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LCDR Akiko Kimura- Chief Science Officer, USS Intrepid

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

I. Personal Data
Surname:                      Kimura
Given Name(s):                Akiko
Current Rank:                 Lieutenant Commander O-4
Current Assignment:           Science Officer, USS Intrepid
Former Billet:                Executive Officer, USS Audacious (retired 2247)
Species:                      Human
Gender/Sex:                   Female
Age:                          54 Standard Terran Years
Date of Birth:                December 31, 2206
Place of Birth:               Osaka, Japan, Earth

Parents:                      Hiroyuki Oda (83), Biochemist;
                              Hiromi Saito (85), Medical Doctor
Siblings:                     Hideo Oda (67), Captain USS Farragut, Deceased at Vulcan;
                              Akemi Oda (61), Professor of Mathematics, Yale University
Niece:                        Emiko Oda (43), Captain, USS Lexington
Spouse:                       Akira Kimura (57), Starship Captain, Deceased at Vulcan 2258
Children:                     Ichiro Kimura (25), Lieutenant in Starfleet, assigned 
                                as Assistant Science Officer, USS Enterprise;
                              Haruko Kimura (23), Ensign in Starfleet, assigned as 
                                Assistant Tactical Officer on USS Intrepid
Religion:                     Zen Buddhist
HT:                           5'1"
WT:                           92 lbs
Eyes:                         D. Brown
Hr.:                          Black
Comp:                         Light

II. Educational Background

A. Academic Institutional Background:
   1. Kansai Prefectural High School for Girls, 2219 (graduated age 13) 
   2. Tokyo University, BS in Mathematics, 2221 (age 15) 
   3. California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech), Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, 
      2224 (age 19)
   4. Starfleet Academy 2227, BS Astrophysics
   5. Oxford University 2249, Ph.D in Quantum Physics

B. Service Schools Attended:
-- Starfleet Academy, 2224

C. Qualifications (MOC's)
-- Science Officer
-- Command School

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Academy Record:
Class Rank:               Valedictorian
  Honors                  *Magna Cum Laude*
Academic Major:           Science
Professional Majors:      Science
Qualifications:           Science Officer, Bridge
Commendations:            2
Reprimands:               0

Zephram Cochrane Award for development of compact, high-output, 
fuel-efficient warp reactor design suitable for small ship use (2229)

Nobel Physics Prize shared with Dr. Elizabeth Benington for development 
of a simple cold-fusion reactor suitable for deployment on developing 
worlds (2258

Akiko, despite always having a demanding job (Starfleet or civilian), 
always makes time to enjoy the many traditional activities introduced to 
her by her father and mother. She especially enjoys traditional Japanese 
swordsmanship (Kendo), Aikido, and the tamer, though far more difficult 
arts of the tea ceremony and flower arrangement.

She was collegiate class gymnast in her youth specializing in the uneven 
bars (helps when you are only 13 instead of 19). She still practices and 
remains highly competitive for her age group and even one or two groups 

After her retirement from Starfleet in 2247 she started to learn ballet 
and ballroom dance, though she has not danced with a partner since the 
death of her husband two-years-ago. She continues to practice ballet.

Finally, Akiko is gifted violinist by amateur standards, though not 
quite of professional caliber.

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form):

0-13: Lived with parents.

14-19: Upon her early graduation from high school, Akiko earned a string 
of degrees in mathematics and physics.

21-22: Starfleet Academy, graduated as Ensign, assigned USS Kelvan as 
Assistant science Officer, was one of the survivors of Kelvan’s 
encounter with Nero.

23-27: Served on USS Kelvan, promoted Lieutenant JG (Assistant Science 
Officer) and Lieutenant (Science Officer).

27-35: Promoted Lieutenant Commander, assigned as Operations Officer USS 

36-41: Promoted Commander and assigned First Officer, USS Audacious

44-52: Retired from Starfleet

52-53: Returned to Active Duty following Battle of Vulcan, Retraining at 
Starfleet Academy

54: Recommissioned as Lieutenant Commander and assigned to USS Intrepid 
as chief science officer

B. Background Summary:

Akiko already had a full Starfleet career which spanned 31 years and saw 
her rise through the ranks up through full commander and holding the 
executive officer billet on the USS Audacious, a battleship.

She is a veteran of the USS Kelvan, escaping on one of the shuttles 
during the engagement with Nero.

13-years-ago Akiko retired her commission and went into the private 
sector, earning a second doctorate at Oxford University while joining 
that institution’s research and teaching faculty. Her husband remained 
in Starfleet and was killed in action at the battle of Vulcan in 2258.

Akiko mourned the death of her husband for 60 days, then applied for 
recommissioning in Starfleet. Due to her long absence, she was sent back 
through the second (non-academic-major) half of Starfleet Academy and 
upon her graduation was recommissioned as a Lieutenant Commander and 
assigned to the USS Intrepid.

Akiko’s daughter Ensign Haruko Kimura is also assigned to Intrepid as a 
junior security officer.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

V. Skills Profile

Akiko is a very quick witted and assertive officer, which for a Japanese 
woman often takes people by surprise. She is not afraid to argue, even 
with those far senior in rank or status, when she knows she is right, 
and is often taken for being arrogant on account of her level of 
self-confidence and assertive manners.

In addition to her professional skills, Akiko is an extremely skilled 
swordswoman and martial artist, and an accomplished practitioner of the 
Japanese tea ceremony and flower arrangement and enjoys ballet dancing. 
She was once a collegiate gymnast, but hasn’t been on the uneven bars 
since her injury aboard the USS Kelvan.

VI. Recent Fitness Report

For a woman of 54 years, Akiko is exceptionally fit. She has a slight 
limp from some nerve and muscle damage to her left knee caused during 
the evacuation of USS Kelvan. The damage is irreparable.

It is obvious that Akiko has taken excellent care of herself, and has 
the strength and stamina of a woman thirty-years younger.

Akiko replaced gymnastics with ballet and is an avid dancer. She 
belonged to the Oxford University ballet ensemble.

VII. Psychological Profile

LCDR Kimura retains a very calm and balanced outlook and rarely allows 
herself to come even close to losing control. While she is difficult to 
read, she is extremely open and easy to talk to. I am concerned that 
LCDR Kimura doesn’t share her feelings regarding the loss of her 
husband, though there is nothing in her performance or actions to 
suggest any instability.

Lieutenant Terry Grossman, Counselor, StarFleet Academy.

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Kendo, Caligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Ballet, Violin

IX. Miscellaneous Information
Akiko Kimura looks extremely young for her age, easily passing for 
twenty-five if she dyes her hair black, which she usually does. Her limp 
is slight and she can compensate for it with concentration, and will try 
to do so around shipmates. She is very modest and will only discuss her 
own past when pressed.

She is extremely proud and believes in self-sufficiency and personal 
integrity. She won’t ever allow others to see any weakness, and keeps 
her problems to herself. She will never engage in small talk and is a 
firm believer in keeping her mouth shut unless she actually has 
something to say.

X. Roleplay Notes
Akiko looks and acts like a nerdy, though confident college 
science-geek. She is very enthusiastic at attacking problems and eager 
to work with others, with no desire to “get the credit” for anything.

She is borderline maniacal when it comes to her physical training, which 
is a long family tradition that goes all the way back to her distant 

She still has nightmares about the USS Kelvan. The nightmares are 
unpredictable and when they come, last for at least five or six night, 
requiring medication (prescribed or otherwise) for her to sleep at all.

Finally, Akiko takes honor and tradition extremely seriously, and has 
often been accused of putting too much emphasis n succeeding, even when 
the task just isn’t very important.

Akiko is the youngest of three siblings and the aunt of Captain Emiko 
Oda of the USS Lexington and Lieutenant Etsuko Oda, who was listed as 
missing in action from the USS Normandy at the Battle of Vulcan. Akiko 
Older brother commanded the USS Farragut, also lost at Vulcan.
End BioFile