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LT ARr’Rhiana Hemux- Chief Science Officer, USS Hood

Lieutenant (O-3)

I. Personal Data	

Full Name:  	ARr’Rhiana Hemux
Surname:	ARr’Rhiana
Given Name:	Rhiana
Current Rank:	Lieutenant (O-3)
Current Billet:	Chief Science Officer, USS HOOD, NCC-1703
Species:  	Denobulan
Gender/Sex:	Female
Age:		95 Denobulan Years (comparable to 30 Terran years)
DOB:		21 April 2180 
POB:		Denobula
Father: 	Unmor Hemux		(2017-2259) - Craftsman
Mother: 	MiRim’Stall Mornom	(2049-    ) - Banker
Siblings:	34 sisters, 46 brothers
Spouses:	DetR’Gox varar, Gh’er tifd and Oser’ow Dimor
Children:	3 boys, Umer (49),  DalL’Mer (42) and Monmor (38) 
		2 girls Vea’Leth (29) and MiRr’hijem (25)

A. Physical Description
HT:		178 cm
WT:		72 kg
EY:		Usually dark brown 
HR:		Shoulder length.  Intense red.
SK:		Caucasian  
Blood Type:	Unknown
Vision:		Excellent
Other:	Denobulans have prominent facial ridges running down either side 
of the forehead to the cheeks, an enlarged brow ridge under a high 
receding hairline, a vertical crevice in the center of the forehead and a 
ridged chin.  They also have ridges on their back, along the spine. Their 
toenails are dark brown and yellow striped, and they grow so rapidly that 
they must be groomed once a week. Denobulans also have very long tongues, 
and they use tongue scrapers.

B. Background Data
Religion:	None specified
Citizenship:	Denobula, United Federation of Planets
Languages:	Terran Standard, Denobulan, Klingon, Orion, Andorian, 
		Vulcan, Antaran, Romulan

II.  Educational Background

A. Academic Institutions Attended
   -- Denobulan University of Languages and History:
	* Graduated in Languages 
		(Major in Terran Standard, Vulcan, Klingon and 
		Romulan languages and history.)
	* Graduated in History 
		(Major in Terran and Starfleet history)

   -- Denobulan technical Science  Academy:      
	* Graduated in top 25% of class in Biology and Chemistry 
		(Major in Exo-biology, Terraforming and Biochemistry)
	* Graduated in Engineering 
		(Major in Sub-space Dynamics and Metallogeny)

   -- Starfleet Academy:
	* Graduated *cum laude* in Engineering 
		(Major in Starship propulsions and Warp Dynamics 

B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Starfleet Exosciences School
   -- Starfleet Command School

C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC:  Engineering Officer
   -- MOC:  Communications Officer
   -- MOC:  Science Officer
   -- MOC:  Medical Officer

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors:  		Highest achieved : *Cum Laude* in Engineering
Academic Majors:	Languages and Cultural Science
			Propulsion and Warp Dynamics
			Terran culture and History 
			History of Federation Colonization and 
				Starfleet Warfare.
Professional Major:	Exosciences
Class Rank:		Highest achieved: 13/421
Reprimands:		Several
Commendations:		Several
Athletics:		Climbing, Pareses Squares
Activities:		Star Fleet Entomological Society
			The Warp Dynamics Science Club

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)
0:	Born in TRa’Talmon, Denobula in a family group of 68 ‘husbands 
	and wives‘ and 678 relatives  
0-16:	Lived in the Family group, attended TRa’Talmon lower grade school
16-23:	Moved with several family related groups.  Attended Denobulan 
	Middle School
24-28:	Gained her First Academic grade at Denobulan University
29-37:	Worked on the Brokh’dell Spatial language institute as translator
38-41:	Second Academic grade at the Denobulan University
39:	Married to her three husbands
40-47:	Worked for the Federation Embassy on Denobula as Translator and 
	Aide for the Denobulan Ambassador
46:	Gave Birth to her first son, Umer
47-50:	Third Academic Degree at Denobulan Science Academy
53:	Gave Birth to her second son, DalL’Mer
51-55:	Worked at the Starfleet Denobulan division in the Science Dept
56-58:	Fourth Academic Degree at Denobulan Science Academy
57:	Gave Birth to her third son, Monmor
59-64:	Joined the Warp Dynamics Engineering team in the Starfleet 
	Denobulan Division
65-67:	Worked as First Engineer for the Warp Dynamics Engineering Team
66:	Gave Birth to her first daughter, Vea’Leth
67-71:	Became Head of the Denobulan Star Fleet Science Division.
70:	Gave birth to her second daughter, MiRr’hijem.
71:	Transferred to Earth to study at the Star Fleet Academy in
	recommendations of the Chief Engineer of the Warp Dynamics Team.
72-75:	Gained fifth Academic degree at the Starfleet Academy.
76-83:	USS WARRANT, Science Department, later Chief Science Officer.
84-91:	USS TRIFFID, Chief Science Officer.
92-93:	USS TRIFFID, Chief Engineering Officer.
94:	USS TRIFFID  destroyed by a Orion Raider Frigate. Survived with 
	137 others crew as a POW.  Repatriated after more than a year 
	in Orion slavecamps.  
95-:	Returned to active duty.  

B. Background Summary

ARr’Rhiana Hemux is an average Denobulan female who joined Starfleet more 
then twenty years ago.  Since Denobulans have a long lifespan (even  
longer then Vulcans) she is still a relative young female by the standards 
of her people.  Her actual age is 95 Terran years, which is comparable to 
a 30 year old human female origin. 

ARr’Rhiana was born into a family group of over 600 relatives.  More than 
60 are in committed sexual relationships with each other.  For Denobulans, 
this is considered normal. 

ARr’Rhiana was a happy, normal and intelligent child who spent much of her 
childhood playing and hanging around the family.  She attended the 
usual schools and joined the Denobulan Academy around her 24th year.  For 
Denobulans, this is relatively young.

In total, she earned five Academic degrees in broad fields of knowledge, 
including culture, history, languages, biology, chemistry and engineering.  
Most of her interests in foreign cultures as well as Starfleet science and 
engineering came from a rather awkward incident.  Most details are known 
only by herself and few others, but it essentially came down to an unhappy 

ARr’Rhiana was married out to three members of other Denobulan families 
and, over time, gave birth to five children.  All are now adults and still 
living on Denobulan.  After two of her husbands died in a rage during a 
mating season, she broke up with her third husband to live free.  This 
caused her to be regarded by her family as an outcast.

She has since had little contact with her family.  Only her youngest 
daughter supported her strongly in her decision.  ARr’Rhiana still keeps 
in close contact with her daughter.  It is one of the few good bonds that
she maintains with her homeworld.

Because of this incident she gained more interest in other civilizations 
and worlds.  In periods between her studies, she worked for the 
Denobulan Embassy and in that way came into contact with Star Fleet.  

While working for Star Fleet, some of the technicians and engineers took 
note of her talents for language.  They put her to work translating 
Denobulan manuscripts and manuals.  Before long, they convinced her to 
join the Star Fleet Denobulan Division to work as scientist and engineer.  
Her superiors found her a hard worker and her wide field of knowledge 
remarkable.  They convinced her to join Star Fleet Academy on Earth for 
further study and eventual service in the Fleet.

On Earth, Hemux had a rather hard time adapting to the ‘lone and 
individual’ culture of Earth and humans.  She was not used to life in 
small groups, work in small classes or living with only one or two 
roommates.  This caused some cultural and social problems, but in time 
she was able to adapt.  

Incidents with her pheromones, sexual habits and social misunderstandings 
were, in beginning, frequent.  Once she became accustomed to the social 
rules and habits, Arr’Rhiana was able to complete her studies in the 
Academy and eventually go into active duty on a Starship.

Her first assignment on the USS WARRANT was satisfactory to both herself 
and her superiors and after a few years she ended up as Chief Science 
Officer on board of the USS WARRANT.  During this service she was promoted 
to Lieutenant <Jg>.

She later transferred to the USS TRIFFID as Engineering officer and spent
about ten years on board that ship without much incident or unusual 
events.  She performed at good standards and was a praised asset to the 
crew.  Her ability to function and adapt to the crowded place of a 
starship made her a friend and listening ear for many of the crew.

In 2158 the USS TRIFFID was sent out to the boundaries with the Orions to 
negotiate a peace treaty between Orion factions and a newly contacted 
civilization that was threatened to be overwhelmed by the Orions for use 
as slaves in the Orion slavecamps.  

In a major conflict with Orion Raiders and pirates, the TRIFFID was 
destroyed and looted.  More then 400 of the crew died in the TRIFFID's 
destruction.  Many of the survivors weere taken as hostages and POWs.  
Hemux was one of them.  She spent more then a year in an Orion slavecamp 
and was severely brutalized and raped during this time.  Later, the
negotiations of Star Fleet made an exchange of prisoners possible and 
Hemux gained her freedom back.  Since those days in the labor camps she 
has since harbored a deep hatred of Orions and their brutality against 
females or children.

<Other details about her time in the Orion prison camps are sealed and 
classified for Security Level Alpha II or higher>

After careful treatment and physiological check ups Hemux was declared 
fit for active duty again.

C. Personal Background Summary

ARr’Rhiana is a female who loves to be around people and tries to make 
friends quickly.  She is trustful of anyone and believe in the good of 
people until proven wrong and even then she tries to find the best in the 
worst out of anyone.  

She loves to talk and chat about just anything, sometimes to annoyance of 
people around her.  She is also a very good listening and has gained the 
trust of many of her former classmates or crewmembers and became a good 
friend and help in difficult situations.

She is not into many physical activities although she likes to play 
Pareses Squares (and is rather good at it since she has already playing 
for more then fifteen years.  And as all Denobulans, she is very good in 
climbing and loves to spend time in the Holodeck creating new challenges 
or replicate famous slopes and mountains from planets to climb.

Her major pastimes are entomology and photographing all kind off insects 
and other anrthropods of any planets she visits.  She has a collection 
of more then 20.000 species photographed and collected.  She is also a 
member of the Star Fleet entomological society.

As interested as she is in Engineering and Science she is also a member 
of the Star Fleet Warp Dynamics Science Club to exchange ideas and 
theories about better propulsion, play with miniature starships, design 
new (mostly impossible) theories or specifications for warpdrives and so 

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion and Service History
2221.154: Joined Denobulan Star Fleet Warp Dynamics Engineering Team
2227.058: Promoted to Chief Engineer, Denobulan Star Fleet Warp Dynamics 
2229.247: Joined the Denobulan Star Fleet Science Division 
2234.016: Traveled to Earth, Joined Star Fleet Academy
2237.219: Graduated Star Fleet Academy
2238.299: Assigned Science Officer, USS WARRANT NCC-0197
2244.080: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)
2246.359: Assigned USS WARRANT.  Transferred from Science Division to 
	  Engineering Division
2250.187: Assigned as Chief Science Officer, USS TRIFFID NCC-1370
2256.031: Assigned as Chief Engineering, USS TRIFFID NCC-1370
2257.262: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3)  
2259.008: USS TRIFFID destroyed, taken POW by the Orions
2260.104: Released from the slave labor camps, returned to Earth
2260.142: Waiting for new Assignment in Star Fleet Active Duty

B.  Star Fleet Commendations

Star Fleet Academy, Chief of the Student Board:

Cadet Hemux is a knowledgeable Cadet. Although her physical age is way 
beyond the average for our casual student, this is a major advantage in 
her studies.  This experience with life has able her to learn quickly and 
handle almost anything that is thrown at her.  She is very social and 
able to interact with many people of different species.

She will make a great asset to any crew, as she never gives up, 
working on a problem until it is solved, (whether that is to her 
detriment or not).  I have high hopes that she will one day, extend to 
her full potential, and form great friendships.
--Captain Darryl Shinckel, USS WARRANT

Ensign Hemux is hereby promoted to Lt <Jg> with my personal commendations.  
I personally value her efforts for the ship both in her duty as Science 
Officer, as of duty as a friend for many of the crew.  The USS WARRANT 
and myself are pleased to have Lt<Jg> Hemux aboard.
--Captain Johan Bakuva, USS TRIFFID

Lt Hemux is hereby awarded with the Cochrane Engineering Medal for her 
outstanding performance in engineering during a combat situation.  If it 
wasn’t for Lt Hemux, I doubt that the TRIFFID would still be around.  Her 
swift and Keen thinking and her courage to keep her team working made the 
difference in battle.  More then one crewmember owns his or her life to Lt 
Hemux.  We are all grateful to serve with her on the same ship.
--Admiral Angelica De Cocker, Star Fleet, Earth

It is with sadness yet honor that Star Fleet hands over the Archer Award 
Medal to Lt Hemux for bravery under hostile fire and for being tortured 
and mistreated by Orion Raiders while in prison.   Star Fleet wishes to 
express her gratitude to Lt Hemux for her service on the USS TRIFFID and 
her help in rescue many of the crew.  We also wish express our sorrow for 
the loss of your Captain and friend, Captain Bakuva.

Star Fleet is honored with such brave members as yourself, Lt.  We hope 
we might enjoy your service for Star Fleet for many more years.

C.  Star Fleet Reprimands:
Star Fleet Student Council Board

Cadet Hemux is hereby reprimanded for neglectance and ignorance during an 
intensive field training.  Causing a dangerous situation not only for her 
own safety but also risking the lives and care of her fellow platoon 
members.  We hereby claim a 24 h public service and a two week intake of 
holiday for Cadet Hemux.
--Captain Johan Bakuva, USS TRIFFID

We hereby add a personal reprimand to Lt Hemux Star Fleet records for 
disobeying a direct order from her superior, First Officer Commander 
J.D. Samyn.  Although this order turned later out to be incorrect and 
dangerous, that is no excuse for disobedient behavior.  Lt Hemux is 
also confined to 2 days in custody and one month loss of pay.

Starfleet Commendation Award 
Cochrane Engineering Medal 
Medal of Merit - Exosciences
Outstanding Unit Citation
Archer Award Medal 


V. Skills Profile

ARr’Rhiana is in a good physical condition as expected for any Star Fleet 
officer in active duty.  She is rather skilled in hand to hand combat.  
During her time in the Orion slave camps she has learn many of the ‘dirty 
tricks’ to fight and survive in hostile situations although she only will 
use those ‘tricks’ when it is really necessary.

As any Denobulan she is perfectly skilled in climbing.

As most Denobulans Lt ARr’Rhiana Hemux is also skilled in many scientific 
area’s.  Her long lifespan makes it possible to take several studies and 
classes so she is rather good in languages, biology, engineering and 

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Lt ARr’Rhiana Hemux is in good athletic condition.  She averages in most 
sports and disciplines except for climbing and jumping where she excels over 
most other members of Star Fleet.

Her normal senses are excellent, good vision ,hearing, above average 
touch and incredible smell (probably from her Denobulan origin as 
pheromones play a major role in mating sexual life for the Denobulans.)

She had several minor injuries as a left ankle dislocation, broken wrist 
from climbing, two broken ribs from falling of a cliff.  Also several 
minor scars gained during normal situations in the Star Fleet.

Lt ARr’Rhiana Hemux is decleared Fit for duty on SD2260.108.

-- Physician Assistant Tuttle
   Staff Attending, Starbase 12

VI. Recent Fitness Reports, CLASSIFIED

Lt ARr’Rhiana Hemux has been held as a POW in an Orion labour camp for 
about a year.  During this time she has been abused and tortured both 
mentally and physically.  She has been known to endure torture by burning 
(severe burning wounds on back and side of upper abdominal section), 
breaking and dislocation of limbs and extrements (right upper arm broken 
twice, all fingers been dislocated, noose and jaw been broken).

Other means of torture that have been confirmed are pulling out toenails 
(very humiliating and painfull for Denobulans) to such degree that at 
least two will never grow back again.  Also the tongue of Lt Hemux has 
been pierced and burned several times.

Finally she has been abused and raped on several occasions,  both by 
Orion guards and some other prisoners in the labour camp. 

Stated and CLASSIFIED by Star Fleet INTEL 

VII. Psychological Profile

Lt ARr’Rhiana Hemux  has a strong and keen mind, in general she is a 
friendly, enjoyable companion.  Her main draw back is that, as Denobulan, 
she is not very comfortable with open spaces, loneliness and lack of 

Since her time in the Orion camps Lt Hemux sometimes suffers from periods 
with nightmares and outbursts of anger or fear.  She has developed a 
dislike, close to hatred for Orions or any people who abuse people or 
restrict any ones freedom, certainly woman and children.  
-- CDR Daniel Wheatons 2060.114
   Staff Psychologist, Starbase 12

VII. Psychological Profile CLASSIFIED

Although both physical and mental testing shows Lt ARr’Rhiana Hemux is 
capable of resuming duty in Star Fleet we recommend a close follow up by 
the ships doctor or counsellor.  It might be possible thet Lt ARr’Rhiana 
Hemux suffers from stress and nightmares or other symptoms once again in 
full duty and under stressful situations.  This might affect her 
possibility to perform her duty as expected.

Also personal conversations with Lt Hemux  have revealed a hatred towards 
Orions, labour-camps and people who brutalize or abuse innocent females 
and children.  Since some cultures Star Fleet works with or might 
encounter on a First Contact have not developed highly cultural status 
for all individuals it might cause problems.

Also the nightmares from Lt Hemux are an indication she still suffers 
from mental problems caused by her time in the labour-camps.  
Furthermore is Lt ARr’Rhiana Hemux shamed about some of her injuries she 
has gained during her stay in the camps.  The loss of two toenails, the 
fact that her tongue has been pierced and burned and her being raped are 
subjects she likes to ignore and suppress, any remarks on those subjects 
might cause aggression, depression or other problems.

Stated and CLASSIFIED by Star Fleet INTEL 

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

ARr’Rhiana likes to spend time in the Holodeck climbing on famous rocks 
and hills from all across the Galaxy.  She also tries to keep up with the 
Entomoly group and publishes regulary her new findings and new species 
she has discovered during missions for Star Fleet.