		Britney McKnight-Ames
Spouse:  		None
Children:  		None

A. Physical Description
HT: 			5'10"
WT: 			178 lbs
EY: 			Gray/Green
HR: 			Brown
SK:  			Caucasian
Blood Type:  		B+	
Religion:  		Protestant (non-practicing)
Citizenship:  		Terra, UFP
Languages:  		English (native)
			Not fluent in Klingon though when he gets drunk
                        people often think he is.

II.  Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Starfleet Academy {Graduated *cum laude*}
         (Bachelor of Arts (honors), Engineering)
B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Star Fleet Engineering School
   -- Star Fleet Security School
   -- Star Fleet Special Forces School
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Damage Control Officer
   -- MOC:  Engineering Officer
   -- MOC:  Security Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: 		*cum laude*
Academic Major: 	Engineering
Professional Major: 	Starship Engineering/Security/Tactics
Class Rank:  		24/320
Reprimands: 		2
Commendations: 		4
Athletics:		Wrestling, Soccer, Rugby
Activities:  		Wargaming Society

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0-18:  	Lived with family on Earth; attended Terran public schools.

18-22:	Attended Starfleet Academy.

22:	Cadet Cruise aboard USS NEWTON.  Commissioned into 
		Starfleet as an Ensign (O-1).

22-:	Active duty in Starfleet.

B. Background Summary

Joshua McKnight comes across as one of the most unassuming, likable 
fellows you will ever meet.  He's bright, genuine, energetic, upbeat and 
always ready to share a drink.  For all that, he's one of the more 
experienced Special Forces officers in the fleet.  His specialties 
include security and engineering but he also possesses competent piloting
and communications skills.  A jack of all trades, he remains unsually 
humble and is always looking for ways to help his fellow crewmen.  He's 
difficult to make angry and prefers not to hold grudges, though he isn't
above retributional pranks as his Academy records can testify.  

Josh's chief vice is his penchant for whiskey.  In this, however, he is 
careful enough to get drunk in a protected environment and usually saves 
the experience for special occassions.  In any case, being Irish, it is 
very hard to drink him under the table: an ability that has saved him and 
his team on more than one occassion.  

Josh currently has no romantic or familial attachments.  He keeps only in
loose contact with his sister back on Earth.  This reluctance to form any
intimate relationships grew quickly after losing several friends early 
in his Special Forces tour.  So, while he rarely lacks for female
admirers, he stopped dating long ago when it was literally beaten into 
him just how dangerous his job could be.  Ironically, he transfered to 
normal fleet duty to have a "saner" life.  

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2251.213:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2252.213:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2253.214:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2254.213:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2255.151:       Commission as Ensign (O-1)
2256.253:       Promoted to Lietuenant jg (O-2)
2258.352:       Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)
2262.170:	Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

B. Service History
2251.213:	Entered 1st Year, Starfleet Academy
2252.213:	Entered 2nd Year, Starfleet Academy
2253.214:	Entered 3rd Year, Starfleet Academy
2254.213:	Entered 4th Year, Starfleet Academy
2255.070:	Graduated from Starfleet Academy; assigned to
			cadet cruise aboard USS NEWTON, NCC-0593
2255.150:   	Finished Cadet Cruiser, commissioned as Ensign (O-1);
			assigned to Corona Team, Special Forces
2255.216:   	Awarded the Bronze Star
2255.216:       Awarded Wounded Lion 
2255-2262:      Details pending declassification.
2262.202:       Assigned as Chief Security Officer, USS HOOD, NCC-1703
2263.144:       Assigned to Operations, STARBASE 10

C.  Medals and Commendations
Bronze Star
Wounded Lion
Starfleet Commendation Award x1
Combat Action Award x5

V. Skills Profile

Combatives Level V

VI. Recent Fitness Reports


Multiple healed fractures on record, no physical abnormalities.  Some 
interal abdominal scaring from trauma related to his service bears 
monitoring.  Advised the patient to report any unusual constitutional 
discomfort.  Fitness test scores are excellent.  Cleared for duty.  

-- Dr. Bennet
	Staff Attending, STARBASE 6

VII. Psychological Profile

Commander McKnight continues to present himself as a well adjusted 
individual, though he reports he still has not had a serious relationship
with someone of the opposite sex since his first year in the fleet.  
While he claims he "doesn't want make a widow out of anyone," seven years
without intimacy is most unusual for some of his age and good health.  I
suspect other psychological factors to be at work which our interview did
not cover and which the classified nature of his service history might 
prevent him from discussing.  Given he is transferring to fleet duty to 
reduce his risk level (his words), this aspect of his personality may 
bear scrutiny if he does not start taking an active interest in intimate 
relationships.  He continues to be ambitious in his career goals and is 
evidently an achiever.  At this time, I do see an impediments to his 
functioning as an officer.  

-- CDR Jeremy Payne
	Staff Psychologist, Starbase 6

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Social Drinking

IX. NRPG Notes

Josh had quite the convoluted developmental history.  First he was going 
to be this really nice guy from Denver, Colorado for Serah Riley to date.
Then when I retired Serah, he became this Irish guy with a penchant for 
whiskey.  Mind you, at one point, I toyed with making him Jessica McKnight
with emerald green and eyes, brilliant red hair and a flirty disposition 
who liked whiskey to boot.  Steve Apple suggested I stick with playing a 
guy this time round, so there you are.  Lots of what might have beens. 
He is also the first seriously non-Christian character I've played so
he is going to do some naughty stuff I don't condone (just for the