Mission 1: Relaunch

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Outfitting for Launch: Timeline of the activities of the USS DEFIANT during her final preparations to relaunch under the command of Captain Richard Lewis with a new crew.


Andrew F.	–4.1300		Hsina begins a detailed psych eval from						
                                Commodore Neri ("Lies, damned lies and

Andrew F.	-4.1730		Against her better judgment, Neri clears
				Hsina for service aboard DEFIANT ("Lies,
				damned lies and statistics")

Marc J./	0.0930  	Admiral Carstairs asks Captain Lewis to 	
Scott L.			take command of the DEFIANT ("Captain's

Marc J.		0.1300 		Lewis takes a final casual stroll through 				
                                main engineering. ("Transitions")

Marc J.		0.1330 		Lewis gives up his command of the docks 					
                                and assumes command of the DEFIANT.

Greg P.		0.2127: 	Hap bids farewell to a friend on OUTPOST 					
                                28 before leaving for Starbase 6.("Hap

Marc J.		0.2300 		Lewis reviews the personnel jackets of 						
                                the senior staff assigned thus far.

David K.	1.0700	        Commander Autig Folocojasta assigns the troublemaker 
				Bekka McKinnon to the USS Defiant. ("Becca [part one]")

Marc J./	1.1245 		Amman reports aboard and has a brief 
Andrew F.			conversation with Lewis. ("First

Greg P.		1.1315: 	Hap arrives on the DEFIANT; reports to 						
                                CAPT Lewis in his day cabin. ("Hap

Marc J./	1.1320: 	Rick and Hap get caught up and discuss 		
Greg P.				preparing DEFIANT for her next mission.
				("Just Like Old Times")

Marc J.		2.1410 		The Captain meets his yeoman. ("Keeping
				up Appearances")

Greg P.		2.1415 		Hap gets a replacement Yeoman. ("The

Greg P.		2.1425 		Hap arrives for his meeting with Captain 					
                                Lewis. ("The Replacement")

Rob M.		2.2358		On their last night before fleet 						
                                assignment, a small group of cadets
				enjoy a game of poker. ("Reversal of

Matt B.		3.0714		Wolfe, cadet in tow, leaves his home for
				the past five years. ("A call of duty")

Matt B.		3.0941		Wolfe tours the ship, assessing its
				security. ("A inspector calls")

Matt B.		3.1009		Wolfe reports to the bridge and the 
				Captain. ("A inspector calls")

Marc J./	3.1010		Lewis and Wolfe head to the day cabin and
Matt B.				discuss tightening security.  Wolfe
				invites Lewis to a swearing-in ceremony.
				("Security comes to the Defiant")

Rob M.		3.1017 		Luken learns that he's been assigned to 					
                                the DEFIANT. ("Reversal of Fortune?")

Rob M.		3.1234 		New officers bid their farewells as they 					
                                make their way to their new assignments.	
				("Reversal of Fortune?")

Andrew F.	3.1300		LT Frain's apparition is revealed to be
				LCDR Amman when she arrives in Sci Lab
				One and issues orders. ("Ghosts and

Andrew F.	3.1610		Amman gets past Yeoman Watkins at the 
				Captain's Day Cabin. ("Ghosts and

Andrew F./	3.1611		Amman briefs Lewis on the issues in the Sciences
Marc  J.			department.  (“Ghosts in the Machine”)

Greg P.		3.2041 		Hap muses about the power of belief in a personal log 

Rob M.		3.2130		LTJG Luken arrives aboard DEFIANT and goes a-hunting 							
                                for a senior officer to report to. (“Friendly

Greg P.		3.2132		Hap spends some time playing solitaire in Wardroom B 

Rob M.		3.2145		Luken finds LCDR Harris in the wardroom and suggests a 							
                                friendly game... (“Friendly Competition”)

Greg P.		3.2146		Hap and Luken get acquainted, prepare to play cards. 
			        (“Challenge... Accepted!”)

Andrew F.	3.2200 		Heralded by a sudden change in lighting, Amman
				enters the wardroom amidst stares. (“Ghost of
				Christmas Past”)

Rob M.		3.2203		A friendly game of cards between Hap and Luken ends 
				with both players happy. (“Luck is what you make of

Greg P.		4.0747		While in the computer control room, Hap runs into
				difficulties while trying to fix the malfunctioning
				wardroom lights.  (“Gremlins”)

Andrew F.	4.0755		Hsina finds Hap in the Computer Control Room 
				and wonders why he needs an archaelogist (“XO 0,
				SCI 1”) 

Andrew F./	4.0756 		Hsina and Hap talk about the lighting glitches in the 
Greg P.				wardroom and the (im)possibility of otherworldly 
				influence. (“Some Light on the Subject”)

Andrew F.	4.0805		The lights follow Hsina out the door, TWICE
				(“Lights Out”)

Marc J.		4.1000		Captain Lewis hopes for the arrival of the Chief Engineer 
				(“Setting things in order”)

Marc J./	4.1030		LTJG Luken reports to CAPT Lewis. ("Meeting the Man In
Rob M.                          Charge")

Marc J./	4.1045	        The CO and FO talk computer problems and first 
Greg P.				impressions of the senior staff. (“A Personnel

Matt B.		4.1123		Wolfe monitors the ship from the Security Center
				before leaving for the swearing in ceremony. 
				(“Taking a peep”)

Marc J./        4 1200 	        Wolfe and Lewis give rousing speeches to the
Matt B.				Security staff during the swearing in ceremony.
				(“Taking the oath”)

David K.	4.1300	        Bekka frightens a squirrel on a hovercycle and says the 
				first goodbye to Starfleet Academy. ("Becca [part two]")

David K.	4.1400		Lt McKinnon has an appointment with the Admiral.
				(“Becca [part three]”)

Greg P.		4.1550		Hap meets with the Records and Personnel 
				Officers; Yeoman Forsythe decides to stay on as 
				Hap's assistant (for now). (“Officers and Gentlewomen”)

Andrew F.	4.1600		Hsina hears of a fight challenge on USS Invincible
				and signs up as a competitor. (“Stress Relief”)

Marc J.		4.1800		Rick and son, Cadet Charles Lewis, have dinner in
				the Captain's Quarters. (“Family Ties”)

Andrew F.	4.2100		On the INVINCIBLE, Hsina fights her way to the 
				top, defeating the Vulcan Senak for the prize. 
				(“Stress Relief”)

Andrew F.	4.2330		Bruised and bloodied, Hsina returns to DEFIANT's
				Science Labs where the senior staff has gathered.
                                ("Stress Relief")

Andrew F./	4.2330		Lewis, Wolfe, and Hap weigh in on the results of 
Matt B./Marc J./		Hsina's successful fight. ("After the Fight")
Greg P.

Rob M.		5.0800		DEFIANT undergoes a flight test, which the helm officer 
				thoroughly enjoys. (“Stretching Legs”)

Marc J.		5.1000		LCDR Hopkins, acting Chief Engineer reports for
				assignment. (“Playing the System”)

David K.        5.1308 		Bekka McKinnon boards the USS Defiant. (“Becca [part

David K.	5.1348 		Bekka gets a look at her quarters and unpacks her stuff.
				(“Becca [part five]”)

Marc J./	5.1400		CAPT Lewis returns to the DEFIANT with orders 
Greg P.				to make ready to depart and meets with CDR Harris 
				to make final preparations.  He calls a senior staff 
				meeting for 1800.  ("Ready to Roll")

Greg P.		5.1630		Yeoman Forsythe shares misgivings about Hap 
				discovering details of her identity with her roommate 
				Marla Rae (“If You Don't Know Me by Now”)

David K.	5.1642 		Lt McKinnon spends an hour in `the oval'—a suite of 
				communications stations on deck four and meets some of 
				the crewmen in her department. (“Becca [part five]”)

Matt B.		5 1647 		LCDR Wolfe personally oversees hand-to-hand
				training for his SEC officers. (“Training Day”)

Greg P.		5.1735		Hap revisits the Computer Control Room to discuss 
				Klein's anti-glitch program. (“Get with the Program”)

Greg P.		5.1755		Hap arrives at the officer's mess hall for the briefing. 

David K. 	5.1758 		Just in time to the meeting. (“Becca [part five]”)

Andrew F.	5.1802		Hsina arrives to the briefing. (“The Ghostess with
				the Mostest”)

Marc J.		5.1830		Lewis starts the briefing (“Briefing Begins”)

Marc J./	5.1905 		Lewis and McKinnon take a walk, talk shop, and
David K.			visit a hidden observation nook. ("Lewis and McKinnon")

Rob M.		5.2000		Some young hooligan buzzes the DEFIANT, all in the 
				name of testing the target acquisition system. A likely 
				story . . . (“Moving Target”)

Greg P.		6.0730		Hap calls home and speaks to his mom and dad.  (“F.O.
				Phone Home”)

Greg P.		6.0815		Hap ventures to the Astrometrics Lab to give Ens. Callas a 
				pep talk. (“Pep Talk”)

Erich L.	6.0825		LT Zi'shara makes her way aboard DEFIANT ("Coming Aboard")

Marc J./	6.0830		LT Zi'shara reports aboard and meets with the Captain 
Erich L.		        (“The Doctor Arrives”)

Ace 		6.0900		LT Cooper fights with a 'lift on her way to see the
				Captain (“Last Chance”)

Greg P. 	6.0901 		Lewis and Hap meet Charlie (“All Ahead”)

Andy C.		6.0925		ADM Corrigan learns of the missing admin, orders
				DEFIANT to locate the transport ASAP (“A Small

Greg P.		6.0930 		DEFIANT leaves the starbase, heads for the 
				transport's last location (“All Ahead”)