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Star Fleet Engineering
Bureau of Ships

The Unites Federation of Planets Star Fleet Engineering Bureau of Ships is responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, and retirement of all Star Fleet Naval starships and starcraft in the inventory of the United Federation of Planets.

These documents give general overviews of the major equipment on the ships. For specifics about how different subsystems operate, see the Technical Memoranda.

Starship Designs

The United Federation of Planets uses a larger number of different starship designs or various sizes and capacities. The following classifications are used by the Star Fleet Navy and, generally, applied by Star Fleet personnel to other starships encountered regardless of the specific designations given by foreign powers for ease of common reference.

Heavy Cruisers (Cruiser, Armored- CA)

Heavy cruisers are the backbone of 23rd century Starfleet, as they are extremely versatile: while they excel as explorers with their generous laboratory and medical suite space, their armament and speed make them ideal for offensive or defensive operations.

Constitution-class Explorer

The Constitution-class heavy cruiser is the most advanced warship of its day. Though her official job description may be "explorer," everything about this design screams "warship": larger, more advanced phaser systems more numerous in number; deadlier photon torpedoes, and the incorporation of the first real point defense system in Starfleet.

Light Cruisers (Cruiser, Light- CL)

Ptolemy-class Explorer

The Ptolemy-class starships were designed as exploration vessels in the early 2200's. For their time, they were formidable vessels, ably protected against the unknown dangers of deep space. Today, they serve as inner-system pickets and training vessels.

Newton-class Explorer

The Newton-class starships are the workhorse of Starfleet in 2261, with generous laboratory space and ample weapons and defense capabilities allowing it to function as a deep-space explorer. However, emerging threats and technologies are quickly making this class obsolete, at least with regards to its traditional function.

Miranda-class Explorer

This class is currently under development. None of the information present has been approved by Starfleet Engineering at this time and is subject to change.
The Miranda-class light cruiser is the latest development in the continuing political war being waged between the old-school science and exploration supports and the hawkish elements who have slowly wrested more and more power in the Admiralty for the past 30 years. It was developed with an eye towards a ship capable of quick, first response and adequate system defense as much as exploration and surveying.

Destroyers (DD)

Santa Maria-class Warship

One of Starfleet's primary border patrol units, it has been in service since the 2240's. The Santa Maria-class was the cutting edge in warships for its time, but with the introduction of a slew of new systems and technologies on the Constitution-class, it is only a matter of time before the Santa Maria is rendered obsolete.

Magellan-class Surveyor

The Magellan-class has become the primary advanced scout of Starfleet, usually the first Starfleet presence into a disputed or dangerous area. She is equipped with the latest snesors suite and, with dangerous offensive weapons, she can make her presense known with minimal danger to her crew.

Escort Destroyers (DE)

Bastion-class Warship

Under development.