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Miranda-class starship- Alternate Timeline
2261.364; 2262.008

* These statistics are currently under development and have not been approved by 
Starfleet Engineering at this time.  As such, they can and will undergo further 
change before they are finalized.

* created by Scott Lusby (scottjlusby@hargray.com)

Class Name       : MIRANDA (Alternate Timeline)
Classification   : Patrol/General Duty
Type             : CL (Cruiser, Light)
Model Number     : I

Length           :  ~ 500 m
Beam             :  ~ 300 m
Draft            :  ~ 150 m
Displacement     :  ~ 300,000 mt

Total Standard   :  ~ 600
Officers         :  ~  86
Crew             :  ~ 514

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type        : FWG-1 (Federation Warp Drive Model G, Mark 1)
     Number       : 2
Main Reactor      : FRAM-802

Impulse System
Drive Type        : FIG-1 (Federation Impulse Drive Model G, Mark 1)
     Number       : 2
Secondary Reactor : FRIF-310 network

Standard Cruise Speed   : 5.0
Maximum Cruise Speed    : 6.0
Sustainable for 12 hours: 7.5
Maximum Emergency Speed : 8.0
Core Failure Immenent   : >8.0

     Phaser, Type VIII Main Battle Phaser
          Number : 8 banks paired in 4 "cannons"
          Range  : 200,000 km
          Arcs   : port-side weapons bar above saucer module (2 f/p, 2a/p)
                 : starboard-side weapons bar above saucer module (2 f/s, 2a/s)
Photon Torpedoes
     Photon Torpedo, Mk IV
          Number : 3 launchers
          Range  : 2,000,000 km
          Arcs   : amidships weapons bar launcher (2 forward)
		 : amidships weapons bar launcher (1 aft)

Point Defense
     Point Defense Lasers, type 1
          Number : 16 (8 turrets of 2 lasers each)
          Range  : 100,000 km
          Arcs   : saucer dorsal turrets (4 turrets f/p, f/s, a/p, a/s)
		 : saucer ventral turrets (4 turrets f/p, f/s, a/p, a/s)

Deflector System : FD-G (Federation Deflector Model G)

     Standard, 6-person  : 6
     Emergency, 22-person: 6
     Cargo               : 2

Shuttle Bays     :  2 (Aft saucer module, p/s of impulse engine exhaust ports)
Shuttlecraft	 : 12


The MIRANDA-class light cruiser is the latest development in the continuing
political war being waged between the old-school science and exploration
supports and the hawkish elements who have slowly wrested more and more
power in the Admiralty for the past 30 years.  Since Nero's destruction of
Vulcan, however, the balance may finally have shifted to the Hawks...and the
MIRANDA is the result.

Like all ships in the Alternate Timeline (AT), the AT version of the starship 
is several times larger than its Prime counterpart, more than three times as 
heavy, and having over twice as many officers and crew on board.  It
incorporates nearly all of the design features proven so successful on the 
heavier CONSTITUTION into the lighter, sleek "catamaran" design already 
successfully developed with the SANTA MARIA and MAGELLAN-class destroyers and 
the aging NEWTON-class light cruisers, which the MIRANDA is intended to replace.

Just like her heavier counterpart CONSTITUTION, everything about the AT design 
of MIRANDA screams "warship": larger, more advanced phaser systems more
numerous in number; deadlier photon torpedoes, and the incorporation of a point 
defense system.  But being smaller and lighter than the CONSTITUTION, the 
MIRANDA is comparatively quicker and more maneuverable, making her an idea
fast-response ship, able to deliver massive amounts of destructive force

A   Bridge
C-D Officer and Crew Quarters
E   Personnel Transporter and Sick Bay
G-I Primary Engineering
H   Shuttlebay (2- portside aft and starboardside aft)