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LTJG Alexandra Adeyemon- Helmsman, USS Constellation

Lieutenant, JG (O-2)

I. Personal Data
Full Name:              Alexandra Rosalia Sofia de Borbon y de Adeyemon
Surname:                Adeyemon
Given Name:             Alexandra
Nickname:               Alex
Current Rank:           Lieutenant, JG (O-2)
Current Billet:         HELM , USS CONSTELLATION NCC-1017
Species:                Homo sapiens (Human)
Gender/Sex:             XX (Female)
Age:                    21 Terran Years
DOB:                    February 17, 2239
POB: 			Madrid, Spain
Parents: 		King Alessandro Roberto Felipe de Borbon y de Garcia
				(Constitutional Regent of Spain)
            		Queen Rosalia Adeyemon (Constitutional Consort of Spain)
Siblings: 		Crown Prince Benito Juan Carlos de Borbon y de Adeyemon 
				(Younger by 4 years)
             		Infante Arturo (Youngest by 6 years)
Spouse: 		N/A
Children:  		N/A

A. Physical Description
HT: 			5'6"
WT: 			123 Lbs.
EY: 			Light Brown
HR: 			Light Brown
SK: 			Tan
Blood Type: 		A-
Religion: 		Roman Catholic
Citizenship: 		Earth, United Federation of Planets
Languages: 		Federation Standard (Native Speaker), Spanish (Native Speaker), 
				Romulan (Expert Speaker)

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended
    -- Princeton University
        (Political Sciences, Government, Economics)
    -- Star Fleet Odfficer Candidate School
        (Starship Piloting and Tactical Operations)

B. Service Schools Attended
   -- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
C. Qualifications (MOS/MOCs)
   -- MOC: Starship Piloting
   -- MOC: Shuttle Piloting
   -- MOC: Starship Weapons Operation

D. Star Fleet Academy Record
Honors: 		summa cum laude
Academic Major: 	Political Science, Economics
Professional Major: 	Starship Piloting and Tactical Operations
Class Rank: 		1/504
Reprimands: 		4 (Arguments with professors)
Commendations: 		3
Athletics: 		Swimming, Volleyball
Activities: 		Debate Team, Opera

III. Biographical Notes

A. Chronology (tabular form)

0:           	Born at the Royal Palace of Madrid

0-14:          	Lived with parents on Earth; Was schooled privately through 
			middle school, learning the intricacies of royalty 
			and governing.

14-16:         	Attended Private High School.

16:           	Entered Princeton University.

16-20:        	Attended Princeton University.

20:		Graduated from Princeton University; entered Starfleet OCS.

20-21:		Attended Starfleet OCS.

21:        	Cadet Cruise aboard USS Wellington.  Commissioned into 
            		Starfleet as an Ensign (O-1).

21-Present:    	Active duty in Starfleet Aboard the USS Constellation 

B. Background Summary
Princess Alexandra Rosalia Sofia de Borbon y de Adeyemon was born in The 
Royal Palace of Madrid. Her Parents were the King and Queen of Spain. Her 
father, as the regent King had complete power over the country, under the 
constitution and conditions of both United Earth and the United Federation 
of Planets. Alex was the first born, and therefore, the next in line for the 
throne. She was raised like a princess, taught like a princess, walked like 
a princess, but acted nothing like a princess should. She was never one for 
formality, and beyond a major superiority complex due to both her royal 
heritage and her beauty, retained no attitude forced upon her by her 

When her brother was born, he was declared next in line for the throne because 
he was male. This meant nothing to her at the time, since she was only four, 
but over time, she began to resent it. After so many years, there was still a 
bizarre male preference. Because her brother was always in the spotlight, she 
enjoyed a more private life than he did. She grew, becoming outstandingly 
beautiful and remarkably intelligent. These features were very well know to her, 
as she is known to flaunt her looks, and never even mention that she is royalty. 
She received an excellent education, one that made her well rounded in many 

Despite the many things she was good at, Alex wanted to be an Engineer. She loved 
to figure out how things work. She figured it would be a job that allowed her to 
do what she liked, and not have to interact with many people. Her parents 
suggested that she was not good with dealing with authority. Though her parents 
hardly knew her at all, she agreed and decided to be a pilot instead.

Alex enrolled at starfleet academy at the age of 16. She was the youngest there, 
and had a very hard time finding herself at first. She had never gotten a chance 
as a child to play with other children, so she remained shy most of the time, 
eating alone. She gained many friends when people discovered that she was a 
princess. People wanted to know her, so she soon became very popular...too 
popular. She was most popular and not very nice at all.

During her academy years, Alex worked very hard at school work and training. She 
became part of the most elite piloting squadron at the academy.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record

A. Promotion History:
2255.213:    Entered 1st Year, Princeton University
2256.214:    Entered 2nd Year, Princeton University
2257.213:    Entered 3rd Year, Princeton University
2258.213:    Entered 4th Year, Princeton University
2259.213:    Entered Starfleet Officer Candidate School
2260.115:    Promoted to Ensign (O-1)
2261.117:    Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (O-2)

B. Service History
2255.213:    Entered 1st Year, Princeton University
2256.214:    Entered 2nd Year, Princeton University
2257.213:    Entered 3rd Year, Princeton University
2258.213:    Entered 4th Year, Princeton University
2259.213:    Entered Starfleet Officer Candidate School
2260.115:    Graduated from Starfleet OCS; assigned as HELM, 

C.  Medals and Commendations
None at this time.

V. Skills Profile
She is an extraordinarily gifted pilot. Her skills with coordinating 
starship piloting while firing weapons is unmatched. Alexandra is good at 
almost everything she tries that involves thinking and problem solving, due 
to her high coordination. 

VI. Recent Fitness Reports

Alexandra is an extreamly coordinated individual. Though she looks just as 
strong as the next woman, she has some diffiuclty lifting heavy weapons. She 
does have superior aiming abilities. 

Dr. William Desantis
Starfleet Medical

VII. Psychological Profile

Alexandra is a very complicated and diverse mind. She has a superiority 
complex that is noticable simply by looking a her, but she seems shy. She 
shows signs that she was a lonely child, she is afraid of being alone. She 
loathes authority, wich makes me and almost all her academy professors 
question why she would join Starfleet. One can easily see that she is used 
to living a princesses life. She expects people to do things for her that 
she could easily do. On her first day at the academy, in fact, she ordered 
a young man to tie her shoe. He was so awe struck by her beauty that he 
wanted to win favor with her and did it.

I would suggest normal visits with a councellor, she is stable, but there 
are many things about her that need checking. Especieally her desire to 
say anything she things, wich clearly comes from a childhood of freedom 
from dicipline.

Dr. Collin Winn
Head Phychologist, Starfleet Academy

VIII. Current Recreational Interests

Alex loves to sing, and has a voice as beautiful as her apearance