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LTJG Aaron Danes- Chief Science Officer, USS Intrepid

Lieutenant, JG (O-2)

Personal Data:
Full Name:		Aaron Danes
Surname:		Danes
Given Name:		Aaron
Current Rank:		Lieutenant, JG (O-2)
Current Billet:		Chief Science Officer, USS INTREPID, NCC-1631
Species:		Terran Human
Gender:			Male
Age:			25
DOB:			15 February, 2235
POB:			Dublin, Ireland
Parents:		Shane Danes (DOB:  2205)-Deceased
			Joanne Danes (DOB: 2208)-Deceased
Siblings:		None
Spouse:			None

A:  Physical Description:
HT:			190cm
WT:			85Kg
EYE:			Green
HAIR:			Blonde
SKIN:			Pale
Blood Type:		AB-
Vision:			20/20
Religion:		Catholic
Citizenship:		Terran; UFP
Languages:		Terran Standard

II. Educational Background:
A.   Academic Institutions Attended:
-Starfleet Academy  (Graduated Cum Laude)
	(Bachelor of Science, Microbiology)

B.   	 Service Schools Attended:
-Starfleet Space Warfare Officers School

C.  	 Qualifications (MOS/MOCs):
-MOC:  Science Officer
-MOC:  Engineering Officer
-MOC:  Medical Officer

D.	 Starfleet Academy Record:
Academic Major:	Microbiology
Class Rank:		5/360
Reprimands:		0
Commendations:		3

III.  Biographical Notes:

A.	Chronology:
0:		Born on Earth
0-15:		Lived with parents on Earth, until the time of their deaths.
15-18:		Lived with grandparents on Earth.
18:		Entered Starfleet Academy.
18-21:		Attended Starfleet Academy.
21:		Commissioned as Ensign.
21-Present:	Active Duty in Starfleet.

B.	Background Summary:
Aaron had a happy childhood, going to the best private schools in Dublin.  
His parents and grandparents made sure that Aaron wanted for nothing, but also 
taught him that he had to earn what he received and that the universe was not 
his for the taking.

Shortly after he turned 15, Aaron’s parents were killed in a shuttle crash.  
The death of his parents devastated him and he would have given anything to 
have been on the shuttle with them.  His grandmother finally snapped Aaron out 
of his depression by taking him aside and telling him that his parents dying 
wish was that Aaron join Starfleet.  After that he gave all he had to his 
studies to ensure he had the grades to be accepted.

IV.    Official Starfleet Record:

A.     Promotion History:
2255:	Commissioned as Ensign (O-1)
2257:	Promoted to Lt (jg) (O-2)

B.      Service History:
May 2255:	Assigned as Junior Science Officer, USS Orion.
June 2257:	Promoted to Lt. (jg) and reassigned as Chief Science Officer, 
			USS Justice
May 2260:	Transferred to Chief Science Officer, USS Intrepid

C.     Medals and Commendations:
Starfleet Commendation Medal
Starfleet Achievement Medal
Meritorious Service Medal

V.  Skills Profile:
Aaron excels in Microbiology, Astrometrics and Physics.  He spends most of his 
free time reading science journals to keep abreast of the most recent scientific 

VI.  Recent Fitness Reports:
Aaron Danes remains physically fit, even though he does not have any apparent 
hobbies.  His maintains a regular diet and jogs daily.

Dr. Johannes Armado
USS Justice