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LCDR Allegra Douglass- Chief Medical Officer, USS Constellation

Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

Name: 		Allegra Douglass
Date of Birth:	2220.048 (February 17)
Place of Birth: Earth...Charlotte, NC
Parents: 	Thomas Douglass (Father)...Starfleet Engineer
                Barbara Douglass(Mother)...Teacher
Siblings: 	None
Charlotte-Meck School System....K-12
University of North Carolina....Premed
Starfleet Academy.....Medical 
Residency....USS DOMINION
Instructor....Starfleet Academy
From an early age, Allegra wanted to join Starfleet. Her father's stories 
of great adventure amused and excited her. Her mother always hoped that 
she would eventually lose interest in Starfleet, and become a teacher. A 
nice safe occupation, that would keep her home and grounded. 
But that didn't happen. Allegra pushed herself and graduated from high 
school at the age of 16 and was accepted into the prestigious premed 
program at UNC at Chapel Hill. She graduated 4 years later, and was 
accepted at Starfleet Academy. 
She was a great student, but received numerous reprimands for excessive 
partying and always cutting up in classes. Also she liked tormenting her 
instructors, by pulling practical jokes.
She was on the USS ERICSSON for 5 years as CMO. She requested a transfer 
when her mother became ill. She was reassigned as an instructor at The 
Academy. But her thirst for the adventures of being assigned to a star 
ship never ceased. Plus, she hated the students' antics, and finally 
realized what her instructors went through.
Her mother's health improved, plus her mom's sister lost her husband, 
and came to stay with Barbara. Her mom encouraged her to request a 
transfer back to a ship.  Just so  happened that the USS CONSTELLATION 
was looking for a crew.