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CDOR August Summers, Training Officer

CDOR August Summers- Training Officer, Starbase 6

Commodore (O-7)

Name:  August Renee Summers    
Place of Birth:  San Francisco, CA.
Date of Birth: 02/17/2220
Parents: Stephen Summers (Captain of SFPD Major Crimes Division)
                Donna Summers (Medical Examiner)
Siblings: Alexandria Summers (Teacher)
Marital Status: Divorced (No children)
Lowell High School....Graduated at the age of 17
Starfleet Academy.....Military History, Tactical situations. 
University of California (online courses) Literature, Economics

USS ENDEAVOR....Ensign...Security
USS VALIANT...Lieutenant...Security
USS  SANKYO.....Lt. Commander...Security
Starfleet HQ...Commander...Head of Special Forces
Starfleet Academy....Commodore...Training Officer